Gail Kim's Signature Moves

Christo - Kim's submission finisher is unique, in that the wrestler would normally stay on their feet as Kim came to them. Kim would then climb up them, almost as if setting up for a hurricanrana. Instead, though, Kim would twist behind them while keeping her legs around their head, turning it into a shoulder and neck submission hold that routinely brought her foes to their knees in agony.

Eat Defeat - Sometimes spelled "Eat Da Feet" (which is more descriptive), Kim used this move both in WWE and TNA. With the opponent stunned, Kim would almost do a vertical split, getting her leg up high and into her opponent's face. Kim would then grab an arm and drop backwards, snapping the opponent into her foot on the way down.

Happy Ending - A slightly racist name for a finisher, but it's still one that Kim routinely used in TNA early on in her career. Kim would twist her opponent around, getting the opponent's arm wrapped around her own throat. Kim then would drop with a neckbreaker, taking them out.