D'Angelo Dinero's Signature Moves

Dinero Express - Originally called The Elijah Express when Dinero was known as Elijah Burke in WWE, The Dinero Express starts with the opponent getting hung up in a turnbuckle. Sometimes they're upright, leaning into the 'buckle, and sometimes they're hanging by their legs. Either way, they're usually facing away from Dinero, who will charge forward at a dead run and leap into the air, slamming both knees into his foe's back! It's a devastating move that can easily finish a match, once Dinero gets up and gets his opponent out of the corner.

Elijah Experience - This was one of Elijah Burke's favorite moves in ECW/WWE. With the wrestler stunned (sometimes after receiving the Elijah Express), Burke would face his opponent and move in. Burke would get his right foot behind the opponent's legs at the same moment he did a swinging clothesline, allowing him to add impact to the maneuver. Three seconds later, the match could very well be over.