Jeff Hardy's Signature Finishing Move

The Swanton Bomb - While this move had been around for awhile on the Independent circuit, there's no doubt that Jeff Hardy has made it his own. With the wrestler down in the ring (possibly after Matt Hardy has delivered the Twist of Fate), Jeff climbs the turnbuckle and throws caution, and himself, to the wind, flipping over and hitting the downed wrestler with his back. It's a dangerous maneuver, especially when tables, ladders, and chairs become factors, but it's also the maneuver that has made Jeff Hardy famous.

Whisper In The Wind - Hardy's finisher in the independent range still appeared regularly in both WWE and TNA. Hardy would run away from his opponent, jumping straight up onto the turnbuckle, getting to the top. Hardy then spins backwards with a corkscrew flip, flying into his opponent and taking both men down. While it almost looks like Hardy would be taking the worst of it, since he's ready for it (and the other wrestler never is), the impact is definitely felt.