The Wrestler's Gallery

Goldberg, posing for the fans after throwing Sickboy in the air

The original Wolfpac: Syxx, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall

Kevin Nash about to Jackknife PowerBomb a masked wrestler through the canvas, as Hall looks on

The Dancing Fools, Alex Wright and Disco Inferno, get racked and powerbombed, respectively

Diamond Dallas Page about to get the audience to feel the "BANG"

With Kanyon on a table, Saturn takes flight...

...with a hard landing for both afterwards

Goldberg Vs. Hogan - Guess Who's Winning?

Karl Malone, student of DDP, showing his knowledge of the Diamond Cutter to Curt Henning

Another table bites the dust, as Rocco Rock drops through Tokyo Magnum

Lex Luger gives Rick Rude a free ride on the Torture Rack

Marcus "Buff" Bagwell betrays his partner Scotty Riggs and joins the nWo, with the Giant and the Outsiders looking on

Sting, in his usual manner, asks Lex Luger about friendship with his baseball bat

A closeup of Sting

A shot of the Nitro Girls in action

As Kevin Nash looks on (and Scott Hall falls) the Giant completely destroys the wrestling ring

nWo Black 'n' White - Ted DiBiase, the Giant, "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall

Bret Hart puts Scott Hall in the Sharpshooter

Numerous Luchadors pose in Aztecas t-shirts

Sting takes flight at Sid Vicious

Billy Kidman in mid-flight of the Seven Year Itch