Team 3-D's Signature Move

The Dudley Death Drop (3-D) - Team 3-D (known as the Dudley Boyz in ECW/WWE) was named for this maneuver, showing how important it had been to Bubba Ray & Devon's overwhelming success in the pro wrestling business. The move usually started with the wrestler's teammate being taken out, keeping him from interfering. With the first wrestler either being whipped to the ropes or simply staggering into the wrong place at the wrong time, Brother Devon would catch him and pick him up in the air, basically tossing him towards Brother Ray, who would catch the opponent by the neck and come down with him, taking him out. It was a maneuver that won titles wherever Team 3-D went.

Wassup? - It's a move that only appeared when The Dudley Boyz / Team 3D were fan favorites. It also had a strong connection to a beer commercial. After planting the wrestler in the center of the ring (and usually incapacitating his partner), Bubba Ray would grab the legs of the downed opponent and look towards the corner, where Devon had climbed. Both would give the "Wassssuuuuuppppp?" yell, and then Devon would leap off, landing a headbutt to the lower regions of the opponent.