Daniel Bryan's Signature Moves

Yes Lock - The Yes Lock was previously called The LeBell Lock by Bryan, named for the move's creator, American martial artist/wrestler Gene LeBell. The name was changed due to Bryan's run in WWE, where Bryan would chant "Yes! Yes! Yes!" and, amazingly, got it over. The submission hold, originally called an Omoplate Crossface, mainly involves grabbing the opponent's arm and twisting it backwards, before applying the crossface finisher. The added stress is enough to make almost any wrestler tap out.

Cattle Mutilation - One of Bryan's former finishers (a move whose name will most likely never be mentioned in WWE) was also a submission hold. Bryan would get a double chikenwing submission on his opponent and take them over, bridging upwards to add to the agony the wrestler was under. While nearly impossible to tap out, a wrestler would soon be yelling that he gives up.