Kofi Kingston's Signature Moves

Trouble In Paradise - Kingston's best kick is the one that his opponents never seem to see coming. With his opponent staggered or off-balance, Kingston would come in quickly, jumping into the air and landing a spinning, corkscrew roundhouse kick to the head. By the time the opponent woke up from the blow, he was usually already on the losing end of the match.

Boom Drop - While it wasn't a finishing maneuver, the Boom Drop was also not just a People's Elbow or a Ballin' Elbow, although the comparisons are still there. With the opponent down in the center of the ring, Kingston would go off the ropes and come back. He would move his arms a few times, with the crowd chanting "Boom! Boom!" as he did it. Kingston then leaped into the air and did a double leg-drop onto his opponent, doing some major damage.

SOS - Kingston's SOS maneuver was easily a way to finish a match. Kingston would lock up his opponent in a unique way, basically getting them bent over and getting a grip around the wrestler's waist. Kingston would then do a flip, while sweeping the back of the leg, causing the wrestler to fall backwards hard. Kingston would land on top, enabling him to hold the legs down and keep the wrestler in a pinning predicament.