Christian Cage's Signature Finishing Move

The Killswitch - Originally known as the Impaler (when Christian was part of the Brood in the WWF) and the Unprettier (originally in WWE and then in TNA), The Killswitch has become a threatening move to everyone on the roster. It's thought of as a variation on an inverted double underhook facebuster. With the opponent stunned, Christian will grab the wrestler's wrists from behind and twist him around, causing the wrestler to actually be behind Christian. With the wrestler's head caught in Christian's back, Christian drops to the mat, causing his opponent's head to smash hard into the mat, knocking him out enough to give Christian the win. While Christian would tell you that he created the move, others credit it to a Japanese wrestling star, Tommy Rogers. It's truly hard to say which one's more devestating, although Christian at least has two NWA World Heavyweight Title reigns to show off.