Gene Snitsky

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 300 lbs

Real Name: Gene Snisky

DOB: Unknown

Hometown: Nesquehoning, Pennsylvania

Other Names: Gene Snisky(WXW), Gene Sinski, "Mean" Gene Mondo(OVW)

Wrestler Since: 1998

Finishing Maneuver: Pumphandle Side Powerslam/Egoist Schwein

Previous PWI 500 Rankings: #134(2008), #130(2007), #216(2006), #83(2005), #301(2004)

History: (Last Updated: 1/31/04)

No matter how you spell his last name (and it's changed several times over the course of his career), you have to acknowledge that Gene Snisky has already made a major impact in the pro wrestling world, with so much more ahead of him.

The Beginning: WXW

Gene Snisky was a former football player from the University of Missouri, who decided to give the wrestling world a try. He started out on a good note, signing on with Afa the Wild Samoan as his trainer in 1998. Soon, Snisky was a part of Afa's organization, World Xtreme Wrestling. As Mean Gene Snisky, he joined up with Rob Harper to form the Twin Tackles, an imposing tag-team. They immediately had a long-running feud with the WXW tag champs, the Moondogs, but were unsuccessful at getting the belts. The team kept together, though, and on October 12, '01, they got their shot against the champs, Neil & Bob. However, Neil wasn't available, so Weave substituted for him (Bob & Weave). The Twin Tackles won the match, proclaiming themselves WXW Tag Champs. The next day, however, it was announced that, since the duo didn't beat Neil & Bob, the title change didn't count. Undeterred, the Twin Tackles took on Neil & Bob that very night, and again got the victory, this time retaining the WXW Tag-Team Titles. They would defend the titles until February '02, when they finally fell to the New Jersey Hit Squad.

Later on, the team broke up after Rob Harper was injured, sending Snisky into singles action. Snisky didn't stay on his own for too long, though, joining up with Team Xtreme, a "vicious faction out to dominate & ruin WXW" (straight from the WXW website). Snisky also had a softer side, though, as he proudly represented WXW on a wrestling tour of the Middle East in the summer of '02. Snisky soon showed that he could be a dominant force in the singles division, and in October '03, he took down Billy Dream in a "Last Man Standing" Match to become the WXW Heavyweight Champion. Snisky would remain a dominant champion for many months, before finally falling in March '04 to Mana the Polynesian Warrior. This didn't seem to bother Snisky much, though, as he signed a World Wrestling Entertainment developmental deal only a few months later, being assigned to OVW for some additional training as "Mean" Gene Mondo (I believe as a partner with Mike Mondo).

WWE Raw: 2004

In September '04, Kane was having 'marital problems' with his new wife, Lita. To make a long story short, by this point Kane had forced Lita to have sex, impregnating her, and then won a match (over Matt Hardy) to force Lita to marry him. Kane was also involved in a feud with Shawn Michaels, in which he had tried to break Michaels' throat with a steel chair. On the September 13th Raw, Kane demanded a match against Michaels, but was told by GM Eric Bischoff that he couldn't that night. Instead, Bischoff promised Kane a match where he could do whatever he wanted with no repercussions. This match was assigned with Kane vs. Gene Snitsky. Snitsky fought hard at first, but was quickly taken down by Kane, who set Snitsky's neck in a chair to go for the break again. Lita got involved, though, taking the chair away. As Kane and Lita argued, Snitsky got up, grabbed the chair, and waffled Kane with it, sending him collapsing on top of Lita, badly injuring the pregnant woman. Lita had to be carted out on a stretcher, with Kane following.

On the next Raw, Snitsky was interviewed, saying that the injury to Lita wasn't his fault. He said that he was just there to do his job. When asked if he was sorry, he again replied that it wasn't his fault. Kane didn't accept this answer, as he proclaimed Snitsky a dead man. Later that night, Lita lost the baby. Snitksy announced on the next Raw that he was sorry that Lita had lost the baby, but that he didn't accept any blame for it. He went on that night to defeat Val Venis. The next week, Lita was interviewed, laying all the blame on Snitsky's head, and saying that she hoped Kane would destroy him. Snitsky came out later on pushing a baby carriage. He again proclaimed his innocence, but in a more cocky way. Kane then came down to attack, but Snitsky first threw the baby carriage at him, then caught him with a lead pipe that had been in the carriage, bloodying Kane and choking him out before leaving.

It was later announced that Snitsky and Kane would be having a match at the next pay-per-view, with the fans getting to decide what kind of match it would be, be it a "Chain" Match, a "Chair" Match, or a "Lead Pipe" Match. Snitsky continued to taunt Kane and Lita, while still saying that he was innocent of the death. He blamed it on Kane for falling, and on Lita for being out there. He also took care of some business for GM Bischoff, attacking and beating down Eugene (who was scheduled to fight his uncle at the PPV), as well as William Regal, when he tried to make the save. Later on, Snitsky ran into Lita in the backstage area and shoved her against the wall, telling her that Kane was going to lose at the pay-per-view, just like Lita lost the baby.

At Taboo Tuesday, Snitsky and Kane finally faced off in a match. The fans made their votes, making it a "Steel Chain" Match between the two bitter rivals. Lita surprisingly came out with Kane, supporting her husband. Kane dominated at first, sending Snitsky running to the outside. Snitsky made a minor comeback with the chain, but was taken down, allowing Kane to use the chain on him instead, knocking him outside again. But Snitsky came back, grabbing the chain and pulling Kane over as well. Snitsky controlled the match for some time, using the chain as a violent weapon. The two men went back and forth, with Lita interfering by grabbing the chain from Snitsky at one point, leaving him open for a chokeslam attempt. Snitsky fought it off, though, going to the outside. As Kane followed with the chain, Snitsky caught him with the steel steps, then took him into the ring, repeatedly hitting Kane in the throat with a steel chair. Snitsky then put the chair around Kane's throat, using one of Kane's favorite moves against him by jumping off the turnbuckle onto it. He then pinned the badly-bleeding Kane, winning the match. Afterwards, as medical personnel tried to get Kane to the back via stretcher, Snitsky attacked again, overturning the stretcher.

Twenty-four hours later on Raw, Snitsky had a match with William Regal. Snitsky didn't waste any time, attacking Regal from behind as he came down the aisle. Snitsky brutally beat him down, then finally got him in the ring and made the quick pinfall victory. As Eugene came down to check on Regal, Snitsky spoke about how he destroyed Kane. Snitsky said that the death of Lita's baby wasn't his fault, but the destruction that happened from now on would be. Snitsky faced Eugene in a "Hardcore" Match a week later, with weapons such as a baby carriage and a "No Baby" sign being employed by Snitsky. Snitsky eventually won over the mentally-retarded wrestler, slamming him on a sign for the victory. Afterwards, Snitsky prepared to crush Eugene's throat just like he did Kane's, but Regal ran down for the save wearing brass knuckles.

A week later, while Lita and Trish Stratus were being interviewed on Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel, Snitsky came out to the ring cradling a baby doll, telling it to shut up. Snitsky taunted Lita, then eventually kicked the doll into the crowd. Snitsky looked to attack Lita soon after, but Jericho blocked it, with the two men fighting in the ring. It had already been announced that Snitsky would be part of Hunter Hearst Helmsley's Survivor Series team, along with Batista & Edge, to face off against Jericho, Chris Benoit, Randy Orton, and Maven. It was also announced that, whichever team won, the members of that team would each have a week to be in control of Raw as the GM. Snitsky was very interested in this stipulation, as he told Helmsley that, if their team won, Snitsky would book himself a Raw World Title shot against Triple H when he was in charge. This, of course, led to some friction in the team. Later on that night, Snitsky came down to join his team in a brawl with their opponents. Although Triple H's team cleared the ring, they showed dissention with each other, which allowed the faces to reenter and clear them out.

The '04 Survivor Series match started out with a lot of back-and-forth action, with no quick eliminations this year. At one point, Benoit seemed to be in control, catching both Triple H & Edge with his flying headbutt. But Snitsky broke up the cover. As the ref was distracted by Snitsky, Benoit got the Crossface on Edge, only to have Triple H get the Pedigree, allowing Edge to eliminate Benoit with a weak cover. Dissention then began to brew between Edge's team, giving the faces the advantage despite their decreased numbers. Batista was eliminated after Orton hit him from the outside with the World Title. Maven then returned to the face team (having been injured earlier in the night by Snitsky), only to have Snitsky ko him with a chair, causing Snitsky to be DQ'ed. But Triple H covered Maven, quickly eliminating him as well. Later on, Edge managed to get Jericho with the Spear, pinning him. But Edge & Triple H couldn't do enough double-teaming on Orton, as Edge accidentally Speared Helmsley. Orton then got the RKO on Edge and pinned him, then later used the same maneuver on Triple H to win the match, keeping Snitsky from being able to give himself a title shot.

It was announced on the Internet later on that Snitsky had suffered a broken orbital bone during the match. Despite this, Snitsky appeared on the next Raw, attacking Maven (who was the GM for the week) during his match with the World Champ, Triple H, helping Helmsley stay the champion. A week later, Maven demanded a match with Snitsky, which was granted by the new GM-for-a-week, Benoit. Snitsky controlled much of the match, though, and won it cleanly after a Pumphandle Slam. The next week, GM-for-a-week Randy Orton set up a Battle Royal, with the winner getting a title shot against Helmsley. Snitsky was dominant in the match, tossing out William Regal, Rob Conway, and Rosey, before coming face-to-face with another monster in Batista. Before the two could go at it for long, though, the rest of the wrestlers in the Rumble attacked, splitting them up (to the boos of the crowd). Later on, Snitsky was being double-teamed by Shelton Benjamin & Chris Benoit. Just as he was fighting his way free, Chris Jericho joined in with a leaping clothesline, sending Snitsky to the outside and eliminating him. Chris Benoit & Edge later 'won' the battle royal.

Going into December '04, Snitsky again began to concentrate on Lita, taunting her with comments about Kane and her lost baby before one of her matches. A week later, Snitsky came out during a Diva t-shirt shoot-off, frightening the girls. Snitsky claimed that he just wanted to have some fun. But when Christy tried to show him the gun, Snitsky grabbed her by the throat and said that he only has fun when someone is suffering. Snitsky was stopped from beating on Christy by Lita, who spoke from the aisleway about how her husband, Kane, would be coming back to beat the holy hell out of Snitsky. Snitsky immediately dropped Christy and ran after Lita, but was stopped before he could get to her by a wall of fire, Kane's call-sign. Snitsky tried to go to the back again, but again the flames erupted, keeping him at bay. On the last Raw of '04, after one of Lita's matches, Snitsky again appeared, chasing Lita to the back, where she hid in a locker room. Snitsky said he just wanted to play, but he was interrupted by GM Eric Bischoff, who informed Snitsky that he would have a match at the next PPV against the returning Kane!


On the first Raw of the year, Lita and Trish Stratus got in a brawl in the ring. Snitsky then came out and attacked Lita, grabbing a steel chair to use on her neck. But Kane made his reappearance, meeting Snitsky in the aisleway and beating him down. Snitsky eventually got away, as Kane checked on his wife. At New Year's Revolution, Snitsky and Kane met up for another violent brawl between the two. Snitsky started off in control, but couldn't seem to do much to hurt the Big Red Machine, who kept coming back. The two fought both inside and outside the ring, with Kane continually sitting up from Snitsky's assaults. In the end, both men grabbed each other by the throat, with Kane winning the battle. Although Snitsky tried to get free by trying to bite Kane's ear, he couldn't do it, as Kane got the Tombstone Piledriver for the victory.

On the next Raw, Kane came out during a Simon Dean speech and prepared to chokeslam the man. But Snitsky attacked, knocking down Kane, whipping him with Dean's weight belt, then damaging his throat again, causing him to bleed internally. A week later, a special rematch was signed between the two, in a "No Holds Barred" Match. The two men beat the hell out of each other, using whatever weapons were available to them. They eventually fought their way up the aisle to the stage, where Snitsky tried to punch Kane off and down into some tables. But Snitsky missed his last punch, as Kane spun around and grabbed him with a choke, threatening him for a second before taking BOTH men off the stage and through the tables! The show ended with the two laying in debris, not moving. On the next Raw, Maven came out saying that he would face any man who had qualified for the Rumble match. Kane, wrapped heavily in bandages, then came out, with Maven telling him that he didn't mean him, he meant everyone else. Snitsky, also bandaged up, came out as well, with the two badly injured men attacking each other, while Maven tried to take advantage with a pin here or there. It eventually backfired, though, as Kane took out Maven and made the cover, ensuring that both Snitsky and Kane would still be at the PPV.

At the '05 Royal Rumble, Snitsky met up again with Smackdown's John Heidenreich, who was scheduled to face the Undertaker in a "Casket" Match. Snitsky assured Heidenreich that he had a plan to help him. During the Casket Match, Snitsky came out to help Heidenreich, with the two double-teaming the Dead Man. But as Snitsky signaled to have the casket raised, it popped open, showing Kane inside! Kane attacked Snitsky, helping out his 'brother'. The two men fought to the back, making the match one-on-one again (with Heidenreich eventually ending up in the casket). Later on, in the Rumble Match, Snitsky came out as #26, and attacked everyone in the ring. When Paul London tried to grab him with a sleeper from behind, Snitsky focused his attack on the cruiserweight, sending London over the top rope with a tremendously violent clothesline that sent London doing a 360 to the floor. London had to be carted out on a stretcher. Kane was the next man out, attracting Snitsky's attention again. Snitsky got knocked down by Kane, but later came back with his Pumphandle Slam. However, the next entrant, Batista, was just too powerful, tossing Snitsky out on his way to winning the Rumble.

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Pay-Per-View/Show Summary: (3 - 11)
- OVW Super Summer Sizzler Series (August 13, '04) = Mean Gene Mondo won a "$2,500 Battle Royal".
- OVW Fall Brawl '04 (September 4) = Mean Gene & Mike Mondo won, via DQ, over Adrenaline.
- WWE Taboo Tuesday (October 19, '04) = Snitsky won a "Chain" Match over Kane.
- WWE Survivor Series '04 (November 14) = Snitsky, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Batista, & Edge fought in an "Elimination" Match against Randy Orton, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, & Maven. Snitsky was disqualified. Orton was the 'sole survivor'.
- WWE New Year's Revolution (January 9, '05) = Snitsky was beaten by Kane.
- WWE Royal Rumble '05 (January 30) = Snitsky competed in the Royal Rumble, which was won by Batista.
- WWE Wrestlemania 21 (April 3, '05) = In a dark match, Snitsky competed in a "Smackdown vs. Raw Battle Royal", which was won by Booker T.
- WWE Unforgiven '05 (September 18) = Snitsky fell to the Big Show.
- WWE Taboo Tuesday '05 (November 1) = Snitsky (substituting for Edge) & Chris Masters, representing Raw, were beaten by Smackdown's Rey Mysterio & Matt Hardy.
- WWE New Year's Revolution '06 (January 8) = In a dark match, Snitsky was taken down by Chavo Guerrero.
- WWE Wrestlemania 22 (April 2, '06) = In a dark match, Snitsky competed in a "Battle Royal", which was won by Viscera.
- WWE Royal Rumble '08 (January 27) = Snitsky competed in the Royal Rumble, which was won by John Cena.
- WWE Wrestlemania 24 (March 30, '08) = In a dark match, Snitsky competed in an "ECW World Title #1 Contenders Battle Royal" Match, which was won by Kane.
- WWE Intercontinental Title #1 Contenders Tournament (November/December '08) = Snitsky lost in the first round to the eventual winner, CM Punk.

Title Summary:
- WXW World Tag-Team Champion w/ Rob Harper (10/12/01)
- WXW World Tag-Team Champion(2) w/ Rob Harper (10/13/01 - 2/10/02)
- WXW World Heavyweight Champion (10/19/03 - 3/28/04)

PWI Achievement Awards: (0 wins, 0 1st RUs, 0 2nd RUs, 0 3rd RUs)