Marc Mero's Signature Finishing Moves

The Marvelosity - While Marc Mero (aka Johnny B. Badd) was better known for throwing punches, he did have some arial maneuvers to challenge his opponents with. With his foe down in the ring, Mero would head up the turnbuckle, then come off with a picture-perfect moonsault variation, landing dead-on target. Few opponents got up after this one hit.

The TKO - This one was mainly used by Mero after he came to the WWF. It is a variation that has been used by many wrestlers, including Brock Lesnar's FU. With the opponent stunned, Mero would place him on his shoulders in a Fireman's Carry. Seconds later, Mero whipped the man around while grabbing his neck, dropping him with a modified neckbreaker and "TKO"-ing his foe.