John Morrison's Signature Moves

Starship Pain - Morrison put away a lot of people with the Starship Pain in his time in WWE. His version of the split-legged corkscrew moonsault is set up by Morrison's opponent being flat on their back on the mat. Morrison would then drag his opponent closer/further from the turnbuckle (as needed), then would spring himself up onto the top turnbuckle ropes. He would bounce his legs off of them and do a complete corkscrew flip before landing on top of his foe, pinning him.

Moonlight Drive - The name Moonlight Drive comes more from Morrison's name than the move itself, as it was a track sung by the Doors (and their lead singer, Jim Morrison) on their Strange Days album. While it became more of a set-up maneuver than a finisher as Starship Pain caught on, The Moonlight Drive was still a strong move, with Morrison pulling off a corkscrew neckbreaker on his foe.