The Wall

Height: 6'10"

Weight: 320 lbs

Real Name: Jerry Tuite

DOB: 12/27/66

DOD: 12/05/03

Hometown: Oceans Grove, New Jersey

Other Names: The Wall(WCW), Sgt. A-WOL(WCW), Snuff(XPW), Malice(NWA-TNA), Gigantes(AJPW)

Wrestler Since: 1994

Finishing Maneuver: Chokeslam

PWI 500 2003 Ranking: #170

Previous PWI 500 Rankings: #161(2002), #126(2000)

History: It's sad to realize that, for all his tremendous power and skills, Jerry Tuite had less than four years in the limelight of professional wrestling before his life was surprisingly cut short. Tuite started off late in the wrestling business, training with Iron Mike Sharpe in his training school in New Jersey in the mid-90s, when he was already approaching 30. Even for his age, Tuite was recognized as a promising rookie by Bam-Bam Bigelow, who got Tuite into the WCW Power Plant in 1999. Tuite continued to be a noticable presence, especially due to his size, and soon earned a spot on the federation's roster, debuting as the massive bodyguard of Berlyn (Alex Wright). Not surprisingly, he became known as Berlyn's Wall.

The Wall immediately became an intimidating figure, coming to the ring in a suit and tie and looming over Berlyn's opponents. For a time, Berlyn & the Wall feuded with Vampiro and his Misfits, but since Berlyn's character was not getting over with the fans, he was dropped, leaving the Wall to become a solo act. For a time, the Wall was without direction, as he briefly 'teamed' with Sid Vicious in the Lethal Lottery Tag-Team Title Tournament. The two's inability to work together allowed Kevin Nash to get the victory.

In the beginning of 2000, the Wall vanished for a few weeks, only to surprisingly appear at Souled Out '00. Billy Kidman had been involved in a Triple Threat Theatre, winning matches over Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn. Kidman was expected to face Shane Douglas in the final steel cage match, but in a swerve, the Wall took Douglas' place. Although Kidman fought hard, the size difference was too much, with the Wall taking Kidman out. The Wall then focused his attentions elsewhere, fighting against the man who brought him to WCW, Bam-Bam Bigelow. The Wall also took on the KISS Demon at Superbrawl X, soundly defeating him with a chokeslam (after catching him off the turnbuckle).

The Wall soon began to develop a very sadistic attitude, and he began to utilize it, doing his best to destroy some of the younger members of the WCW talent roster. He devestated David Flair by putting him through a table, then later took out Crowbar in the same fashion. An angry Bam-Bam Bigelow, claiming that the Wall made him sick to his stomach, promised to end the reign of terror. At Uncensored '00, the Wall & Bigelow started out in the ring, each trying to use his strength against the other. Bigelow got his flying headbutt, but only got a 2 count. At one point during the match, the Wall clotheslined both Bigelow and himself over the ropes, and the two proceeded to fight down the aisle. When the Wall chokeslammed Bigelow through an announcers' table, the ref called for the disqualification, giving the Wall the loss. But the Wall wasn't through, as David Flair & Crowbar tried to come out to attack him. The Wall disappeared backstage with Crowbar, then appeared 15 feet above the entryway. After another skirmish, the Wall grabbed Crowbar by the throat and chokeslammed him off the platform, sending the man through the stage. It was the definitive moment of the pay-per-view, as EMTs came out to work on both Crowbar and Bigelow, while the Wall looked down at both.

The Wall's feud with Bigelow, Flair & Crowbar died off a few weeks after the pay-per-view, as WCW was basically "restarted" by Eric Bischoff & Vince Russo. All of the titles were vacated, leading to a series of tournaments at Spring Stampede '00. In the first round of the United States Title Tournament, the Wall faced off against Scott Steiner. The two men used their power to each dominate at portions of the match. However, the turning point came when the brawlers went outside the ring. When the Wall attempted a chokeslam on Steiner through a table, Steiner pulled a referee in front of him, making the ref take the shot. Another referee came down and disqualified the Wall for his attack on a referee.

After his loss to Steiner, the Wall continued to appear on WCW television, but usually with no direction. He entered into a short feud with Shane Douglas that led to a "Tables" Match being assigned between them at the 2000 Great American Bash. The match grew right before it started, though, as Douglas came out and announced that it would actually be a "Best of 5 Tables" Match. The first to put his opponent through 3 tables would be the winner. The Wall struck first, chokeslamming Douglas through a table on the outside. The Wall then picked up Douglas and tossed him through another table, quickly making it 2-0 in his favor. But Douglas wasn't out of it yet. He tricked the Wall into following him from the ring to an area set up in the back of the arena, where 3 tables were stacked together. The two men climbed up on a ladder and fought, with Douglas hitting the Wall with brass knuckles and sending him through all 3 tables, winning the match for Douglas. Afterwards, a ticked-off Wall picked up the referee and slammed him through a table, then left.

Not long after his loss at the Great American Bash, the Wall had a major change in his character. The Misfits in Action (MIA) had become one of the major face groups in WCW. The group of wrestlers (including Hugh Morrus, Chavo Guerrero Jr, Lash LeRoux & Van Hammer) had been fired by the New Blood, and came back as a military-esque group. The Wall opted to join up with them, becoming "Sgt. AWOL". At Fall Brawl, Sgt. AWOL, Cpl. Cajun(LeRoux) & Lt. Loco (Guerrero) took on the team of Three Count (Evan Karagias, Shannon Moore & Sean Helms). AWOL spent a lot of time watching the action, as Cajun & Loco handled much of the early duties. Near the end, AWOL tagged in and took out all three opponents, using his size to dominate the wrestlers. But the numbers got to him, as Helms landed a low blow, followed by a superkick that sent AWOL out of the ring and through a table. However, Cajun was able to come back and take out Helms with the WhipLash for the victory.

In October '00, the MIA fought mainly against the New Blood, with Sgt. AWOL being a major factor in their victories. This led to AWOL being given a Hardcore Title Match at Halloween Havoc against the champion, Reno. The two men used every weapon available to them, including tables, trash cans and kendo sticks. At one point, Reno's strategy of stacking up tables backfired on him, as AWOL chokeslammed him through both of them. The two fought to the back, then returned to the arena, where AWOL looked to finish things off. However, Reno blocked his attempt, then Rolled the Dice through a table to get the 1-2-3 on AWOL, retaining his title. After the match, the Perfect Event (Sean Stasiak & Chuck Palumbo) came out and helped Reno beat down on Sgt. AWOL, looking to take him out. Lt. Loco & Cpl. Cajun made the save.

Sgt. AWOL continued to be a part of the MIA over the next month, but was not involved in any long-term feud, other than their battles against the New Blood. This did not mean, though, that AWOL wasn't a factor at the pay-per-views. At Mayhem '00, Bam-Bam Bigelow was scheduled to fight Mike Awesome. But due to an assault from Bigelow, Awesome was unable to compete. When Bigelow tried to name himself the winner by forfeit, Ric Flair came out and declared that Bigelow would instead fight AWOL. The two massive wrestlers had a typical power struggle, with AWOL bringing a table into the ring near the end. Bigelow managed to avoid the table, though, and got the Greetings From Ashbury Park on AWOL to get the victory. Once again, AWOL could not get the win.

As 2000 came to an end, the Misfits In Action fell apart, as all of the wrestlers involved went back to their old characters. The fall out was mostly caused by problems between Hugh Morrus and Chavo Guerrero Jr. The Wall, though, also sided against Morrus, attacking him at one point (as well as Guerrero's nemesis, Rey Mysterio). Morrus later swore that he would have the Wall's blood on his hands. At Superbrawl '01, the two fought in a brutal match that couldn't be contained in the ring. The Wall had a couple of close falls, including nearly getting Morrus with a huge spinebuster, but he just couldn't put the man away. In the end, Morrus hit his No Laughing Matter off of the turnbuckle for the victory. Afterwards, Morrus hit another No Laughing Matter, just to add more punishment.

The Wall's involvement in WCW after Superbrawl was minimal, as he wrestled in just a few matches before the end of WCW's run. He did not appear on the final "Night of Champions", and was not signed to a long-term deal by the WWF, possibly because of his age. Instead, the Wall competed for Phoenix Championship Wrestling, and even had a run as the PCW Heavyweight Champion in the middle of 2002. What was considered the Wall's big comeback, though, came in the form of the new Jerry Jarrett organization, NWA-Total Nonstop Action. On the first NWA-TNA show, Tuite appeared as Malice, fighting in the "Gauntlet For The Gold" Match. Surprisingly, Malice lasted until the end, losing to Ken Shamrock in the finals. Malice would be a major force in NWA-TNA over the next few months, feuding with Shamrock, Sabu and others as the first major heel in the company's history. Tuite also competed as "Snuff" in the XWF, earning a solid reputation there as well, and won the AAW Heavyweight Title Tournament in November '02.

During 2003, Tuite competed mainly in Japan, wrestling as "Gigantes" for the AJPW promotion. He had several well-criticized matches against men like Keiji Mutoh, Genichiro Tenryu and Hiro Hase, among others, and frequently tagged with other former American stars, such as Bull Buchanan, TAKA Michinoku and John Tenta, to name a few. In his final match, Gigantes worked with Bull Buchanan & Justin Credible against Nobutaka Araya, Tomoaki Honma & Kazushi Miyamoto, winning the match. Tuite was then scheduled to fly back to the United States. Only a few hours before the flight, though, on December 6th, 2003, Tuite was discovered dead in his hotel room. The cause of death was thought to be acute cardiac arrest. Jerry Tuite was 36.

Pay-Per-View/Show Summary: (23 - 24)
- WCW Souled Out '00 = The Wall won a "Steel Cage" Match over Billy Kidman.
- WCW Superbrawl X ('00) = The Wall defeated the Demon.
- WCW Uncensored '00 = The Wall lost, via DQ, to Bam Bam Bigelow.
- WCW Spring Stampede '00 = The Wall lost, via DQ, to Scott Steiner.
- WCW Great American Bash '00 = The Wall was beaten in a "Tables" Match by Shane Douglas.
- WCW Fall Brawl '00 = Sgt. A-WOL, Cpl. Cajun & Lt. Loco won over Three Count.
- WCW Halloween Havoc '00 = Sgt. A-WOL was pinned by the Hardcore Champion, Reno.
- WCW Mayhem '00 = Sgt. AWOL was taken down by Bam Bam Bigelow.
- WCW Superbrawl Revenge ('01) = The Wall fell to Hugh Morrus.
- PCW Toms River Show (September 29, '01) = The Wall lost to the PCW Heavyweight Champ, Harley Lewis.
- PCW Toms River Show (January 11, '02) = The Wall beat Chris Hamrick.
- PCW Toms River Show (April 5, '02) = The Wall took down Gangrel.
- PCW Jersey City Show (May 18, '02) = The Wall stayed the PCW Champion, beating Gangrel.
- OCW Tulsa Show (June 2, '02) = The Wall lost to Vinnie Valentino.
- USPW Big Dick Dudley Memorial Brawl (June 8, '02) = The Wall pinned Norman Smiley.
- AWF Boyertown Fun Days Carnival (June 9, '02) = The Wall beat Biggie Biggs.
- MLW Genesis (June 16, '02) = The Wall lost in the first round of the MLW World Heavyweight Title Tournament to Taiyo Kea. Shane Douglas went on to win the tournament.
- NWA-TNA Huntsville PPV (Show #1, June 19, '02) = Malice competed in the "Gauntlet For The Gold" Match, which was won by Ken Shamrock.
- NWA-TNA Nashville PPV (Show #3, July 3, '02) = Malice was beaten by the NWA-TNA Champion, Ken Shamrock.
- NWA-TNA Nashville PPV (Show #5, July 17, '02) = Malice lost a "Ladder" Match to Sabu.
- XPW Night of Champions (July 20, '02) = Snuff won a "Falls Count Anywhere" Match over Vic Grimes.
- PCW Pine Hill Show (June 21, '02) = Malice defeated Julio Dinero.
- NWA-TNA Nashville PPV (Show #7, July 31, '02) = Malice fell to Gran Apolo.
- NWA-TNA Nashville PPV (Show #8, August 7, '02) = Malice won a "First Blood" Match over Don Harris.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #9, August 14, '02) = Malice lost a "Last Man Standing" Match to Don Harris.
- PCW (Phoenix) Russ Haas Memorial Tag-Team Tournament (August 31, '02) = Malice & Seven lost a "Three-Way" Match to R.C. Haas & Jamal. The Hit Squad was the other team. Haas & Nova went on to win the tournament.
- Superstars & Legends Jersey City Show (September 21, '02) = The Wall was beaten by Bam-Bam Bigelow.
- XPW Philadelphia Show (October 5, '02) = Snuff fell to Vic Grimes.
- PCW Point Pleasant Show (November 3, '02) = Malice stayed the PCW Champ, winning an "Anything Goes" Match over Devon Storm.
- NEW Naugatuck Show (November 9, '02) = Malice defeated Tiger Khan.
- AAW Debut Show (November 10, '02) = Malice beat Norman Smiley, Kevin Northcutt and Joe Kane to become the first AAW Champion.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #20, November 13, '02) = Malice pinned Kaos.
- XPW Philadelphia Show (November 16, '02) = Malice beat Chris Hamrick.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #21, November 20, '02) = Malice defeated Kory Williams.
- USPW 8th Anniversary Show (November 22, '02) = Malice was beaten by Devon Storm.
- WWA Retribution (December 6, '02) = Malice & Norman Smiley fell to Buff Bagwell & Johnny Swinger.
- XPW New Year's Resolution (January 17, '03) = Malice was taken down by Super Crazy.
- XPW Aftermath (January 18, '03) = Malice beat a "nameless" wrestler (Devon Storm).
- AJPW Budokan Hall (February 23, '03) = Gigantes, Jimmy Yang & John Tenta lost to Genichiro Tenryu, Yoji Antoh & Kaz Hayashi.
- AJPW Budokan Hall (April 12, '03) = Gigantes & George Hines defeated Hiroshi Hase & Masayuki Kono.
- AJPW Budokan Hall (July 19, '03) = Gigantes was forced to submit to Keiji Mutoh.
- AJPW Budokan Hall (September 6, '03) = Gigantes & TAKA Michinoku lost to the AJPW Tag Champs, Keiji Mutoh & Arashi.
- AJPW Budokan Hall (October 26, '03) = Gigantes & TAKA Michinoku won a "Handicap" Match over Kaz Hayashi, Tomoaki Honma & Masayuki Kono.
- AJPW Real World Tag League '03 (November/December) = Gigantes & Bull Buchanan competed in the league, which was won by Satoshi Kojima & Kaz Hayashi.
- AJPW Budokan Hall (December 5, '03) = Gigantes, Bull Buchanan & Justin Credible won over Nobutaka Araya, Tomoaki Honma & Kazushi Miyamoto.

Title Summary:
- NWA New Jersey Hardcore Champion (7/12/01 - ??/??/??)
- PCW Heavyweight Champion (5/17/02 - 02)
- AAW Heavyweight Champion (11/10/02 - 03)

PWI Achievement Awards: (0 wins, 0 1st RUs, 0 2nd RUs, 0 3rd RUs)