JBL's Signature Finishing Moves

The Clothesline From Hell - While the name comes from Bradshaw's run with the Acolytes, John Bradshaw Layfield continued to make it a supreme finishing maneuver even as his career moved to the top of the pile. There's really not much to say about JBL's finisher, as most wrestling fans know what a clothesline is. At the same time, JBL delivered it with a lot more power than most, nearly beheading his opponents with its force.

The Last Call - Named early on during Bradshaw's run with the APA (due to their characters being known to have a few beers), The Last Call is simply a fallaway slam done with skill. Bradshaw would regularly pick up his opponent in his arms, holding them horizontal to the mat, then would fall backwards, tossing the wrestler across the ring. As shown in the gif above, Bradshaw could also perform the move from the turnbuckle. Once this move hit, the Clothesline From Hell wasn't very far away.