Abyss' Signature Finishing Move

Shock Treatment - While not one of Abyss' main finishers anymore, Shock Treatment is still a way to inflict great pain on one of the masked maniac's opponents. Abyss starts the maneuver by placing his foe onto his shoulders, in a Torture Rack-style position. Sometimes Abyss will even stretch his opponent for a few seconds in the hold, adding to the agony. Soon after, Abyss will drop himself to the mat, basically sitting down. This causes the opponent to fall as well, breaking him across Abyss' wide shoulders. The opponent then tumbles to the mat, where Abyss can take a shot at pinning him, or simply set the wrestler up for more punishment.

Black Hole Slam - Abyss' version of a spinning side slam can be extremely devastating. Usually Abyss will catch his opponent running at him, either due to Abyss throwing him/her to the ropes or by counting his foe. Abyss then spins him around, sometimes going all the way around if the opponent is light enough. It ends with Abyss slamming his opponent into the mat, putting his own weight on top. The pin is usually academic at that point.