CM Punk's Signature Finishing Move

Go To Sleep - CM Punk's finishing move, known better as the GTS, was originally named by a Japanese star, KENTA. But Punk has definitely put his own touches on this maneuver here in the states. It starts with Punk grabbing his opponent in a Fireman's Carry. With his foe hoisted on his shoulders, Punk pushes them off, scoring a knee to the head on the way down. As the move states, this one puts the opponent out, allowing Punk to make the easy pinfall for the victory.

Anaconda Vice - Punk's favorite hold in the indy's occassionally appears in World Wrestling Entertainment. The submission hold would be locked on when the opponent is flat on their back (although Punk has dragged them to the ground as well). Bending back one of the wrestler's elbows and clutching around the man's head, Punk made sure that his foes tapped out to the extremely painful maneuver.

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