William Regal's Signature Moves

Regal Stretch - Regal's submission hold was used primarily to wear down opponents, although it could be counted on to win some matches when it was applied. The move was a twist on an STF, which Regal adds in a cross of his opponent's legs to add to the stress of the maneuver. Regal would also trap his opponent's arm in the air, keeping it from helping to distribute the stress.

Regal Bomb - While not usually a finisher, the Regal Bomb could easily lead to the Regal Stretch, finishing the match. Regal could get his opponent into a piledriver-like position and would double-underhook their arms. Regal then lifts the wrestler into the air and spins him around, before driving him to the canvas with a powerbomb, hanging onto the legs on the way down to add to the force of the impact.