Jay Lethal's Signature Moves

Lethal Combination - One of Lethal's favorite finishing maneuvers was actually a series of moves. Lethal would come in fast on his opponent and grab their neck, snapping them backwards onto his knee with a backbreaker. But Lethal isn't done, as he then snaps the opponent back up and drops backwards to the mat, doubling the damage.

Lethal Injection - A couple of different moves by Lethal held the name "Lethal Injection", but one of the favorites was this version. Lethal would grab the opponent from behind around the waist and lift, setting them up for what appears to be a belly-to-back suplex. However, Lethal would release the wrestler in the air and grab his head, turning it into a neckbreaker/cutter variation! Rarely could anyone recover after this maneuver landed.

Elbow Drop - At one point during his time in TNA, Jay Lethal wrestled in tribute of "The Macho Man" Randy Savage, becoming Black Machismo. As part of this gimmick, Black Machismo would also use Savage's finisher, the flying elbow drop off the top turnbuckle.