L.A. Park

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 230 lbs

Real Name: Adolfo Tapia

DOB: 12/11/1965

Hometown: Torreon, Mexico

Other Names: "The Chairman of WCW" La Parka(WCW), Adolfo Tapia(Mexico), LA Park, L.A. Park, LA Par-K

Wrestler Since: 1987

Finishing Maneuver: Chair Shot

Previous PWI 500 Rankings: #146(2011), #354(2010), #109(2009), #212(2008), #68(2007), #75(2006), #35(2005), #38(2004), #52(2003), #44(2002), #104(2001), #131(2000), #89(1999), #37(1998), #61(1997), #73(1996), #120(1995), #229(1994)

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History: My history is badly sparse on La Parka right now. I do know that the better part of La Parka's career has been in his native land of Mexico. His name, translated, is "Day of the Dead", thus explaining the look of his costume.

My first references towards the masked Luchador start in early '93. La Parka, in the WWA, had a long-standing feud with Lizmark. The two traded the Light Heavyweight Title back and forth from '93 to '94. La Parka wrestled also consistently in the AAA, where he won the February '94 Tag-Team tournament with Jerry Estrada. La Parka and Lizmark continued their feud on the National level, when La Parka beat Lizmark for the Mexican National Light-Heavyweight Title in late '94. La Parka would retain this title for many months, until he was beaten by Jerry Estrada. La Parka wrestled for a while without the belt, but came back a few months later to beat Estrada for the title. This run was almost as long as the last one, around 4 months. La Parka lost the belt to Pierroth Jr, but soon came back to take the title for a third time. When he lost it to Pimpenela Escarlata, La Parka faded away from the Mexican National scene, instead trying his work elsewhere.

La Parka did begin appearing in WCW events at some point in the next few years, while also wrestling in various organizations in Mexico. His next title reign was in the AAA, where he beat Pirata Morgan for the IWC Heavyweight Title in late '98. He held the title for a month before losing it to Pimpinela Escarlata, his old foe from the National level. This was the last title that La Parka held. His time in WCW has not been memorable for any particular feud. In early '98, he did have a short feud with Disco Inferno, since both wrestlers liked to dance. Disco won the feud, and the match, at Superbrawl VIII. La Parka continued to wrestle in the Cruiserweight division, having a short feud with Psicosis, among others.

During the later months of 1998, La Parka joined up with Eddy Guerrero's Latino World Order, a formation of the cruiserweights against the powers in charge. They were a heel group, attacking those that wouldn't join up with them (like Rey Mysterio Jr). But after Eddy Guerrero was injured, La Parka and the rest were talked into disbanding the LWO by the President at the time, Ric Flair, since the nWo was intent on destroying them. La Parka later joined some of the other cruiserweights against Guerrero, who returned from his injury very angry about the LWO's collapse. He continued to be a low-card wrestler, though, rarely getting the kind of push that he had received in Mexico. La Parka later left WCW when the Luchador movement ran its course, heading back to the places he knew best.

Currently, La Parka is wrestling in San Francisco Lucha Libra, which opened its doors in March '01. La Parka is scheduled to make an appearance in May '01. He also gives his all in other independent leagues, continuing to make an impact, be it with his Luchadore style or a steel chair, courtesy of the Chair Man.

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Pay-Per-View/Show Summary: (25 - 35)
- AAA Triplemania I (April '93) = La Parka was defeated by the Mexican Heavyweight Champ, Lizmark.
- AAA In Queretoro (May '93) = La Parka, Angel Blanco Jr, and Fantasma defeated Lizmark, Tinieblas Jr, and Mascara Sagrada.
- AAA La Lucha del Honor (November '93) = La Parka, Espectro Jr, and Karis la Momia lost a Three Falls match to Rey Mysterio Jr, Misterioso, and Volador.
- AAA Tag-Team Tournament (February '94) = La Parka and Jerry Estrada defeated Tiger Mask & Volador, Octagon & El Hijo del Santo, and Heavy Metal & Latin Lover to win the tournament. Unsure about any titles awarded.
- AAA in Los Angeles (March '94) = La Parka, Love Machine, and Psicosis were beaten in a Three Falls match by Lizmark, Octagon, and El Hijo del Santo.
- AAA Triplemania II-A (April '94) = La Parka, Fishman, and Blue Panther lost to Konnan, Tiger Mask, and Mascara Sagrada.
- AAA Triplemania II-B (May 15, '94) = La Parka, Blue Panther, Eddie Guerrero, and Psicosis were beaten in a Three Falls match with Tiger Mask, Jushin Liger, El Hijo del Santo, and Octagon.
- AAA Triplemania II-C (May 27, '94) = La Parka, Black Cat, Psicosis, and El Satanico lost in a Three Falls match to Lizmark, Perro Aguayo, El Hijo del Santo, and Mascara Sagrada.
- AAA When Worlds Collide (November '94) = La Parka, Jerry Estrada, and Blue Panther were beaten by Pegasus Kid, Tito Santana, and Too Cold Scorpio.
- AAA Triplemania III-A (June 10, '95) = La Parka, Konnan, Perro Aguayo, and Octogon defeated Cien Caras, Pentagon, Jerry Estrada, and Mascara Ano 2000.
- AAA Triplemania III-B (June 18, '95) = La Parka, Rey Mysterio Jr, Octogan, and El Hijo del Santo won a Three Falls match over Fuerza Guerrera, Psicosis, Pentagon, and Blue Panther.
- ECW Arena (October 28, '95) = La Parka & Psicosis fell to Rey Mysterio Jr & Konnan.
- AAA Trios Title Tournament (February '96) La Parka, Rey Mysterio Jr, and Frisbee lost in the first round to Cien Caras, Latin Lover, and Heavy Metal. Los Villanos won the tournament and the titles.
- AAA Triplemania IV-A (May 11, '96) = La Parka, Ultimo Dragon, and Octagon lost a Three Falls match to Picudo, Cibernetico, and El Mosco.
- AAA Triplemania IV-B (June 15, '96) = La Parka, Octagon, and Mascara Sagrata won a "Lumberjack" Match over Cien Caras, Killer, and Heavy Metal.
- AAA Triplemania IV-C (July 15, '96) = La Parka, Super Calo, Winners, and Mexicano defeated Jerry Estrada, Villano IV, Fishman, and My Flowers in an Elimination Match.
- WCW World War III '96 = La Parka competed in the World War III 60-man battle royal, that was won by the Giant.
- WCW Superbrawl VII ('97) = La Parka, Konnan, and Villano IV defeated Juventud Guerrera, Super Calo, and Ciclope.
- WCW Bash at the Beach '97 = La Parka, Psicosis, and Villano IV lost to Juventud Guerrera, Lizmark Jr, and Hector Garza.
- WCW World War III '97 = La Parka competed in the World War III 60-man battle royal, which was won by Scott Hall.
- WCW/nWo Souled Out '98 = La Parka, Psicosis, Silver King, and El Dandy were beaten by Juventud Guerrera, Super Calo, Lizmark Jr, and Chavo Guerrero Jr.
- WCW Superbrawl VIII ('98) = La Parka was defeated by the Disco Inferno.
- WCW Spring Stampede '98 = La Parka was pinned by Psicosis.
- WCW World War III '98 = La Parka competed in the World War III 60-man battle royal, which was won by Kevin Nash.
- EMLL Ruleta de la Muerta II (July '99) = La Parka & Fishman lost to Mr. Niebla & Tinieblas Jr. Later that night, La Parka & Fishman defeated Shocker & Rey Bucanero.
- AAA Guerra de Titanes '00 (December 8) = La Parka, Octagon, Dos Caras Jr, & Hong Kong Lee won, via DQ, over Pirata Morgan, El Texano, Cobarde, & Espectro Jr.
- EMLL Puebla Show (July 30, '01) = La Parka, El Hijo del Santo & El Hijo de Rayo de Jalisco Jr lost, via DQ, to Dr. Wagner Jr, Emilio Charles Jr & Universo 2000.
- EMLL Cuernavaca Show (December 20, '01) = La Parka, Mr. Niebla & Brazo de Plata defeated Emilio Charles Jr., Rey Bucanero & Black Tiger.
- IWC Monterrey Show (February 10, '02) = La Parka stayed the IWC Champ, beating Dr. Wagner Jr.
- EMLL Arena Coliseo (March 3, '02) = La Parka, Lizmark Jr & Mr. Niebla won, via DQ, over Cien Caras, Mascara Ano 2000 & Ray Bucanero.
- CHIKARA Baile, Parka, Baile (June 14, '02) = La Parka & Mister ZERO fell to The Black T-Shirt Squad (Mike Quackenbush & Reckless Youth).
- MLW Genesis (June 16, '02) = La Parka lost in the first round of the MLW World Title Tournament to Jerry Lynn. Shane Douglas won the tournament.
- XPW Pico Rivera Show (June 29, '02) = La Parka defeated Psicosis.
- MLW Reload (September 26, '02) = La Parka took down Shocker.
- EMLL Cuernavaca Show (August 22, '02) = La Parka & Atlantis lost to the EMLL Tag Champs, Ray Bucanero & Ultimo Guerrero.
- EMLL Cuernavaca Show (November 7, '02) = La Parka won a "Steel Cage" Match over Pierroth Jr.
- AAA Guerra de Titanes '02 (November 15) = La Parka, Mascara Sagrada, Alebrije, & Octagon defeated Abismo Negro, Cibernetico, Leatherface, & Monster.
- AJPW Wrestle-1 (November 17, '02) = La Parka & Super Parka were beaten by Kendo Kashin & Apeman Nigo.
- EMLL Cuernavaca Show (November 21, '02) = La Parka, El Hijo del Santo & Blue Demon Jr fell to Dr. Wagner Jr, Scorpio Jr & the Blue Panther.
- MLW King of Kings (December 20, '02) = La Parka was pinned by Sabu.
- AWS City of Industry Show (February 16, '03) = La Parka & Felino defeated Punisher & the Hardkore Kidd.
- FMLL Los Angeles Show (February 16, '03) = La Parka, Konnan & Piloto Suicida won over Juventud Guerrera, Acero Dorado & Maldad.
- EMLL Acapulco Show (March 19, '03) = La Parka, Shocker & Atlantis beat Dr. Wagner Jr, Black Tiger & Ultimo Dragon.
- FILL Monterrey Show (March 30, '03) = La Parka, Brazo de Plata & Tinieblas Sr won, via DQ, over Juventud Guerrera, Black Tiger & Violencia.
- FILL Monterrey Show (April 6, '03) = La Parka, Mascara Sagrada & Tinieblas St defeated Apolo Dantes, Universo 2000 & Pierroth Jr.
- EMLL Cuernavaca Show (April 30, '03) = La Parka, Negro Casas & Felino fell to Black Warrior, Dr. Wagner Jr & El Satanico.
- EMLL Cuernavaca Show (May 1, '03) = La Parka & Atlantis were beaten by Dr Wagner Jr & Pierroth Jr.
- MLW Revolutions (May 9, '03) = La Parka won a "Mexican Massacre" Match over Sabu.
- AJPW Real World Tag League '03 (November/December) = La Parka Original & Parka Guerrera competed in the league, which was won by Kaz Hayashi & Satoshi Kojima.
- AJPW Budokan Hall (December 5, '03) = La Parka Original & Parka Guerrera lost to Satoru Sayama & Mr. Japan Kamakaze.
- AAA TripleMania XII (June 20, '04) = La Parka won a "Hair vs. Hair" Match over Cibernetico.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #106, August 11, '04) = La Park competed in the "22-Man X-Division Title Gauntlet" Match, which was won by Petey Williams.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #108, August 25, '04) = La Park & Psicosis fell to Michael Shane & Frankie Kazarian.
- NWA-TNA Victory Road '04 (November 7, '04) = La Park competed in a "20-Man X Division Gauntlet" Match, which was won by Hector Garza.
- EMLL Arena Mexico (December 15, '06) = LA Park, Eclipse, & Olympico fell to Rey Bucanero, Dos Caras Jr, & Dr. Wagner Jr.
- CMLL El Homenaje a Dos Leyendas '08 (March 21) = LA Park, Averno, & Mephisto were beaten by Ultimo Guerrero, Atlantis, & Mistico.
- CMLL Trios Title Tournament (May/June '08) = LA Park, Felino, & Maximo lost in the first round to Rey Bucanero, Ultimo Guerrero, & Atlantis. Hector Garza, Hijo del Fantasma, & La Mascara won the tournament.
- CMLL 75th Anniversary Show (September 19, '08) = LA Park lost, via DQ, to Dr Wagner Jr.

Title Summary:

- WWA World Light Heavyweight Champion (8/1993 - 10/23/1993)
- WWA World Light Heavyweight Champion(2) (6/20/1994 - ??)
- Mexican National Light Heavyweight Champion (9/09/1994 - 3/28/1995)
- Mexican National Light Heavyweight Champion(2) (8/06/1995 - 1/20/1996)
- Mexican National Light Heavyweight Champion(3) (1/1996 - 5/13/1996)
- AAA IWC World Champion (8/14/1998 - 9/14/1998)
- WWA World Tag-Team Champion w/ Antifaz (6/17/2001 - ??)
- CMLL World Tag-Team Champion w/ Shocker (1/23/2004 - 3/19/2004)
- XLAW Heavyweight Champion (4/09/2004 - 9/24/2004)
- Mexican National Light Heavyweight Champion(4) (10/15/2004 - 3/26/2005)
- XLAW Heavyweight Champion(2) (10/08/2004 - ??)
- IWR Heavyweight Champion (8/27/2006 - ??)
- AAA Latin America Champion (12/16/2011 - Current)