MVP's Signature Moves

The Playmaker - MVP's Playmaker maneuver was one of the moves he used regularly to win matches. MVP would hit his opponent in the gut to bend them over, and would lock his leg around the wrestler's head. He would also hold onto his opponent's arm for more leverage, before spinning the opponent down to the mat with a swinging neckbreaker.

Ballin' Elbow - Compared to The Rock's People's Elbow, MVP would get his opponent on the ground in the center of the ring. He would then signal for the move and head for the ropes. Doing a quick dance on the way back, MVP would then give the "Ballin'" hand signal, before dropping his elbow onto the exposed chest of his opponent. It wasn't usually successful at putting away his foe, but it was a definite set-up maneuver for The Playmaker.