Bobby Lashley

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 250 lbs

Real Name: Franklin Roberto Lashley

DOB: 7/16/1976

Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Other Names: Blaster Lashley(OVW), "The Real Deal"(WWE)

Wrestler Since: 1999

Finishing Maneuver: Dominator, Spear

Previous PWI 500 Rankings: #9(2007), #51(2006), #155(2005)

Official Website:

History: (Last Updated: 6/09/2006)

The Beginning / OVW
WWE: 2005 / 2006

The Beginning

Franklin Roberto Lashley, otherwise known as Bobby Lashley, had an impact on the sport of wrestling long before he ever entered a WWE ring. Lashley first began honing his wrestling physique at Missouri Valley College, where he was a major factor for the MV College Wrestling team. From 1996 to 1999, Lashley was a star for the Vikings, winning the NAIA National Championship 3 times (at a weight of 177 lbs) and was a four-time All-American. Lashley later was a three-time National Amateur Wrestling Champion, a two-time Armed Forces Champion, and even competed at the Military World Championships, where he earned a silver medal in 2002.

OVW: 2004-2005

After being a dominant force on the amateur level, Lashley made the decision to sign on with Vince McMahon and World Wrestling Entertainment. Since he had no prior experience in professional wrestling, he was soon signed to a developmental contract with Ohio Valley Wrestling, a developmental organization for WWE. After spending time learning the moves and becoming skilled inside the squared circle, Lashley debuted in OVW on the December 04th, '04 taping for the OVW television show. He was brought to the ring by Kenny Bolin, who ran Bolin Services, a heel stable in the organization. Lashley destroyed three trainees in a row, showing his potential. Bolin was so impressed with Lashley that he offered wrestlers $100 for every minute they were able to stay in the ring with Blaster. Several wrestlers, including Cliff Compton, Robbie Dawber, and Bamm Bamm Penders, tried the challenge, but none could win any money. Finally, Steve Lewington, using Lashley's overconfidence (as well as running around the arena), managed to last more than 2 minutes before Lashley beat him, earning himself $200. An upset Bolin stuffed the money into Lewington's unconscious mouth.

A week later, Lashley came out with Bolin & Mike Mondo, with Bolin saying that, since Lewington simply ran away from Lashley, he should apologize and give the money back. Lewington responded by making it double-or-nothing, and Bolin agreed. However, as the ref was distracted by Bolin, Mondo injured Lewington's knee with his helmet. Thus unable to run, Lewington was easy pickings for Lashley, who beat him quickly and decisively to regain the money. Lewington, angry at what had gone down, faced and defeated Mondo a week later. Lewington then had a TV Title Match against Brent Albright, but Bolin Services helped screw him out of it, as Lashley & Mondo attacked him during the match, allowing Albright to win with his Crowbar submission hold.

Lashley continued to be a force for Bolin Services going into March '05, as he destroyed Robert Fury in a match, then continued to beat him down afterwards. However, Lashley then disappeared from Bolin Services (at least on television) for a month, as Bolin & Mondo (along with Miss Blue) continued to work in the company. He returned to wrestling action near the end of April '05, facing his main foe, Steve Lewington, in a singles match. Thanks slightly to the interference from both Bolin & Mondo, Lashley Speared Lewington and got the win. Afterwards, he delivered a few more kicks, injuring Lewington's ribs more in an effort to take out the fan favorite.

Lashley next made an impact during the OVW Television Title Tournament. In the first match, thanks in part to the distraction of M-N-M, Lashley took down Seth Skyfire, moving on. In the second round, Blaster faced off against Alexis Laree (now better known as Mickie James). Laree really didn't have a chance against Lashley, but she wasn't helped by the fact that she got in a fight with Miss Blue beforehand. Lashley used the opportunity to grab Laree from behind and bodyslam her, before getting the ref to make the count. However, OVW officials later used this action against Lashley, as they fined him $5,000 and disqualified him from the tournament!

Going into June '05, an angry Lashley faced off against a veteran of OVW, Seven (known briefly in WWE as Mordecai). Seven wanted a piece of Lashley after what he had done to Laree in the tournament. The two big men hammered each other, with Lashley, already on the edge, losing control by sending Seven out of the ring with repeated punches. The match ended in a DQ loss for Lashley, his first in OVW, but Blaster didn't seem to care, as he grabbed several chairs, piled them up in the ring, and slammed Seven on top of them, injuring him! The two wrestlers met again at the Six Flags Summer Sizzler Show on June 3rd (which actually occurred before the TV taping, with Lashley injuring Seven, was shown). Lashley went after Seven's bandaged ribs, but Seven fought back, matching Lashley shot for shot. However, Lashley had the aid of Bolin & Mondo, who did their best to help the monster win out. The referee, catching Mondo's aid, threw him out of the arena, but Lashley had already done some damage, hitting Seven in the ribs with Mondo's helmet. He later removed Seven's wraps, making him more vulnerable, and after several more exchanges, Lashley got the win with a Spear. Afterwards, Lashley added some more damage, Powerbombing Seven before leaving to celebrate with Bolin.

On the next TV taping, Lashley surprisingly appeared during a Tag-Team Title Triple Threat Match between the Blonde Bombers(c), Chris Cage & Danny Inferno, and Kenzo Suzuki & Gangrel. Lashley attacked Inferno, taking him out of the match, as Cage fell to the numbers and was pinned by Tank Toland. Later on, in the back, Lashley was seen getting paid by Inferno's enemies, Beth Phoenix & Aaron Stevens. Phoenix also told Lashley that he would give him 10 times that amount if he destroyed Inferno at the next show, to which Lashley agreed. Lashley and Inferno fought at the next Six Flags Summer Sizzler Show, with Inferno getting the stipulation that he wanted 2 minutes against Stevens if he won. It was a tough match for Lashley, as Inferno was determined to win. Late in the bout, a dazed Lashley was put in a sleeper hold, which had him struggling to escape. Bolin then entered the ring and hit Inferno with his briefcase, causing the No-Contest. The Commissioner of OVW, Jim Cornette, ruled that the No-Contest was enough to satisfy the stipulation, so Inferno and Stevens went at it for 2 minutes (with no winner).

It was later announced on OVW TV that, due to their differences, Bolin and Cornette would each be fielding teams to go at it at the next big Six Flags show, with the winning team's manager to kiss the foot of the losing team's manager. Bolin stuck to his usual allies, as he selected Lashley & Mondo, as well as new Bolin Services member Ken Doane. Meanwhile, Cornette chose Elijah Burke & Brent Albright with his first two choices. Later that night, Bolin & Mondo helped Doane win the OVW Television Title, defeating Deuce Shade. Afterwards, Lashley joined his team in destroying Shade, as well as fighting off Cornette, Albright, & Burke. In fact, Lashley delivered a powerslam to Cornette, doing some damage. However, Eugene (formerly known in OVW as Nick Dinsmore) then ran out and helped to clear the ring, with Cornette announcing him as the third member of Cornette's team. The two teams went at it at the next Six Flags Summer Sizzler Show in the beginning of July '05, with Lashley's team sadly losing to Team OVW, causing Bolin to have to kiss Cornette's foot.

On the next TV taping, Lashley & Mondo took on Burke & Shade in a tag-team match. With Doane's help, Lashley & Mondo got the win, with Mondo pinning Burke. Afterwards, several OVW wrestlers tried to go after Bolin Services, but Bolin had an extra advantage, as he had Big Vito appear and help clear the ring, joining the group. It was later announced that Lashley & Mondo would be facing Burke & Shade in a "Coward Waves The Flag" Match at the next Six Flags Summer Sizzler Show on July 15th. Lashley & Mondo had Kenny Bolin in their corner to hold the flag, but Burke & Shade managed one better, bringing out Tommy Dreamer! The match was a violent one, as the only way it could end would be with one of the cornermen waving the flag. At one point, Lashley & Mondo badly beat on Burke's ribs with Mondo's helmet, until Shade made the save with a trash can lid. Later on, Mondo was hung in a noose over the ropes by Burke, nearly being choked out. During the violence, Bolin tried to trick the referee, blinding Dreamer with a powder, then waving the OVW flag. But the fans pointed out to the ref that Bolin, not Dreamer, was waving the flag, keeping the match going. Late in the match, both Lashley & Mondo were down, as Dreamer went after Bolin. Bolin, trying to stand off Dreamer, raised his flag, causing the ref to call the match. It didn't save Bolin, as he was knocked out by Dreamer afterwards.

Lashley didn't have a match at the next Six Flags Summer Sizzler Show on June 29th, but he did make an appearance in the wild brawl at the end of the show. He was unable, however, to save Doane from an RKO from Randy Orton. Lashley did appear at one more Six Flags Summer Sizzler Series Show in August '05, where he easily defeated Toby Mann. In the meantime, though, Lashley was having increasing difficulties with Doane & Bolin, as he didn't want to cheat to help Doane retain the TV Title on one OVW Television Taping. However, Lashley did inadvertantly help Doane with the match over Nick Nemeth, much to his own chagrin.

The difficulties increased in September '05, as Lashley just didn't seem happy to be around Doane and another Bolin Services member, Dean Visk. During one match between Doane and Brent Albright for the TV Title, Visk grabbed Albright and demanded that Lashley hit him with a coffee pot. A reluctant Lashley took the shot, but hit Visk instead! Lashley, despite it being an accident, simply shrugged and left the ring. Lashley and Visk had a shouting match on the next TV Taping, with Bolin desperately trying to settle things between them. Later that night, Visk was scheduled to fight Robert Fury in a match. But while Visk bragged to the announcers about what he was going to do to Fury, Lashley appeared, entered the ring, and quickly defeated Fury with a face-first Powerslam (later known as the Dominator) to steal the win!

On a later TV taping, Lashley seemed to be breaking away from Bolin Services, as he allowed Brent Albright to go into their locker room unmolested (to challenge Doane to a TV Title rematch, since their last match had ended in a No-Contest). The two wrestlers met later that night, but wrestled to a Draw. When Albright wanted to continue, while Doane walked away, Lashley commented in the back that Doane looked weak. Doane came right back, implying that since Lashley worked for him, he was weaker. Lashley also had problems with the new Bolin Services Director of International Publicity, Sheik Daivari. When Daivari put out an open contract to face anyone in OVW, Lashley surprisingly took him up on the offer, beating Daivari with a Spear/Dominator combination. The next week, Lashley fired Bolin as his manager and quit Bolin Services, finally leaving the group behind for something better: World Wrestling Entertainment.

WWE: 2005

On the September 23rd, '05 Smackdown, Simon Dean came out feeling more powerful than usual, having bulked up with his patented Simon System. He called out anyone from the back, and got answered by Bobby Lashley! The huge Lashley easily took down Dean, defeating him with the Dominator. Over the next few weeks, Lashley destroyed a couple of other unknown wrestlers, building up his credibility with the audience. He also accepted Dean's challenge for a rematch at No Mercy '05. Dean was ultra cocky before the match, thinking that he'd be taking out Lashley. He even promised to eat 20 cheeseburgers if he lost! Dean also had a plan in mind, as he used the metal plate holding the cheeseburgers to hit Lashley with. But it didn't even slow the big man down, as Lashley eventually took out Dean with the Dominator for the victory. Afterwards, Lashley made Dean eat one of the burgers, with Dean trying to escape on his Dean Machine. Lashley tracked him down backstage, though, and stuffed the burgers in his mouth, not even allowing Dean to avoid the 'calories' of the bread around the burgers. At the end, when Dean thought he was done, Lashley produced one more, causing Dean to run to the bathroom to throw up.

At the same time, back in OVW, Lashley was engaged in a bitter feud with Ken Doane. The two men would fight it out in different matches throughout October, when Lashley even trying to take away Doane's OVW TV Title, with no luck. Lashley had more success on Smackdown, as he began a minor feud with Nunzio & Big Vito, defeating each one in successive matches on Smackdown. This led GM Teddy Long to put Lashley in a "Handicap" Match against both men, which, despite the odds, Lashley easily won, quickly growing into a dominant force on the show. A week later, Lashley competed in a "Qualifying" Match for the Smackdown Survivor Series team, where he again took down another wrestler, Orlando Jordan. This placed Lashley on the team along with Batista, Eddie Guerrero, John Bradshaw Layfield, & Rey Mysterio. Lashley joined JBL & Mysterio in chasing off Raw's Eric Bischoff & Chris Masters later that night, but this meant that they weren't there to protect Batista, who was Double-Chokeslammed and injured by Kane & the Big Show.

Both Raw and Smackdown stopped their feuds for a week when Eddie Guerrero suddenly passed away over the weekend. Lashley did not participate in either Tribute card, since he was a new wrestler and hadn't had much contact with Guerrero. Still, he supported his memory by staying on the team, which had Randy Orton take Guerrero's place. Team Smackdown showed up on Raw, challenging Team Raw to a Parking Lot Brawl. Team Raw (Shawn Michaels, Chris Masters, Carlito, Kane, & the Big Show) consented, with the wrestlers fighting all over the place. The brawl basically ended, though, when Batista again was caught by Kane & the Big Show and Double-Chokeslammed onto a parked car! Batista was taken to a medical facility, even as JBL was given a match against Shawn Michaels in a "Lumberjack" Match, with Lashley joining his teammates to surround the ring. The bout broke down at the end into an all-out brawl, with Lashley getting Double-Chokeslammed by Kane & the Big Show (Batista came back to eventually win the day for SD). A few days later, Lashley joined in another wild brawl, this time on Smackdown, during which Kane & the Big Show again took out Batista.

At the '05 Survivor Series, Randy Orton began to try to get himself named as the Team Smackdown leader, due to Batista's injuries. But when Batista confronted them, Lashley, Mysterio, JBL, & (reluctantly) Orton agreed that he was in charge. The team then headed for the ring. It was Lashley, Batista, Orton, JBL, & Rey Mysterio vs. Shawn Michaels, Chris Masters, Carlito, Kane, & the Big Show. Lashley made a big impact early on in the match, as he took it to several Raw stars, including Carlito and Michaels. But, just as Lashley was rolling, he was caught by Kane (who was still on the apron) and given a Chokeslam, allowing Michaels to make the quick pin to eliminate him. Still, it wasn't all bad for Lashley, who got to see his partner for the night, Orton, manage to be the sole 'survivor', getting the win for Team Smackdown.

Lashley continued to be a dominant force on Smackdown going into December '05, as he managed to take down Sylvan Grenier for another victory on the first show of the month. Lashley then went into a short feud with William Regal & Paul Birchall. Similar to the Nunzio/Vito feud, Lashley defeated both men in singles matches. Lashley then signed to face both men in a "Handicap" Match at Armageddon '05. Although this match wasn't as easy for Lashley as the Nunzio/Vito affair, he still persevered, managing to get the Dominator on Birchall to continue his winning ways. Lashley finished out the year with another match against Sylvan, with similar results, as Lashley took the model out with the Dominator for another victory.

WWE Smackdown: 2006

Lashley was focused going into the new year, as he couldn't wait to get involved in the Royal Rumble Match to earn a title shot. Fortunately for him, he didn't have to wait, as Lashley was placed in the "20-Man World Title Battle Royal" in the middle of January '06, to decide a new champion (Batista had to vacate due to injuries). Lashley was a powerful presence in the match, eliminating Paul London and Psicosis. But when Lashley tried to match power with "The World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry, he came out on the losing end, getting tossed. Kurt Angle won the match to become the World Champion. A week later, Lashley got his toughest singles match to date, as he took on John Bradshaw Layfield. Thanks to a distraction from the Boogeyman, though, Lashley got the win, landing the Dominator on JBL.

At the '06 Royal Rumble, Lashley again got to flex his muscles against the best WWE had to offer. He entered at #8 and immediately went face-to-face with the Big Show. The two massive men exchanged shots, with Lashley sending the Big Show through the ropes and to the floor. Lashley then had to contend with the Big Show's partner, Kane, who came out as #9. Again, Lashley went toe-to-toe with the monster, taking him out with the Dominator! Lashley also knocked out Triple H with a Press Slam, as well as eliminating #10, Sylvan Grenier. But Lashley was then taken down by the numbers, as Kane & the Big Show, both recovered, attacked him and gave him a Double Chokeslam before throwing Lashley out of the Rumble. Rey Mysterio went on to win the event and the Wrestlemania title shot.

Going into February '06, Lashley had a scheduled match against Chad Dick. Right before the match, JBL was giving an interview about his Rumble match with the Boogeyman, when the bell rang, bringing down Lashley for his bout. Lashley quickly took out both Chad & his brother James, but before he could celebrate, an angry JBL came into the ring and landed the Clothesline From Hell on him! A week later, after JBL had lost a "4-Way US Title #1 Contenders" Match to Chris Benoit, he angrily confronted the interviewer, Kristal, saying that he should be fighting for a bigger title. However, JBL stopped speaking when Lashley showed up, challenging him to a match at the next PPV! Jillian Hall, JBL's valet, quickly stepped in and accepted the match for JBL, even though Layfield didn't look too happy about the possible match. A week before the PPV, Lashley teamed with Benoit against JBL & Finlay. Thanks to Booker T hitting Benoit from the outside, JBL got the Clothesline From Hell on Benoit for the victory.

At No Way Out '06, Lashley was ready for his match against JBL. Lashley got distracted, however, when Finlay, who didn't have a match on the PPV, opted to grab Kristal and take her to the ring! Before Finlay could do anything to the interviewer, Lashley intervened, fighting with Finlay. JBL, meanwhile, came to the ring as Finlay got control, happy to have the edge. Right as JBL entered, though, Lashley threw off Finlay, then went eye-to-eye with JBL, ready for the match. The two men fought hard in the bout, with Layfield being cut open during the fight. Near the end, after Lashley had gotten a close 2 count on JBL, Finlay suddenly reappeared, throwing a referee into the ring! As the first referee went to check on his friend, Finlay nailed Lashley with his shillelagh, stunning him! JBL then got the Clothesline From Hell and the pin, stealing the victory from Lashley.

On the next Smackdown, Lashley joined with Benoit & Rey Mysterio against JBL, Finlay, & Randy Orton. Lashley and Finlay obviously had their problems in the match, as Lashley wanted some revenge. The match itself ended favorably for Lashley, as Mysterio got the win by hitting the 619/Dropping The Dime combination on JBL. A week later, on the first March '06 Smackdown, Lashley & Finlay met in the ring to settle their differences. It didn't quite work out that way, though, as both men, in their rage, opted to grab some chairs and go at it, causing the Double Disqualification! Security finally had to break the two up, as they both wanted a piece of the other. The two were scheduled to fight again the next week in a "Money In The Bank Qualifying" Match, but the match never got started, as the fight began in the aisleway. Security once again tried to break them up, but they weren't able to, as the two men fought to the back parking lot, where Finlay was thrown onto a car. Lashley then grabbed the car and flipped it over, nearly crushing Finlay (who was pulled out of the way by security). The rage between Lashley and Finlay could not be stopped by mere security guards.

To settle things and determine who would go on to the Money In The Bank Match at Wrestlemania, GM Teddy Long arranged a "Lumberjack" Match between Lashley and Finlay at the next Smackdown. It wasn't the best type of match for Lashley, as Finlay got some help from the heels outside the ring. They would beat on Lashley, but only helped Finlay up and got him back into the ring in one piece. Eventually, the face and heel Lumberjacks broke down, even as Sylvan Grenier, one of the heels, came into the ring with a steel chair! Lashley stopped him, though, with a huge Spear right through the chair. But Finlay quickly took advantage, as he nailed Lashley with the shillelagh while the ref was distracted, getting the pinfall victory and earning a spot in the MITB Match! An angry Lashley wasn't done with Finlay, though, as he entered into the "Last Chance Battle Royal" a week later for the final spot in the MITB Match. Lashley was again dominant, as he tossed out the Road Warrior, both members of Gymini, Simon Dean, and both members of M-N-M to win the match and the Wrestlemania opportunity.

On the last Smackdown before the PPV, Lashley, Matt Hardy, & Tatanka went up against Finlay & M-N-M. Lashley was the force for his team in the end, helping to break up M-N-M's Snapshot attempt on Hardy with a huge Spear on Joey Mercury! Hardy then got the Twist of Fate on Johnny Nitro for the victory, giving both men some momentum headed towards the PPV. At Wrestlemania 22, Lashley joined Hardy and Finlay from Smackdown, along with Shelton Benjamin, Ric Flair, and Rob Van Dam from Raw, in the Money In The Bank Ladder Match. The object was simple: climb the ladder and get the briefcase (with a guaranteed title shot inside) to win. Lashley used all his power to do well in the match, utilizing the ladder as a weapon. But Lashley didn't have the speed to match some of the wrestlers involved, taking a Sunset-Flip Powerbomb from Benjamin at one point (with help from Hardy & Finlay), and later tasting the Van Daminator from RVD. In the end, Lashley couldn't recover, as Van Dam climbed the ladder and won the match, keeping Lashley from that title shot he was after.

Lashley's next big challenge came soon enough on Smackdown, as it was announced that Lashley would be part of the '06 King of the Ring Tournament. Lashley made his thoughts on the tournament known soon enough, as he Speared Booker T during Booker's bragging about being the favorite in the tournament. A week later, Lashley & Benoit teamed up to take on Finlay & Orlando Jordan. Lashley was the decisive factor in the match, taking out Jordan for the win. Lashley then focused on the next week's KOTR Tournament Opening Match, where he had to take on the man who had taken him down in the World Title Battle Royal: Mark Henry. It was a strength-vs-strength battle that ended surprisingly when Lashley knocked Henry over the ropes and to the outside. Henry couldn't recover in time, getting Counted Out and allowing Lashley to move on. He didn't get to celebrate, however, as Henry attacked Lashley after the match, Splashing him against the ringpost! Lashley crumpled to the ground, as Henry stalked off.

As Smackdown moved into May '06, Lashley didn't let the pain get to him, wrestling and winning a Velocity match over T.J. Dalton. Later that night, on Smackdown, Booker T again bragged about his chances, as he had gotten a forfeit victory from an injured Kurt Angle that placed him in the finals. Booker T said that, whether it was Chris Benoit or Finlay who won their match, he could beat either man. Lashley, though, took offense to not being mentioned, as he burst in on Booker T & his wife, Sharmell, in the shower! He reminded Booker T that the Real Deal was also in the tournament. Meanwhile, that night, Finlay managed to cheat his way past Benoit. A week later, Lashley and Finlay went at it for the other spot in the Finals, with Booker T looking on from a throne placed on the stage. Although Finlay tried some dirty tactics, distracting the referee and hitting Lashley with a chair, Lashley surprisingly shrugged off the shot and destroyed Finlay with a Spear, getting the pin to earn the chance against Booker T at the PPV.

On the final Smackdown before the PPV, Lashley defeated an independent wrestler (Jared Steele), then went to where the throne was sitting. Booker T & Sharmell then came out, with Booker T angry that Lashley was even considering sitting on 'his' throne. Later on, Booker T & Finlay took on Benoit & Gunnar Scott. During the match, Lashley returned, catching Booker T & Sharmell's eyes by taking a seat on the throne. A distracted Booker T was caught by a Crucifix Pin from Scott, losing the match! Afterwards, Booker T continued to yell towards Lashley, who looked comfortably sitting on the throne. At Judgment Day '06, Lashley and Booker T finally met to decide the new King of the Ring. It was a match pitting Lashley's power against Booker T's craftiness and experience, with Sharmell also being a factor from the outside. The true deciding time of the match, though, was Finlay, who came to the ring and hit Lashley with his shillelagh, allowing Booker T to get the Scissors Kick for the victory. Once again, Finlay had cost Lashley a PPV win. A furious Lashley didn't let Booker T celebrate long, as, while Booker T was wearing the crown and admiring his winnings, Lashley Speared him straight through the throne! Lashley then left the fallen king lying on the stage.

On the next Smackdown, a furious John Bradshaw Layfield (who had lost to the World Champion, Rey Mysterio, at the PPV) demanded another shot at the champion. Mysterio, in turn, tricked JBL into agreeing to face all comers that night for the United States Heavyweight Title, reversing JBL's tactics. With JBL's 'agreement', Mysterio surprised the crowd by bringing out Lashley! The referee also came to the ring, with the ring announcer quickly stating that the match would be between the two for the US Championship, despite JBL's complaints. The two big men then went at it, with JBL later getting a Big Boot on Lashley, then going for the Clothesline From Hell. Lashley ducked underneath it, though, then came off the ropes himself and hit his Spear, knocking out JBL long enough for Lashley to get the 1-2-3. Just like that, Lashley was the United States Heavyweight Champion!

Lashley was scheduled to take on "King Booker" the next Smackdown, with Lashley promising beforehand to earn the people's respect as the US Champion. Lashley then got some revenge over King Booker for his tournament defeat, catching Booker during a spin kick to land a Running Powerslam, getting the big-time victory. Afterwards, though, Lashley was attacked by both William Regal & Finlay, who had joined up with King Booker. Although Lashley fought back, nearly getting the better of the three men, he finally fell, getting hammered with Finlay's shillelagh, then dropped with the Axe Kick. Afterwards, Regal & Finlay made the nearly-unconscious Lashley 'kiss' the feet of the new king, adding insult to injury.

Rivalries were temporarily put aside the next week, as Raw and Smackdown wrestlers came together to go against ECW during the WWE vs. ECW special. Lashley was one of 10 WWE wrestlers involved in the "Team Battle Royal" against 10 ECW wrestlers, using his power to try and toss out as many ECW foes as possible. Late in the bout, Lashley managed to toss out Balls Mahoney. However, with his back turned, Lashley was quickly grabbed and tossed by Angle, ending his run in the Battle Royal. The Big Show went on to win the event for ECW, jumping brands during the match.

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Pay-Per-View/Show Summary: (26 - 14, 2 NCs)
- OVW Television Title Tournament (May/June '05) = Lashley took down Seth Skyfire and Alexis Laree. However, due to his actions towards Laree, Lashley was taken out of the tournament, which was won by Deuce Shade.
- OVW Six Flags Summer Sizzler Series '05 (June 3) = Lashley defeated Seven.
- OVW Six Flags Summer Sizzler Series '05 (June 17) = Lashley fought to a No-Contest with Danny Inferno.
- OVW Six Flags Summer Sizzler Series '05 (July 1) = Team Bolin (Lashley, Mike Mondo, & Ken Doane) were beaten by Team OVW (Nick Dinsmore, Brent Albright, & Elijah Burke).
- OVW Six Flags Summer Sizzler Series '05 (July 15) = Lashley & Mike Mondo, with Kenny Bolin as their cornerman, lost a "Coward Waves The Flag" Match to Elijah Burke & Deuce Shade (with Tommy Dreamer as their cornerman).
- OVW Six Flags Summer Sizzler Series '05 (August 12) = Lashley took down Toby Mann.
- OVW Rasslin For Relief Benefit Show (October 1, '05) = Lashley & Seven beat Johnny Jeter & Da Beast.
- WWE No Mercy '05 (October 9) = Lashley defeated Simon Dean.
- WWE Survivor Series '05 (November 27) = Team Smackdown (Lashley, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, John Bradshaw Layfield, & Batista) fought in an "Elimination" Match against Team Raw (Shawn Michaels, Chris Masters, Carlito, Kane, & the Big Show). Lashley was eliminated by Michaels. Orton was the sole 'survivor'.
- WWE Armageddon '05 (December 18) = Lashley won a "Handicap" Match over William Regal & Paul Birchall.
- WWE Royal Rumble '06 (January 29) = Lashley competed in the Royal Rumble, which was won by Rey Mysterio.
- WWE No Way Out '06 (February 19) = Lashley fell to John Bradshaw Layfield.
- WWE Wrestlemania 22 (April 2, '06) = Lashley lost the "Money In The Bank Ladder" Match to Rob Van Dam. Ric Flair, Shelton Benjamin, Matt Hardy, and Finlay were the other participants.
- WWE King of the Ring '06 Tournament (April) = Lashley won, via countout, over Mark Henry, then defeated Finlay to reach the finals of the tournament.
- WWE Judgment Day '06 (May 21) = Lashley lost to Booker T in the finals of the KOTR Tournament.
- WWE vs. ECW (June 7, '06) = Lashley(WWE) competed in a "20-Man ECW/WWE Team Battle Royal", with ECW getting the win due to the Big Show(ECW) being the sole 'survivor'.
- DSW Six Flags Park Slam (June 9, '06) = Lashley retained the WWE United States Heavyweight Title, beating King Booker.
- WWE Saturday Night's Main Event #33 (July 15, '06) = Lashley, Rey Mysterio, & Batista defeated Mark Henry, King Booker, & Finlay.
- WWE No Mercy '06 (October 8) = Lashley lost a "Four-Way" Match to the WWE Smackdown World Heavyweight Champion, King Booker. Batista and Finlay were the other participants.
- WWE Raw Family Reunion (October 9, '06) = Lashley, Rey Mysterio, & Batista took down Chavo Guerrero, William Regal, & Finlay.
- WWE Survivor Series '06 (November 26) = Lashley, John Cena, Kane, Sabu, & Rob Van Dam competed in an "Elimination" Match against the Big Show, Finlay, MVP, Test, & Umaga. Lashley & Cena were the sole 'survivors'.
- ECW December To Dismember '06 (December 3) = Lashley won the ECW World Heavyweight Title, winning an "Extreme Elimination Chamber" Match over the Big Show, Hardcore Holly, CM Punk, Test, and Rob Van Dam.
- WWE Royal Rumble '07 (January 28) = Lashley retained the ECW World Heavyweight Title, winning, via Countout, over Test.
- WWE No Way Out '07 (February 18) = Lashley, as the ECW World Heavyweight Champ, lost, via DQ, to Mr. Kennedy.
- WWE Wrestlemania 23 (April 1, '07) = Lashley, representing Donald Trump, won the "Battle of the Billionaires Hair vs. Hair" Match over Umaga (representing Vince McMahon). Steve Austin was the special referee. McMahon's head was shaved after the match.
- WWE Backlash '07 (April 29) = Lashley lost the ECW World Heavyweight Title, losing a "Handicap" Match to Shane McMahon, Vince McMahon, & Umaga. Since Vince made the pin, he became the champion.
- WWE Judgment Day '07 (May 20) = Lashley won a "Handicap" Match over ECW World Champion Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, & Umaga. Since Lashley pinned Shane, Vince stayed the ECW Champ.
- WWE Saturday Night's Main Event #34 (June 2, '07) = Lashley went to a No-Contest in an Arm-Wrestling Match with Mark Henry. It was scheduled as Lashley vs. Vince McMahon, but McMahon changed it beforehand.
- WWE One Night Stand '07 (June 3) = Lashley won the ECW World Heavyweight Title, winning a "Street Fight" Match over Vince McMahon.
- WWE Vengeance '07 (June 24) = Lashley lost a "Five-Way" Match to the WWE Champion, John Cena. Mick Foley, King Booker, and Randy Orton were the other participants.
- WWE Great American Bash '07 (July 22) = Lashley lost to the WWE Champion, John Cena.
- AAA TripleMania XVI (June 13, '08) = Lashley, Kenzo Suzuki, & Electroshock defeated Chessman, La Parka II, & Silver King.
- WWC 35th Anniversary Show (July 19, '08) = Lashley pinned Rhino.
- TNA No Surrender '09 (September 20) = Lashley took down Rhino.
- TNA Bound For Glory '09 (October 18) = Lashley won a "Submission" Match over Samoa Joe.
- TNA Turning Point '09 (November 15) = Lashley lost a "Falls Count Anywhere" Match to Samoa Joe.
- TNA Championship Series Tournament (November 17, '09) = Lashley defeated Abyss, won, via DQ, over Desmond Wolfe, then pinned Robert Roode to win the tournament.
- TNA Final Resolution '09 (December 20) = Lashley won a "Last Man Standing" Match over Scott Steiner.

Title Summary:
- 1997 NAIA National Wrestling Champion (177 lbs)
- 1998 NAIA National Wrestling Champion (177 lbs)
- WWE United States Heavyweight Champion (5/23/06 - 7/11/06)
- ECW World Heavyweight Champion (12/03/06 - 4/29/07)
- ECW World Heavyweight Champion(2) (6/03/07 - 6/11/07)

PWI Achievement Awards: (2 wins, 0 1st RUs, 0 2nd RUs, 0 3rd RUs)
- 2005 Rookie of the Year
- 2006 Most Improved Wrestler