Chris Sabin's Signature Moves

Cradle Shock - Sabin's main finisher was used long before The Motor City Machine Guns. To perform this move, Sabin would get his opponent up on his shoulders, 'cradling' them. Sabin will swing them back and forth to gain momentum, and then will plunge down to a sitting position, piledriving his opponent into the mat.

Future Shock - Before Samoa Joe made a career out of the Muscle Buster, Sabin used a fisherman's buster maneuver of his own. Hoisting his opponent up into the air while hanging onto the legs, Sabin would drop backwards, landing a huge blow against his opponent.

Sabilizer - It's not a finisher, but The Sabilizer is a great signature hold for Chris Sabin. With the wrestler caught in his arms, as if for a fallaway slam, Sabin will spin the wrestler around while hanging onto his shoulders, turning it into a backbreaker onto his knee!