Owen Hart

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 227 lbs

Real Name: Owen Hart

DOB: 5/07/1965

DOD: 5/23/1999

Hometown: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Other Names: The Blue Blazer(WWF), "The Rocket"(WWF), "The Black Hart"(WWF), "The King of Harts"(WWF), "The Slammy Award Winning"(WWF), "Nugget"(WWF)

Wrestler Since: 1986

Finishing Maneuver: Sharpshooter

Previous PWI 500 Rankings: #15(1998), #16(1997), #33(1996), #12(1995), #10(1994), #37(1993), #44(1992)

History: When he first appeared in the WWF, everyone pushed him behind his older brother, Bret. Yet Owen Hart fought for everything in his life, achieving the heights that he dreamed of. Tragically, though, his career and wrestling abilities will always be less remembered than the way he left this earth.

Owen started his wrestling career much like most of the Hart brothers, training in his father's Dungeon. Stu Hart rode Owen hard, making him into a budding athlete, as he began to wrestle in the family's Stampede organization. He wrestled there for a few years, honing his skills and becoming a top-notch wrestler. In August '86, he teamed with Ben Bassarab, winning the Stampede International Tag-Team Titles from Duke Myers and Kerry Brown. They would hold the belts for two months before falling to the Viet-Cong Express. Hart rebounded quickly, winning the British Commonwealth Mid-Heavyweight Title from Les Thorton later that month. He would stay the champion for nearly 10 months, then finally was beaten by Gama Singh. During this time, Hart also had a feud with Makhan Singh, trading the Stampede North American Heavyweight Title, which Hart at one point held for 13 months.

In 1988, Owen became the first westerner to win the coveted IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship, beating Hiroshi Hase. While his reign was less than a month, it was still a major victory for the young man. It also got him noticed, as he was later invited to join the WWF. As the Blue Blazer, he wrestled multiple matches in 1989, including an appearance at Wrestlemania V, where he was beaten by Mr. Perfect (Curt Hennig). But the Blue Blazer was not yet a successful gimmick, and Owen soon left the WWF to continue to grow as a wrestler. He spent time overseas as well as in the states, even having a short run in WCW. But it took a few more years for Owen to be brought back to the WWF.

At the end of '91, Owen was brought back to the WWF, this time under his real name. He was promoted as Bret Hart's brother, and even placed in a tag-team with Bret's former tag-team partner (and Owen's brother-in-law), Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart. As the New Foundation, the team wrestled against various tag-teams, but never really found their mark. When the team broke up, Owen tried out another team, joining Koko B. Ware as High Energy. Once again, though, the chemistry just wasn't quite right. When Owen went down with a knee injury near the end of '92, the team was taken apart, with Koko B. Ware eventually being released by the WWF. Owen rehabbed for a time, then moved around in 1993, being 'loaned' out to the USWA. There he defeated Papa Shango in June '93 to become the USWA Unified Heavyweight Champion. The reign only lasted a few weeks, though, as the perrenial winner, Jerry "The King" Lawler, returned to claim the belt. Owen then returned to the WWF, still wrestling under his brother Bret's shadow. This would all soon change.

At the 1993 Survivor Series, "The Rocket" Owen Hart teamed up with his brothers Bret, Bruce & Keith to take on "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels & his Knights. The match seemed to be comfortably in the Hart family's hands, as they systematically chopped down the Knights. Owen himself made one of them submit to his version of the Sharpshooter. Soon it was Michaels vs. the entire Hart family. Michaels persevered for a while, going at it with Owen. On the outside, an injured Bret walked the apron, trying to pull it together. Meanwhile, Michaels reversed an Owen whip, sending Owen crashing straight into his brother, who flew off the apron and into the guardrail. While the rest of the brothers checked on Bret, Owen was rolled up and pinned by Michaels, the only Hart brother to be eliminated. Later on, when Michaels left, getting counted out, Owen came back to ringside, apparently to celebrate the victory with his brothers. Instead, he verbally berated Bret, saying that it was Bret's fault that Owen was eliminated. He even demanded a match, which Bret would not give him.

For a time, it seemed like Owen & Bret had patched up their differences. They even formed a tag-team, and were given a Tag-Team Title shot against the Quebecers at the 1994 Royal Rumble. During the match, Bret's knee was injured severely, and the Quebecers quickly focused on it, doing enough damage that the referee called for the bell, ending the brothers' title hopes. Owen then came into the ring and angrily kicked Bret in the knee, blaming him for the loss. He complained mightily about being Owen "The Shadow" Hart, even going as far as to accuse Bret of forcing him to wear the Blue Blazer mask early in his career. Their feud led to a match-up at Wrestlemania X, where Owen surprisingly came out on top. His anger was not sated, though, as Bret, later in the night, won the WWF Heavyweight Title. Owen believed that he deserved a shot at the belt, since he had beaten Bret, but he did not get one, until he fought in the King of the Ring Tournament.

In the tournament, Owen showed his stuff, beating down wrestlers like Tatanka and the 1-2-3 Kid to make it to the finals against Razor Ramon. It was a close match which was eventually decided by outside interference, when Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart helped his brother-in-law win. This made Owen the King of Harts, in his own mind, as well as getting him the title shot he craved against his brother Bret. The two faced off in a Steel Cage at Summerslam '94. Neidhart stood outside the cage, supporting Owen, while the British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith stayed out for Bret. The match turned out to be as close as they come, as both left the cage at the same time. A shot from Bret tangled Owen in the bars, though, allowing Bret to get out first. As soon as he landed, though, Neidhart attacked Smith, taking him out, then joined with Owen to beat up Bret inside the cage. This led to a massive family feud that lasted until the beginning of 1995, when Neidhart left the WWF again.

Hart's next move in the WWF was to hire a manager, signing on with Jim Cornette. He then openly challenged the Smoking Gunns to a Tag-Team Title match, while saying that he would find a great tag-team partner. At Wrestlemania XI, Owen came out with a former WWF Champion, Yokozuna, forming a tag-team with different styles. The two rolled over the Smoking Gunns to win the Tag Titles, Owen's first belts in the WWF. for the majority of 1995, Owen & Yokozuna stayed at the top of the tag-team division, flooring many teams that thought they could get through them. However, things started to fall apart in September '95. A match was scheduled between the tag champs and Shawn Michaels & Diesel. The British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith substituted for Owen, and the match commenced. During the fight, Owen surprisingly reappeared, trying to interfere for his team. Instead, he was pinned by Diesel, apparently transfering the tag-team belts. Jim Cornette complained, though, saying that Owen was not legally involved in the match, and President Monsoon was forced to agree, transfering the belts back to Owen & Yokozuna. Unfortunately, the second reign was much shorter, as the two lost to the Smoking Gunns later that night. Although Owen & Yokozuna stayed together for much of the rest of 1995, they never again climbed back to the top before breaking up.

Going into 1996, Owen still seemed to have little direction in his singles career. He had some feuds with Diesel, Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon, with little to show for it. So he returned to his roots, joining up with the British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith as a tag-team, still under the managerial skills of Jim Cornette. After learning how to team better together over the summer, the two faced the Smoking Gunns at In Your House: Mind Games. The challengers managed to overcome the champions, with Owen & Smith hoisting up the tag belts. During the night, they also changed managers, as Clarence Mason was able to trick a groggy Jim Cornette into signing them over. With the belts, Owen & Smith continued to rule over the tag-team division. But a split seemed to be forming between them. At the 1997 Royal Rumble, Owen accidentally eliminated his partner, causing a riff. Later on, Smith fired Mason as their manager, despite Owen's feelings about it. Turmoil appeared to be building between them.

Things became more intense when Owen and Smith faced off in the finals of the European Title Tournament in February '97. Smith managed the victory, taking the belt and keeping Owen away from a singles title. The two continued to try to work together, though, defending the tag belts against teams like Vader & Mankind and the Headshrinkers. Things finally broke down, though, when an angry Owen demanded a shot at Smith's European Title after a tag-team title match. The next week, the two went at it, with no mercy for either competitor. Just when chairs were becoming involved, though, Bret Hart interceded, saying that family shouldn't fight each other. He blamed the Americans for breaking up their family, and said that they should work together against the USA. Owen & Smith agreed, forming a union. A few weeks later, Jim Neidhart and Brian Pillman joined them as well, as the Hart Foundation was reborn.

This finally seemed to push Owen in the right direction. With the support of his family, he wrestled better than ever, managing to take the Intercontinental Championship from Rocky Maivia only a few weeks after the Hart Foundation came together. The Hart Foundation started to look unstoppable, which proved to be a bad thing, as former enemies allied against them. Steve Austin & Shawn Michaels, two wrestlers who had never gotten along, allied to take the tag-team titles away from Owen & Smith, ending their reign. The war continued between the Canadian group and the American one, leading up to a 10-man match at Canadian Stampede between the Hart Foundation and Austin, Ken Shamrock, Goldust & the Legion of Doom. During the match, Owen's knee was injured by Austin, and he was taken to the back. Later on, though, Owen came back and scored the pinfall victory over Austin, igniting their already smoldering feud.

At Summerslam '97, Owen and Austin went at it, with the Intercontinental Title on the line. This was the match where Owen injured Austin's neck with a piledriver. He still lost, however, as Austin managed to get the pinfall victory and take away the IC Title. Owen was proud, though, of injuring Austin, bragging about it at every opportunity. This led to repeated run-ins from the Rattlesnake, usually ending in a stunner. Owen even tried to get a restraining order against Austin, with little success. Meanwhile, the IC Title was eventually vacated and put up for grabs in a tournament. Owen defeated Goldust and Brian Pillman to reach the finals at Badd Blood against Faarooq. Surprisingly, Austin ran in and attacked Faarooq, helping Owen win the belt. This set up Austin's chance to beat Owen again for the belt, as they faced off at the Survivor Series. Unfortuantely for Owen, the results didn't change, as Austin once again walked away with the title. It was also a bad night for Owen's brother, Bret, as the infamous screwjob from Vince McMahon went down. Owen, angry at how his brother was treated, took a month off to straighten things out.

At Degeneration-X in December '97, Owen returned, attacking Shawn Michaels. He then had a brief war with the Degeneration-X stable, going after the European Champion, Hunter Hearst Helmsley. During a regular show, Hart was scheduled to face Helmsley for the title. Instead, the Artist Formerly Known As Goldust came out, dressed like Helmsley. Owen, angry about the switch, nonetheless quickly disposed of Goldust. The Commissioner, Sgt. Slaughter, then came out and said that, since the match was sanctioned, Owen was the new European Champion. The two kept feuding for the belt, even after Owen tore a ligament in his ankle. Helmsley later used this to his advantage, challenging the injured Hart to a match. After Helmsley's manager, Chyna, used a baseball bat on Owen's leg, Helmsley got an ankle lock for the victory, taking the belt away. The two wrestlers met again at Wrestlemania XIV, with Helmsley again stealing away with the victory, thanks to a low blow from Chyna.

Owen continued to feud with Helmsley for the next month, allying himself with the Legion of Doom 2000. It was worked out that Chyna would be suspended in a cage, out of harm's way, and 1998's Unforgiven. This seemed to give Owen the advantage, but it was dashed when X-Pac came down and interfered, helping Helmsley retain the title once again. A furious Hart vowed that things would change. At the next Raw Is War, Owen teamed with Ken Shamrock against Rocky Maivia & Mark Henry. Just as the match started, however, Owen attacked Shamrock, viciously dropping from the turnbuckle onto a steel chair on Shamrock's ankles. He then locked Shamrock in the Sharpshooter, then followed it up by biting Shamrock's ear, causing blood to flow. It took many officials to get the wildman off of Shamrock, and to the back. It was later confirmed that Owen Hart had gone heel and joined the Nation of Domination.

With the Nation of Domination on his side, Hart began a brutal war against Degeneration-X, which culminated at Over The Edge '98. Hart, D'Lo Brown and Kama Mustafa (the Godfather) went at it with Helmsley and the New Age Outlaws. Hart eventually grabbed the victory by pedigreeing Helmsley. A few days later, as the war between the Nation and Degeneration-X continued, Hart was attacked by a returning Ken Shamrock, leading to a war between the Nation of Domination and Shamrock and his ally, Dan Severn. Hart also continued to feud with X-Pac, as both wrestlers caused the other to be eliminated from the King of the Ring tournament. The two foes met up at the KOTR PPV, with members of the Nation and Degeneration-X involved. In the end, with Owen looking for the win, Chyna nailed him with a chair, allowing X-Pac to get the victory.

Hart next concentrated his sights on Ken Shamrock, with the two fighting back and forth for a month before signing a match for Fully Loaded. It was a submission match, held at Stu Hart's Dungeon, giving Hart an edge. It also had Dan Severn as the special guest referee, though, evening things out. During the match, Shamrock nailed Severn with a kick, knocking him down. Owen stepped in and knocked Shamrock out with a dumbbell, then grabbed Shamrock's arm and made it seem that he was tapping out. A dazed Severn called for the bell, giving the win to Owen. At the next Raw Is War, Owen was going after Jason Sensation, when he was attacked by both Severn and Shamrock. However, Severn turned heel, saving Owen and ambushing Shamrock instead. For the next few weeks, Owen & Severn teamed together against Shamrock, who was aided somewhat by Steve Blackman. Another match was signed between Hart and Shamrock, placing them in a Lion's Den cage match. Just when it seemed Hart had the victory, Shamrock reversed a submission hold into an ankle lock. With Severn walking away from the cage in disgust, Owen was forced to tap, losing the match.

After a brief feud with Edge, Owen went back after his former trainer, Dan Severn, looking for some payback. During a Raw Is War, though, Owen appeared to have injured Severn with a piledriver, the same maneuver that injured Steve Austin. Severn was carted off and taken to the hospital. The next week, Owen appeared on television, deeply depressed, and announced that he was sorry for what had happened to Severn, and that it was over. He then left the arena. Soon afterwards, the Blue Blazer began to appear in the WWF once again, going after Steve Blackman time and time again. When confronted about it, Owen claimed that he was retired, and that it wasn't him. When Blackman attacked Owen, trying for revenge, the Blue Blazer shockingly appeared and nailed Blackman with another assault, making it seem as if the Blue Blazer was, in fact, NOT Owen Hart. In actuality, it was a trick, with Jeff Jarrett and Owen switching the mask back and forth, to confuse the issue. At Rock Bottom in December '98, Owen 'returned' to the ring, fighting a match with Blackman. However, Owen became discouraged during the bout and left, losing via countout.

On the next show, during a match between Goldust and the Blue Blazer, Steve Blackman came down to the ring and unmasked him, showing it to actually be Owen Hart. Hart and Jarrett later took Blackman out with a guitar shot, keeping the feud going. A Lion's Den match was later scheduled between Owen and Blackman, with an injured Dan Severn watching from the outside. The injury, though, was greatly exaggerated, as Severn tore off his neckbrace, entered the cage and helped Owen beat down Blackman. Owen & Jeff Jarrett next focused on the tag-team titles, which were held by Ken Shamrock & the Big Boss Man. At a Raw Is War, they fought it out for the belts. The match was decided when another Blue Blazer, this one an African-American, knocked the Big Boss Man out with a guitar shot, allowing Jarrett to get the pin and the tag-team titles. Owen's problems with Shamrock continued, while he and Jarrett were put into a month-long feud with D'Lo Brown for the tag belts.

At Wrestlemania XV, a battle royal was held before the PPV, to choose two competitors to challenge the tag-team champions. D'Lo Brown and Test were the last ones remaining, so they faced Owen & Jarrett with the belts on the line. With interference from PMS, Owen & Jarrett once again defended their gold. Confident, the duo unleashed an open challenge to anyone in the back. Kane answered the challenge and attacked the two men on his own, looking unstoppable. The tag champs were forced to use a guitar, getting them disqualified, but allowing them to keep the belts. As they attacked Kane, though, X-Pac came out and aided him. A week or so later, Kane & X-Pac took on Jarrett & Hart for the belts, with the challengers coming out on top, finally stripping Owen & Jeff of the tag-team titles.

Owen & Jarrett continued to try to get the belts back from Kane & X-Pac for the next month, with little success. They lost a #1-Contenders match to the New Age Outlaws at Backlash, seemingly ending their title hopes. Soon afterwards, a feud began between the duo and the Godfather, who won a match over Jeff Jarrett that supposedly had Debra on the line. The Godfather wanted to make Debra one of his ho's, but Owen kept that from happening. A few weeks later, Owen was supposed to wrestle Val Venis. Instead, the Blue Blazer returned once again, and was able to defeat Venis. He then announced that everyone should drink their milk and eat their vitamins, acting like a 'hero'. Unfortunately, this was one of the worst angle turns in history, as it would lead to Owen Hart's tragic death.

On May 23rd, 1999, Owen Hart was scheduled to face the Godfather for his Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship at Over The Edge '99 at Kemper Arena in Kansas City. Hart appeared as the Blue Blazer, 'flying' in from the ceiling on a cable. Somehow, during the move, the cable came loose, sending Owen Hart down nearly 50 feet to the ring below. Despite CPR and a quick trip to the hospital, it was later announced from a crying Jim Ross that Owen Hart had died due to cardiac arrest. It was a devestating blow to professional wrestling, losing one of the top stars in the business in such a senseless way. Many criticized how things were run in the WWF, as well as how they continued the show after Owen's death. The next Raw is War, a touching memorial show was run for Owen, with many of the superstars talking about their feelings towards the man. Many of them teared up.

Owen Hart's talent will always be remembered. He was a true wrestler, not bound by a single speciality. He could be a high-flyer, a technical wrestler, or as hardcore as they come. He was the future of professional wrestling, which left many wondering what could have happened, if he had not fallen that day. Most believe that he was a future WWF World Heavyweight Champion. The majority of the feelings was expressed by Mark Henry, who wrote this poem.

You feel the burn when you cry
It starts to come when someone dies
The pain you feel as your eyes swell and the tears will up in the wells
The burn starts to choke you up the words come out slow and shaken
You close your eyes and wonder why
There is a burn when you cry
When Owen left it felt like hands around my throat
I couldn't talk I couldn't see
The Burn over whelmed me
My heart is heavy this is why
You get the burn when you cry
It digs down deep you can not sleep
You toss and turn in your sheets
Awaken with sobs and wet pillow cases
You wander aimlessly looking to the sky
You feel the burn when you cry

-Mark Henry

Pay-Per-View/Show Summary: (48 - 42, 1 DCO, 1 NC)
- Stampede British Commonwealth Mid-Heavyweight Title Tournament (July/August '86) = Owen defeated Chic Scott, then lost to Gama Singh, who went on to win the tournament.
- Stampede North American Title Tournament (October '86) = Owen beat Vladimir Krupoff, Les Thorton & the Cuban Assassin, before losing in the finals to Makhan Singh.
- WWF Wrestlemania V ('89) = The Blue Blazer was pinned by Mr. Perfect.
- WWF Royal Rumble '92 = The New Foundation (Hart & Jim Neidhart)defeated the Orient Express.
- WWF Wrestlemania VIII ('92) = Hart quickly won over Skinner.
- WWF Survivor Series '92 = High Energy (Hart & Koko B. Ware) were beaten by the Headshrinkers Samu & Fatu.
- WWF Royal Rumble '93 = Hart competed in the Royal Rumble, which was won by Yokozuna.
- WWF King of the Ring '93 = In a dark match, Hart lost to the USWA Unified Champion, Papa Shango.
- WWF Summerslam '93 = In a dark match, Hart won over Barry Horowitz.
- WWF Survivor Series '93 = Owen, Bret, Bruce & Keith Hart fought in an "Elimination" match against Shawn Michaels & his three Knights. Owen was eliminated by Shawn Michaels. Bret, Bruce & Keith "survived".
- WWF Royal Rumble '94 = Owen & Bret Hart lost to the Tag-Team Champions, the Quebecers, when the ref decided that Bret could not continue the match. Later that night, Owen competed in the Royal Rumble, which was won by Lex Luger & Bret Hart.
- SMW Marietta Debut (March '94) = Hart & Well Dunn lost to Brian, Scott & Steve Armstrong.
- WWF Wrestlemania X ('94) = Owen won over his brother, Bret.
- WWF King of the Ring '94 = Hart defeated Tatanka, forced the 1-2-3 Kid to submit, and pinned Razor Ramon to win the KOTR Tournament.
- WWF Summerslam '94 = Owen lost a "Steel Cage" match to his brother, Bret.
- WWF Survivor Series '94 = Hart, Jim Neidhart, Shawn Michaels, Jeff Jarrett & Diesal fought in an "Elimination" Match against Davey Boy Smith, Razor Ramon, the 1-2-3 Kid & Headshrinkers Fatu & Sionne. Hart was counted out. Razor Ramon was the sole 'survivor'.
- WWF World Tag-Team Title Tournament (January '95) = Hart & Jim Neidhart lost in the first round to the Headshrinkers Fatu & Sionne. Bob Holly & the 1-2-3 Kid won the tournament.
- WWF Royal Rumble '95 = Hart competed in the Royal Rumble, which was won by Shawn Michaels.
- WWF Wrestlemania XI ('95) = Hart & Yokozuna defeated the Smoking Gunns to win the WWF Tag-Team Titles.
- WWF In Your House (May '95) = Hart & Yokozuna defended the Tag belts against the Smoking Gunns.
- WWF In Your House II (July '95) = Hart & Yokozuna stayed the Tag-Team Champions, winning over Lex Luger & Davey Boy Smith.
- WWF In Your House III (September '95) = During a Tag-Team Title match between Diesal & Shawn Michaels and Davey Boy Smith(subbing for Hart) and Yokozuna, Hart ran down, only to be pinned by Diesal. The match was later thrown out, with Hart & Yokozuna keeping the tag titles.
- WWF In Your House IV (October '95) = In a dark match, Hart & Yokozuna defeated Bam Bam Bigelow & Savio Vega.
- WWF Survivor Series '95 = Hart, Yokozuna, Razor Ramon & Dean Douglas fought in an "Elimination" match against Shawn Michaels, Davey Boy Smith, Ahmed Johnson & Psycho Sid. Hart was eliminated by Johnson, who survived along with Michaels & Smith.
- WWF In Your House V (December '95) = Hart won, via DQ, over Diesal.
- Stampede Stu Hart Tribute Show (December 15, '95) = Hart was beaten by the WWF Intercontinental Champion, Razor Ramon.
- WWF Royal Rumble '96 = Hart competed in the Royal Rumble, which was won by Shawn Michaels.
- WWF In Your House VI (February '96) = Hart was pinned by Shawn Michaels.
- WWF World Tag-Team Title Tournament (February/March '96) = Hart & Davey Boy Smith defeated Hakushi & Barry Horowitz, then lost to the Godwinns. The Bodydonnas won the tournament.
- WWF Wrestlemania XII ('96) = Hart, Davey Boy Smith & Vader took down Yokozuna, Jake Roberts & Ahmed Johnson.
- WWF Good Friends, Better Enemies (April '96) = Hart & Davey Boy Smith defeated Jake Roberts & Ahmed Johnson.
- WWF Kuwaiti Cup Tournament '96 (May 8-12) = Owen won over Yokozuna and his brother, Bret, before falling to the eventual winner, Ahmed Johnson.
- WWF Beware Of Dog (May '96) = In a dark match, Hart was beaten by the Ultimate Warrior.
- WWF International Incident (July '96) = Hart, Davey Boy Smith & Vader won over Shawn Michaels, Ahmed Johnson & Sycho Sid.
- WWF Summerslam '96 = Hart KO'ed Savio Vega.
- WWF Intercontinental Title Tournament (August/September '96) = Hart defeated Davey Boy Smith, then lost to Marc Mero, who went on to win the tournament.
- WWF Mind Games (September '96) = Hart & Davey Boy Smith won the Tag-Team Titles from the Smoking Gunns.
- WWF Buried Alive (October '96) = Hart & Davey Boy Smith retained the Tag Titles, beating the Smoking Gunns.
- WWF Survivor Series '96 = Hart, Davey Boy Smith & the New Rockers fought in an "Elimination" Match against Doug Furnas, Phil Lafon, Henry & Phineas Godwinn. Hart was eliminated by Furnas, who 'survived' along with Lafon.
- WWF Middle East Cup Tournament (December 2, '96) = Owen lost in the first round to Steve Austin. Bret Hart won the tournament.
- WWF It's Time (December '96) = Hart & Davey Boy Smith stayed the Tag-Team Champions, beating Razor Ramon II & Diesal II.
- WWF Royal Rumble '97 = Hart competed in the Royal Rumble, which was won by Steve Austin.
- WWF Final Four (February '97) = Hart & Davey Boy Smith lost, via DQ, to Doug Furnas & Phil Lafon. Hart & Smith kept the Tag Titles.
- WWF European Title Tournament (February 20-26, '97) = Owen won over Flash Funk and his brother Bret, then lost in the finals to Davey Boy Smith.
- WWF Wrestlemania XIII ('97) = Hart & Davey Boy Smith fought to a Double Countout with Vader & Mankind. Hart & Smith retained the Tag-Team Titles.
- WWF Kuwaiti Cup Tournament '97 (April 9-13) = Hart beat Henry Godwinn, Steve Austin and Vader, then fell in the finals to Tiger Ali Singh.
- WWF Taker's Revenge (April '97) = Hart & Davey Boy Smith lost, via DQ, to the Legion of Doom. Hart & Smith stayed the Tag Champions.
- WWF A Cold Day In Hell (May '97) = In a dark match, Hart & Davey Boy Smith again lost, via DQ, to the Legion of Doom. Once again, they kept the Tag belts.
- WWF Raw Tag-Team Tournament (June/July '97) = Hart & Davey Boy Smith defeated the New Blackjacks, the Headbangers and Farooq & D-Lo Brown to win the tournament.
- WWF King of the Ring '97 = Hart, Davey Boy Smith & Jim Neidhart beat Psycho Sid & the Legion of Doom.
- WWF Canadian Stampede (July '97) = Owen & Bret Hart, Davey Boy Smith, Jim Neidhart & Brian Pillman won over Steve Austin, Ken Shamrock, Goldust & the Legion of Doom.
- WWF Summerslam '97 = Hart lost the IC Title to Steve Austin.
- WWF Ground Zero (September 7, '97) = Hart & Davey Boy Smith lost a "Fatal Fourway" match to the Headbangers, who won the vacated Tag-Team Titles. The Legion of Doom and Henry & Phineas Godwinn were the other participants.
- WWF One Night Only (September 27, '97) = Hart fell to Vader.
- WWF Intercontinental Title Tournament (September/October '97) = Hart defeated Goldust and Brian Pillman to get to the finals at Badd Blood.
- WWF Badd Blood (October '97) = Hart won the vacated Intercontinental Title, pinning Farooq.
- WWF Survivor Series '97 = Hart was beaten by Steve Austin, who took away the IC Title.
- WWF Royal Rumble '98 = Hart competed in the Royal Rumble, which was won by Steve Austin.
- WWF No Way Out of Texas (February '98) = Hart, Steve Austin, Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie won a "No Disqualification" Match over Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Billy Gunn, Jesse James & Savio Vega.
- WWF Wrestlemania XIV ('98) = Hart was beaten by the European Champion, Hunter Hearst Helmsley.
- WWF Mayhem in Manchester (April 4, '98) = Hart & Ken Shamrock won over Rocky Maivia & D-Lo Brown.
- WWF Unforgiven '98 (April) = Hart again fell to the European Champ, Hunter Hearst Helmsley.
- WWF Over The Edge '98 (May) = Hart, D-Lo Brown & Kama Mustafa won over Hunter Hearst Helmsley & the New Age Outlaws.
- WWF King of the Ring '98 = Hart was pinned by X-Pac.
- WWF Fully Loaded '98 = Hart, in a "Dungeon" match, forced Ken Shamrock to submit. Dan Severn was the special referee.
- WWF Summerslam '98 = Hart lost a "Lion's Den" match to Ken Shamrock.
- WWF Breakdown (September '98) = Hart defeated Edge.
- WWF Rock Bottom (December '98) = Hart lost, via Countout, to Steve Blackman.
- WWF Royal Rumble '99 = Hart competed in the Royal Rumble, which was won by Vince McMahon.
- WWF St. Valentine's Day Massacre (February '99) = Hart & Jeff Jarrett kept the Tag-Team Titles, beating D-Lo Brown & Mark Henry.
- WWF Wrestlemania XV ('99) = Hart & Jeff Jarrett kept the Tag Titles, defeating D-Lo Brown & Test.
- WWF Backlash '99 = Hart & Jeff Jarrett were beaten by the New Age Outlaws.
- WWF Over The Edge '99 = Hart was scheduled to win the Intercontinental Title from the Godfather, before tragically falling to his death.

Title Summary:
- Stampede International Tag-Team Champion w/ Ben Bassarab (8/09/86 - 10/03/86)
- British Commonwealth Mid-Heavyweight Champion (10/25/86 - 8/07/87)
- Stampede North American Heavyweight Champion (1/19/87 - 1/30/87)
- Stampede North American Heavyweight Champion(2) (4/10/87 - 5/06/88)
- IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion (5/27/88 - 6/24/88)
- USWA Unified World Heavyweight Champion (6/21/93 - 7/05/93)
- WWF World Tag-Team Champion w/ Yokozuna (4/02/95 - 9/25/95)
- WWF World Tag-Team Champion(2) w/ Davey Boy Smith (9/22/96 - 5/26/97)
- WWF Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion (4/28/97 - 8/03/97)
- WWF Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion(2) (10/05/97 - 11/09/97)
- WWF European Heavyweight Champion (1/26/98 - 3/17/98)
- WWF World Tag-Team Champion(3) w/ Jeff Jarrett (1/25/99 - 3/30/99)

PWI Achievement Awards: (3 wins, 1 1st RU, 2 2nd RUs, 1 3rd RUs)
- 1987 Rookie of the Year
- 1994 Most Improved Wrestler, 3rd Runner-Up
- 1994 Most Hated Wrestler, 1st Runner-Up
- 1994 Feud of the Year (Owen vs. Bret)
- 1995 Tag-Team of the Year, 2nd Runner-Up (Hart & Yokozuna)
- 1997 Most Hated Wrestler, 2nd Runner-Up
- 1999 PWI Editors' Award