Matt Hardy's Signature Moves

Twist Of Fate / Twist of Hate - Whether in WWE or TNA, Hardy's Twist of Fate maneuver made an impact. Hardy would grab his opponent by the head in a DDT position, raising up his other arm with a yell. A second later, Hardy would twist himself around, turning the DDT into an RKO/Stunner-like maneuver. He then dropped to the mat, knocking the opponent unconscious. Matt has shared this move with his brother, Jeff, who was known to use the Twist of Fate regularly.

Side Effect - Hardy's secondary maneuver, the Side Effect, was regularly used to soften his opponents in WWE. Hardy would usually be dodging a clothesline or punch to start this move, ducking underneath it. Hardy then locked his arms around the neck and shoulders of his foe and lift them up, even as he falls backwards. The move, a "wrist-lock sideout side slam" according to Wikipedia, always seemed to come out of nowhere.