Mr. Anderson's Signature Move

Green Bay Plunge / The Plunge / Lambeau Leap - It's gone by many names, and can come from many different ways, but it's been part of Mr. Anderson's arsenal for quite a while. The move is started with Kennedy getting the opponent up on his shoulders, either in the middle of the ring or by taking them up on the turnbuckle. With a yell, Kennedy will take off, doing a flip and crushing his foe into the mat. While it's more stunning (and dangerous) off the 'buckle, Mr. Anderson can put away someone just as easily jumping from the canvas.

Kenton Bomb - Sometimes, when the opponent was on the ground in the ring, Kennedy/Anderson would pull out a variation of the Green Bay Plunge. He would climb to the top of the turnbuckle and dive off, pulling off a swanton bomb onto his opponent, crushing him. Kennedy may not have had the wrestler on his shoulders when he leapt, but the impact was still severe. Of course, if Kennedy missed the move, especially when a ladder is sitting there, it could be just as devastating for him.

Mic Check - Named after Mr. Anderson's abilities on the mic (which was what first got him noticed in WWE), The Mic Check is a good, standing finisher that can be applied quickly. Anderson would grab his opponent around the neck and shoulders with one arm, putting his corresponding foot behind the opponent's legs. Anderson then throws his weight backwards, causing his opponent to go face-first into the mat.