Moondog King

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 283 lbs

Real Name: Edward John White

DOB: 5/18/49

DOD: 8/25/05

Hometown: St. John's, Newfoundland

Other Names: Ed "Sailor" White, Sailor Moondog White, Big John Strongbo, Knuckles McKnight, The Canadian Hit Man, The Wharf Rat

Wrestler Since: 1972

Finishing Maneuver: Bear Hug

Previous PWI 500 Rankings: None

History: Edward John White grew up in St. John's, Newfoundland, both as a sailor and as a rebel. He had a few run-ins with the law, while working on the ships in his native hometown. In May '72, White, having trained under Luigi Macera, made his wrestling debut in Pembroke, Ontario. For the rest of the '70s, White was a prominent wrestler in Canada, taking on the name of "Sailor" in part to honor where he had come from. He earned the International Tag-Team Titles with Surge Demont in September '76 by defeating Dominic DeNucci & Nick DeCarlo. Sailor White also beat Luis Martinez in May '77 for the Maritimes Canadian Heavyweight Championship, one of his biggest honors. He would only hold the belt for a month, though, before losing it to Stonewall Jackson.

White later toured in South Africa for a time, wrestling as Big John Strongbo, where he had limited success. But it was in the WWF that he would earn his greatest recognition, as he joined the famous Moondog family, becoming Moondog King. With Moondog Rex (Randy Cooley), the two formed a powerful tag-team in the WWF, even earning the WWF World Tag-Team Titles in March '81 from Rick Martel & Tony Garea. Things seemed bright for the Moondogs, as they held the prestigous belts. But only a short time later, Moondog King faced some serious problems, as he was denied reentry to the United States after returning home to Montreal. Some stories broke out about possible drug issues, although White himself later claimed that a rival promoter had tipped off the U.S. Border about White's criminal history. Whatever the reason, Moondog Spot replaced Moondog King as Moondog Rex's tag-team partner, stripping the belt from White, who never returned to the WWF.

White would have some more success in his home country, winning the International Heavyweight Championship in '82, as well as two more reigns with the International Tag-Team Titles (with Gilles Poisson and Rick Valentine, respectively). He also held the Canadian Television Championship in '84. But White's life was slowly falling apart around him, as he began to have troubles with the law. Drug abuse was beginning to rule his life. White would serve time in the late '80s for various offenses, including assault and death threats. However, this helped inspire White, who turned his life around, going to the Waterloo Treatment Centre to clean up his drug & alcohol dependencies. White also became a born-again Christian, using religion to become a better person.

White kept busy going into the '90s. He wrestled occassional shows in his home area, drove a taxi cab to turn extra money, and even ran for several political offices, although he was never able to win an election. White continued to wrestle sporadically, even getting to team with Sailor White Jr to beat the California Twins in May '97 to earn the ICW Tag-Team Titles. They would lose the belts a month later to the Bushwhackers. In 1999, White had to deal with a bout of Bells Palsy that paralyzed the left side of his face. He also had other health problems, but didn't let that stop him from entertaining the fans, as he still went between the ropes in the Cutting Edge Wrestling organization, where he earned his final gold, becoming the Newfoundland Heritage Champion in June '00.

In December '04, Ed White's taxi hydroplaned out of control and crashed, badly injuring White. He was later diagnosed with two broken bones in his neck and a pinched nerve in his spinal cord. White would spent the rest of his life in the hospital from the injuries, before finally passing away on August 25th, 2005, with his friends and family gathered around him. He was 56.

Pay-Per-View/Show Summary: (0 - 1)
- AJPW Champion Carnival '74 (April/May) = Sailor White fell to Thunder Surgiyama. Giant Baba won the tournament.

Title Summary:
- (Quebec) International Tag-Team Champion w/ Surge Demont (9/21/76 - ??)
- Maritimes Canadian Heavyweight Champion (5/77 - 6/77)
- WWF World Tag-Team Champion w/ Moondog Rex (3/17/81 - 5/01/81)
- (Quebec) International Heavyweight Champion (82)
- (Quebec) International Tag-Team Champion(2) w/ Gilles Poisson (82)
- (Quebec) International Tag-Team Champion(3) w/ Rick Valentine (8/14/84 - 11/84)
- Canadian Television Champion (84)
- ICW Tag-Team Champion w/ Sailor White Jr (5/28/97 - 6/22/97)
- CEW Newfoundland Heritage Champion (6/15/00 - ??)

PWI Achievement Awards: (0 wins, 0 1st RUs, 0 2nd RUs, 0 3rd RUs)