Samoa Joe's Signature Finishing Moves

The Muscle Buster - It is thought of as one of the most devestating moves in wrestling. When Samoa Joe decides to end the match, he does so, starting with the Muscle Buster. Once the opponent is stunned, Samoa Joe will get him up on the turnbuckle, then position himself underneath. He will tuck his opponent's head to his shoulder and lift him off by the legs, holding him upside-down. After a few steps away (and sometimes a few spins), Samoa Joe will drop the opponent to the mat backfirst, smashing them down and making them easy fodder for either a pin or a submission.

The Kokina Clutch - It has been called many names, but I'm sticking with my favorite: the Kokina Clutch. Once the opponent is incapacitated, Samoa Joe will immediately go for the kill, grabbing the opponent around the neck and wrapping his legs around the middle, choking his foe out. Very few people have been able to escape this hold.