Bill Goldberg's Signature Moves

The Spear - The beginning of the end. When Goldberg basically football tackled his opponent halfway across the ring, everyone knew the Jackhammer was on the horizon.

The Jackhammer - One of the most devestating moves in wrestling during its time, Goldberg would grip the person in a suplex-like hold. He would then lift them in the air and hold them there for a couple of seconds. He sometimes would even walk around with them up there (depending on the size of the opponent), letting the blood flow to their head. Then he would bring them down into almost a powerslam maneuver, driving them through the canvas, and ending up on top of the foe for the pin. The Jackhammer rarely failed to put away a Goldberg opponent. It was used on everyone, including the 400-lb giant later known as the Big Show.