Mike von Erich

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 200 lbs

Real Name: Mike Adkisson

DOB: 3/02/64

DOD: 4/12/87

Hometown: Denton, Texas

Other Names: None

Wrestler Since: 1983

Finishing Maneuver: The Claw

History: Mike Adkisson was born into wrestling royalty, as a son of one of the most famous wrestlers in the world. As Mike von Erich, Adkisson quickly made a name for himself in his chosen profession, and seemed to be on his way to stardom. Sadly, though, Adkisson is more remembered not for his in-ring abilities, but for his link to the Von Erich 'curse', and the tragedies that occurred.

Adkisson was the fifth of six children of Jack Adkisson, better known in the wrestling world as Fritz von Erich. Unfortunately, Mike barely knew his oldest brother, Jack Jr, who died in a freak electric accident while taking a bath at age 6. Despite this tragedy, Fritz von Erich raised his boys (Kevin, David, Kerry, Mike, & Chris) along with their mother, Doris, training them in the ways of professional wrestling. It didn't take long for Kevin, David, & Kerry von Erich to all become stars, working mainly for Fritz's World Class Championship Wrestling. It was in this work environment that Mike von Erich began training, working towards joining with his brothers. In late '83, Mike made his in-ring debut, taking on Skandar Akbar. While Mike was not quite as large as his older brothers, he still worked hard in the ring, gaining respect from his peers and earning the PWI Rookie of the Year Award for 1984.

In February '84, another tragedy struck the Von Erichs, as David passed away while on a tour in Japan, dying of an intestinal problem (although rumors persist today that a drug overdose was actually the cause of death). The death of his older brother not only shook up Mike, it also led to increased pressure on him to succeed in the wrestling business. His brother, Kevin, once mentioned that Mike felt he had to live up to his brother's legacy, basically trying to duplicate David's talent inside the squared circle. But while he tried hard, Mike's raw talent had yet to be harnessed, keeping him from taking over David's spot.

Mike did have some success in WCCW over the next few years, mainly in the Six-Man Tag-Team ranks alongside his brothers (as well as Lance von Erich, a reputed long-lost cousin who actually wasn't related to the family). With the other Von Erichs as his teammates, Mike held the WCCW World Six-Man Tag-Team Titles 4 times, usually gaining & losing them during feuds with the Fabulous Freebirds and Gino Hernandez's crew. Mike did have a major singles victory in August '84, when, as a substitute for his brother Kerry (who no-showed), Mike defeated Hernandez to win the NWA American Heavyweight Title. Mike would defend the belt for almost a month before Hernandez regained the gold. Unfortunately, in the middle of '85, Mike's career took a turn for a worse, as a shoulder injury placed him on the shelf after surgery. Von Erich would return in '86 to WCCW, continuing where he left off with his brothers.

In 1987, Mike was struck with a major bout of Toxic Shock Syndrome, a devestating blow that nearly killed the young star. Mike's body mass dropped dangerously low, leaving him unable to compete in a wrestling ring, retiring him from the sport. Von Erich seemed to be working his way towards a recovery, as he worked his way through the pain of TSS. However, on April 12, 1987, Mike surprisingly was found inside a sleeping bag on his father's estate, having committed suicide with an overdose of the tranquilizer Placidyl, ending his life at the early age of 23. Mike would soon be followed by brothers Chris and Kerry, both of whom also committed suicide, which compounded the tragedy of the Von Erich family.

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Pay-Per-View/Show Summary: (14 - 4, 1 Draw)
- WCCW Thanksgiving Star Wars (November 24, '83) = Von Erich pinned Skandar Akbar.
- WCCW Christmas Star Wars (December 25, '83) = Mike & Kevin von Erich won a "No DQ Loser Leaves Town" Match over Terry Gordy & Buddy Roberts.
- WCCW January Star Wars (January 30, '84) = Von Erich fought to a Draw with Ric Flair.
- WCCW 1st Annual Von Erich Memorial Parade of Champions (May 6, '84) = Mike, Kevin, & Fritz von Erich won the WCCW 6-Man Tag Titles from the Fabulous Freebirds.
- WCCW Independence Day Star Wars (July 4, '84) = Mike, Kevin, & Kerry von Erich lost the 6-Man Tag-Team Titles to the Fabulous Freebirds.
- WCCW Labor Day Star Wars (September 3, '84) = Von Erich lost the American Heavyweight Title to Gino Hernandez.
- WCCW 1st Annual Cotton Bowl Extravaganza (October 27, '84) = Von Erich & Stella Mae French won over Gino Hernandez & Nicola Roberts. Later on, Mike & Kerry von Erich & Bobby Fulton(subbing for Kevin von Erich) fell to Hernandez, Jake Roberts, & Chris Adams, who won away the WCCW 6-Man Tag Titles.
- WCCW Thanksgiving Star Wars (November 22, '84) = Von Erich won, via DQ, over the Texas Heavyweight Champ, Gino Hernandez.
- WCCW Christmas Star Wars (December 25, '84) = Von Erich & Billy Jack defeated Gino Hernandez & Jake Roberts.
- WCCW January Star Wars (January 28, '85) = Mike, Kevin, & Kerry von Erich beat Gino Hernandez, Jake Roberts, & Chris Adams.
- WCCW 2nd Annual Von Erich Memorial Parade of Champions (May 5, '85) Von Erich pinned Rip Oliver. Later on, Mike, Kerry & Kevin von Erich & the Fabulous Freebirds won a "2-Ring Five Falls" Match over Gino Hernandez, Chris Adams, Steve Williams, Rip Oliver, Kimala, & the One Man Gang.
- WCCW Independence Day Star Wars (July 4, '86) = Mike, Kevin, & Lance von Erich retained the 6-Man Tag-Team Titles, taking down Butch Reed, Matt Borne, & Buzz Sawyer.
- WCCW Labor Day Star Wars (September 1, '86) = Mike & Kevin von Erich lost, via countout, to Matt Borne & Buzz Sawyer in the 1st round of the WCCW Tag-Team Title Tournament. Borne & Sawyer went on to win the tournament.
- WCCW 3rd Annual Cotton Bowl Extravaganza (October 12, '86) = Von Erich took down Spike Johnson.
- WCCW Thanksgiving Star Wars (November 27, '86) = Von Erich won, via DQ, over Brian Adias. Later on, Mike & Lance von Erich defeated Adias & Matt Borne.
- WCCW Christmas Star Wars (December 25, '86) = Mike & Kevin von Erich won, via DQ, over the WCCW Tag Champs, Brian Adias & Al Madril.

Title Summary:
- WCCW World Six-Man Tag-Team Champion w/ Fritz(replaced by Kerry) & Kevin von Erich (5/06/84 - 5/84)
- WCCW American Heavyweight Champion (8/04/84 - 9/03/84)
- WCCW World Six-Man Tag-Team Champion(2) w/ Kerry & Kevin von Erich (9/03/84 - 10/27/84)
- WCCW World Six-Man Tag-Team Champion(3) w/ Kerry & Kevin von Erich (12/31/84 - 7/07/85)
- WCCW Middle East Heavyweight Champion (8/07/85 - 85)
- WCCW World Six-Man Tag-Team Champion(4) w/ Kevin & Lance von Erich (7/86 - 4/12/87)

PWI Achievement Awards: (2 wins, 0 1st RUs, 0 2nd RUs, 0 3rd RUs)
- 1984 Rookie of the Year
- 1985 Most Inspirational Wrestler