Randy Orton's Signature Finishing Move

The RKO - The RKO is a move that can come out of nowhere, much like similar predecessors as the Diamond Cutter and, somewhat, the Stone Cold Stunner. Orton was known for stalking his foe, waiting, in a four-legged stance, for his stunned opponent to rise into position. Orton would then dart forward and grab his opponent by the head, before dropping to the canvas, smashing his opponent's chin off of the ground. It proved to be a very effective maneuver that propelled Orton to several championships.

The Punt Kick - Normally used when Orton was a heel (but occassionally returning against truly evil villains), Orton would normally have won the match and have left his opponent crawling on the canvas after an RKO. Before the wrestler can recover, Orton, with a crazed look on his face, will charge forward and kick the wrestler straight in the head, usually leading to a concussion and an extended stay on the inactive list.