Kurt Angle's Signature Finishing Moves

The Angle Slam - When Angle wants to put away the match without worrying about a submission, he goes for his patented Angle Slam. With the opponent stunned or woozy, Angle will grab them and lift them onto his shoulders into a variation of a Fireman's Carry. With one shift of the weight, Angle then sends his foe upsidedown to the canvas, usually with the opponent hitting either headfirst or backfirst. With the opponent down and out, Angle has the choice of either going for the pin or applying the Ankle Lock.

The Ankle Lock - This is now mostly known as Angle's main finisher, as he loves to put his opponent to shame by making them tap out. There's not much to explain here, really. With the opponent down on the mat, Angle locks onto their ankle, twisting it painfully in directions it was never meant to go. Angle can be tenacious when it comes to the hold, hanging on to it through rolls and turns, keeping the opponent from escaping.