D-Lo Brown's Signature Finishing Moves

The Lo Down - When an opponent was taken down in the middle of the ring, D-Lo would immediately begin looking towards the turnbuckle. Brown would climb up quickly, add in a little shake, then leap off, using a Frogsplash variation on his downed foe. Many have compared the Brown's Lo Down favorably to Guerrero's Frog Splash and Van Dam's Five Star Frog Splash.

The Sky High - A move that didn't require a risky climb of the turnbuckle, the Sky High was another way D-Lo Brown could put his opponent away. With his opponent in front of him, Brown would lift him up under the arms, getting some height. As the wrestler began to come back down, Brown sat down, adding some momentum to the hit, as the opponent landed on his back, hurting. Sometimes this would lead to a pinfall attempt, while other times Brown would be thinking about the Lo Down afterwards.