Mick Foley's Signature Finishing Move

The Mandible Claw - Foley usually used this hold under the persona as Mankind, although it briefly was known as the Love Handle when he was Dude Love. It is a pretty simple hold to grasp, as Foley will stick his fingers (usually protected by a wrap, if he's Mankind) into the mouth of his opponents and use pressure underneath to cause excruciating pain. The theory is that, due to the pressure points, the wrestler cannot close his mouth, which means that he can't bite Mankind's fingers to prevent the hold. Later on, Foley used the hold along with his 'friend', Mr. Socko, notching up both the pain and the humiliation with the Socko Claw.

Double-Arm DDT - When Foley wrestled as Cactus Jack in WCW, his finisher was the Double Arm DDT. It's a pretty standard maneuver, as Cactus Jack gets a double underhook on his foe, then drops to the mat. The opponent can't block the landing, taking it fully on the skull. The move would reappear whenever Foley brought back Cactus Jack, sometimes involving either chairs, thumbtacks, or barbed wire, depending on what type of match was going on.