Other Wrestling Links

Wrestling Federation Websites

The Ditch's WCW/WWF Page - A good site for news, rumors, and commentary

The ICWF - A great e-fed that's unfortunately closed at this time (look for Ace's bio in the Hall of Fame)...

Seven Deadly Sins Official Website - My friend Dougg's page... his comments: "7DL Official Site. You think you know? You have no f'n clue!"

DDT Digest - A great source for biographic information with a listing of Tribute pages

The Professional Wrestling Online Museum - This page has helped me greatly with Title lists

The Great Hisa's Puroresu Dojo - Another terrific site for title information

Wrestling Supercards & Tournaments - Best place on the web to look for PPV information

Power Slam - The only person on the web who has more in-depth bios than me (but I have more! lol)

Rajah's WWF News & Rumors - Good site for information on WWF/WCW wrestlers, columns, etc

PWBTS 2000 - News site that has lots of info on the independent scene

The Radical Revolution - Solid list of almost every wrestler you can think of

Wrestling Information Archive - Tremendous gathering of pro wrestling information, from WWE to the independents

Strong Style Spirit - A topnotch archive of information on almost every Japanese wrestler you can think of

Online World of Wrestling - Formerly Obsessed With Wrestling, this is still the site I look to first when collecting wrestling information

Bodyslammin' 4Ever - Another useful resource on biography information, as well as other info...

Gerweck.net - If you can't find it on the Rollercoaster, you can probably find it here...

411mania.com - Quite simply, the main place I go to find out what's happening in the wrestling world...

Luchawiki.com - Amazing site for Luchadore bios...