Kane's Signature Finishing Moves

The Chokeslam - As most big men (The Big Show, Reese, the Undertaker, et cetera), Kane has a Chokeslam in his arsenal. With one grab of the throat, Kane can lift an opponent in the air, then slam them back down to the mat (or other location), taking them out long enough for the pinfall victory.

The Tombstone Piledriver - This is a move that Kane has taken from his 'brother', the Undertaker. Unlike other piledrivers, this move starts out with Kane putting the wrestler onto his shoulder. Kane then slides the wrestler down into position, upside-down, before dropping his knees to the mat, sending the opponent's unprotected head bouncing off the floor below. Kane usually takes the Undertaker's pinning style here as well, crossing both of the unconscious opponent's arms into a "Rest in Peace" style pin.