Vince McMahon

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 253 lbs

Real Name: Vincent Kennedy McMahon Jr.

DOB: 8/24/45

Hometown: Greenwich, Connecticut

Other Names: Mr. McMahon (WWE)

Wrestler Since: 1999

Finishing Maneuver: None

Official Website:

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History: (Under Construction)

Pay-Per-View/Show Summary: (7 - 10, 1 NC)
- WWF Royal Rumble '99 (January 24) = McMahon won the Royal Rumble.
- WWF Over The Edge '99 (May 23) = In a dark match, McMahon fought to a No-Contest with Mideon.
- WWF King of the Ring '99 (June 27) = Vince & Shane McMahon won a "Handicap Ladder" Match over Steve Austin, winning the rights to the WWF.
- WWF Armageddon '99 (December 12) = McMahon fell to Hunter Hearst Helmsley.
- WWF King of the Ring '00 (June 25) = Vince & Shane McMahon & Hunter Hearst Helmsley lost to the Rock, Kane & the Undertaker. Since the Rock pinned Vince, he won the WWF World Title.
- WWF Wrestlemania X-7 (April 1, '01) = Vince lost a "Street Fight" Match to Shane McMahon. Mick Foley was the special referee.
- WWF Royal Rumble '02 (January 20) = McMahon lost a "Street Fight" Match to Ric Flair.
- WWE Vengeance '03 (July 27) = McMahon defeated Zach Gowen.
- WWE No Mercy '03 (October 19) = Vince won an "I Quit" Match over his daughter, Stephanie. By winning, Vince forced Stephanie to give up her job as Smackdown General Manager.
- WWE Survivor Series '03 = McMahon won a "Buried Alive" Match over the Undertaker.
- WWE Wrestlemania 22 (April 2, '06) = McMahon lost a "No Holds Barred" Match to Shawn Michaels.
- WWE Backlash '06 (April 30) = Vince & Shane McMahon won a "No Disqualification Handicap" Match over Shawn Michaels (Michaels' partner was said to be God).
- WWE Summerslam '06 (August 20) = Vince & Shane McMahon were beaten by D-Generation X (Michaels & Triple H).
- WWE Unforgiven '06 (September 17) = Vince & Shane McMahon & the Big Show lost a "Handicap Hell In A Cell" Match to D-Generation X.
- WWE Wrestlemania 23 (April 1, '07) = Umaga, representing Mr. McMahon, lost the "Battle of the Billionaires Hair vs. Hair" Match to Bobby Lashley (representing Donald Trump). Steve Austin was the special referee. McMahon's head was shaved after the match.
- WWE Backlash '07 (April 29) = Vince, Shane McMahon, & Umaga won a "Handicap" Match over Bobby Lashley. Since Vince got the pin, he became the ECW World Heavyweight Champion.
- WWE Judgment Day '07 (May 20) = Vince, Shane McMahon, & Umaga lost a "Handicap" Match to Bobby Lashley. Vince's ECW Title was on the line, but since Lashley pinned Shane instead of Vince, the belt remained with Mr. McMahon.
- WWE One Night Stand '07 (June 3) = McMahon lost the ECW World Heavyweight Title, losing a "Street Fight" Match to Bobby Lashley.
- WWE Wrestlemania XXVI (March 28, '10) = McMahon lost a "No Rules Lumberjack" Match to Bret Hart. Bruce Hart was the special referee.

Title Summary:
- WWE World Heavyweight Champion (9/14/1999 - 9/1999)
- ECW World Heavyweight Champion (4/29/2007 - 6/03/2007)

PWI Achievement Awards: (7 wins, 4 1st RUs, 3 2nd RUs, 0 3rd RUs)
- 1996 Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame Inductee
- 1996 Feud of the Year (Vince McMahon vs. Eric Bischoff)
- 1998 Feud of the Year (Mr. McMahon vs. Steve Austin)
- 1998 Most Hated Wrestler, 1st Runner-Up
- 1999 Match of the Year, 2nd Runner-Up (Mr. McMahon vs. Steve Austin)
- 1999 Feud of the Year (Mr. McMahon vs. Steve Austin)
- 1999 Rookie of the Year, 2nd Runner-Up
- 2001 Feud of the Year (Mr. McMahon vs. Shane McMahon)
- 2003 Most Hated Wrestler, 2nd Runner-Up
- 2003 Feud of the Year, 1st Runner-Up (Mr. McMahon vs. Hulk Hogan)
- 2006 Match of the Year (Mr. McMahon vs. Shawn Michaels)
- 2006 Feud of the Year, 1st Runner-Up (Vince & Shane McMahon vs. D-Generation X)
- 2009 Stanley Weston Lifetime Achievement Award
- 2010 Feud of the Year, 1st Runner-Up (Mr. McMahon vs. Bret Hart)