Super Dragon's Signature Moves

Psycho Driver 1 - The original Psycho Driver, now sometimes referred to as Psycho Driver 2000, starts out as Super Dragon lifting his opponent into a torture rack submission hold. Usually, though, the wrestler doesn't have time to submit, as Super Dragon will continue the maneuver and turn the move into a piledriver variation, spiking the opponent to the canvas.

Supernatural Driver - Super Dragon's new variation on the Psycho Driver, sometimes referred to as the Psycho Driver II, is mainly a pumphandle piledriver. While the torture rack is removed, the piledriver is just as dehabilitating.

Curb Stomp - It's more of a signature move than a finisher, but the Curb Stomp definitely catches your eye when it takes place. With the opponent flat on the mat, almost always laying on their stomach, Super Dragon would move forward and, for all intents and purposes, ride the opponent like a skateboard.