AJ Styles' Signature Finishing Move

Styles Clash - While Styles is more known as a high-flyer, thanks to moves like the Spiral Tap, his main finisher is more similar to something like Triple H's Pedigree. When Styles sees that his opponent is vulnerable, he will grab the opponent in a piledriver-like position, lifting them upside-down. Styles then steps through both of his opponent's arms, keeping them from being able to block some of the impact with the mat, before falling forward, sending the opponent face-first to the ground. Styles has also been known to apply this move from the turnbuckle. Trust me, a Super Styles Clash is always an amazing sight to behold.

The Spiral Tap - Although rarely seen nowadays, Styles used to break out the Spiral Tap as one of his main finishers. With the opponent down on the mat, Styles would ascend the turnbuckle and prepare to fly. With little effort, Styles would jump off, spinning (or spiralling) down onto his opponent. As you can see from the clip, it was a wild trip with a solid impact at the end, as Styles slams back-first into his opponent. A few seconds later, Styles could recover and get the pinfall, winning again.

The Pele Kick - It's one of AJ's greatest weapons, mainly because no one ever sees it coming. Whether his opponent is charging in or simply standing too close, Styles can find them with his no-look Pele kick, leaping around to kick his opponent square in the head.