The Great Khali's Signature Finishing Move

The Khali Vice Grip - One of the largest men ever to enter a WWE ring, the Great Khali has been feared by many wrestlers for his dominating power. A major reason to fear him is the Vice Grip, the Great Khali's main finishing hold at one point, which is simple yet devastating to his opponents. All the Great Khali has to do is get behind his opponent and reach out his huge hands, placing them on either side of his foe's head. Once in place, the pressure begins, and soon most opponents are out cold and in need of medical attention.

Khali Chop - One of the most potent weapons for the Great Khali has been his arm strength. Being one of the largest athletes in the world means that moves that would be simple strikes for others are crushing blows from him. The chop to the head proved to be a winning strike for several matches, as The Great Khali would raise his arm all the way up (much higher than most could get) and swings the chop downwards onto the top of his opponent's head, knocking him out.

Punjabi Plunge - Like many big men, The Great Khali has relied on a chokeslam when needed. The Great Khali's version is usually a two-handed chokeslam, using both arms to lift his foes high in the air before throwing them down... all the way down. The impact is usually great enough to win a match, as it's hard to recover from what amounts to a two-story fall off a building.