Scott Vick

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 250 lbs

Real Name: Scott Vick

DOB: 10/21/65

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Other Names: Sickboy (WCW)

Wrestler Since: 1998

Finishing Maneuver: The Cure (a pedigree)

History: Scott Vick was one of the few members of WCW to have very little prior training. A graduate of the WCW Power Plant, Sickboy joined up with Raven's Flock in October '97, to have a shot at the big time. His career stalled in the Flock, however, as he very rarely earned any title shots. Sickboy was freed from the Flock due to Saturn winning "The Control of the Flock" Match at Fall Brawl '98 over Raven. Sickboy never made an impact, though, as other ex-Flock members have. He was later released from WCW in late 1999.

Scott Vick later appeared as himself in the WWF in February '00, wrestling in many dark matches throughout the year. It is currently unknown whether Vick is still working dark matches for the WWF, or if he has moved on to another independent federation.

Pay-Per-View Summary:
- WCW World War III '98 = Sick Boy competed in the "3 Ring Battle Royal", which was won by Kevin Nash.