R-Truth's Signature Moves

What's Up? / Shut Up! - R-Truth's finisher changed names depending on if he was a face or a heel. It also was known for a time as "Little Jimmy", named after R-Truth's imaginary little buddy. The move was a jumping reverse STO, where R-Truth would lock his arm around his opponent's neck/shoulders, lean forward, then throw himself backwards. This would drive his opponent's head into the canvas, badly stunning them and allowing for the pinfall victory.

Truth Axe - Similar to Booker T's Axe Kick, the Truth Axe was a jumping kick to the back of the opponent's head (as they were bent over). R-Truth would usually throw in some moves with it, either doing a dance coming up for the kick or celebrating afterwards. He did not, however, to my knowledge, ever do the Spineroonie.

Lie Detector - In TNA, this was referred to as the "Flying Jalapeno", but when R-Truth came to WWE, it became the Lie Detector. More of a signature move than a finisher now, the Lie Detector was set up with R-Truth's opponent being stunned in the center of the ring. R-Truth would hit the ropes and run back, leaping high into the air and landing a corkscrew flying forearm.

Truth Or Consequences - This move, going along with R-Truth's name, would start with what appeared to be a suplex variation. But when R-Truth got the opponent to the highest point, he would turn the wrestler around and drop, catching the wrestler with a stunner variation.