Chris Jericho's Signature Move

The Walls of Jericho - Jericho's favorite close-out move, originally known as the Liontamer, is basically a slightly higher version of the Boston Crab. Rather than bending back the body, Jericho places more pressure on the shoulders and neck of his opponent, which allows him to win many matches by submission.

The Lionsault - The Lionsault became one of Jericho's signature moves, although he rarely ended a match with it, prefering the Walls of Jericho. As seen above, Jericho would plant his opponent on the mat, then run to the ropes, springboarding off of them. With a quick flip, Jericho landed on top of his opponent, in prime position for a pinning predicament.

The Codebreaker - Named due to Chris Jericho's return to the WWE (where he had several videos play during shows, giving a code that eventually spelled out "Y2J"), this move has won several matches for the wrestler. Jericho, standing in front of his opponent, would jump up, getting his knees high in the air. He would then yank his opponent downwards, dropping them head-first across Jericho's knees, knocking them out. As shown in the video above, Jericho could also hit the move in mid-air.