Chris Benoit's Signature Moves

Swandive Off The Top Turnbuckle - When Benoit positioned a man flat on his back and slashed his finger across his throat, the match was nearing a conclusion. At the top of the turnbuckle, Benoit would spread his arms and seem to "fall", headbutting the man on the canvas either in the back or elsewhere. This ariel maneuver was sometimes the end of the match, while at others was the set-up for the Crippler Crossface. This move doesn't see much use nowadays, as many attribute the constant bumps to Benoit's head a factor in how his life ended.

The Crippler Crossface - This submission hold could quickly put the fight out of any opponent, and was known to appear in a split-second. With a quick push to the ground, Benoit could lock one of the opponent's arms behind him with his legs while pulling back on the neck. The move knocked many people unconscious, and earned him many a victory, including winning him the WWE World Title at Wrestlemania XX.