Eddie Guerrero's Signature Moves

The Frogsplash - Eddie's favorite maneuver came from his former association with his late partner, Art Barr. The moment for the maneuver almost always came when Guerrero got his opponent lying flat on his back, possibly after a shot of the Three Amigos suplexes. Guerrero would then climb the turnbuckle and perch for a second, before leaping off, scissoring his body on the way down. With the motion (similar to a frog's jump), Guerrero would bring his entire weight down on his foe, knocking the breath out of him. Guerrero then would stay on top (or roll back on him, if the impact knocked him away) to get the pinfall. The Frogsplash won Guerrero the WWE World Heavyweight Title over Brock Lesnar in '04.

Three Amigos - One of Eddie's favorite maneuvers in his later days with WWE was the Three Amigos. It was a series of three suplexes, combined together thanks to Guerrero's leg kick afterwards that allowed him to roll his opponent over to land the next one.

Lying, Cheating, & Stealing - Eddie's favorite mantra at one point was "Lying, Cheating, & Stealing", and whether a face or a heel, he'd put that mantra to work. Sometimes it would be pretending his opponent hit him with a steel chair, in order to win by disqualification. Sometimes he would result to other, even greater measures, such as stealing the valet's whip and hitting the ref with it, before tossing it to his opponent. Eddie was creative, you had to give him that.