Devon's Signature Finishing Moves

Lifting Spinebuster - Devon's main singles finisher in Total Nonstop Action has been a lifting spinebuster. With the opponent either coming off the ropes or charging in, Devon catches them and lifts them into the air with both arms (one up high and one low). Devon then slams his foe to his back, stunning the wrestler long enough for Devon to get a pin. He's used the maneuver fairly successfully, including winning the TNA World Television Title with it.

The Dudley Death Drop (3-D) - When he was teaming with his brother Ray, Devon could unleash a powerful finisher for a tag-team. Team 3-D (known as the Dudley Boyz in ECW/WWE) was named for this maneuver, showing how important it had been to their overwhelming success in the pro wrestling business. The move usually started with the wrestler's teammate being taken out, keeping him from interfering. With the first wrestler either being whipped to the ropes or simply staggering into the wrong place at the wrong time, Brother Devon would catch him and pick him up in the air, basically tossing him towards Brother Ray, who would catch the opponent by the neck and come down with him, taking him out. It is a maneuver that won titles wherever Team 3-D went.