Austin Aries' Signature Moves

Brainbuster/Starrbuster - Many wrestlers throughout the years have used the brainbuster in their arsenal, but few could land it as perfectly as Austin Aries. Known as the Brainbuster on the indy circuit and The Starrbuster when "Austin Starr" went to TNA, the move appears to be a suplex at first, until Aries would drop the opponent straight down onto their head, knocking them out. It would become even worse when delivered either from the turnbuckle or through a table.

Last Chancery - Aries' submission hold started out with Aries getting his opponent down, usually with the brainbuster. Aries would not let go after the move, instead rolling the wrestler over. Aries then would push off with his leg, flipping himself over, while still holding the neck, stretching his opponent backwards in a very painful way. Aries could keep up his bridge all day, but could also, remarkably, switch the hold back, knee his opponent in the head a few times, and then reapply, adding to the abuse.