Lenny Lane

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 212 lbs

Real Name: Lenny Lane

DOB: Unknown

Hometown: Hibbings, Minnesota

Other Names: Lane (WCW)

Wrestler Since: 1995

Finishing Maneuver: Memory Lane

PWI 500 2001 Ranking: #292

Previous PWI 500 Rankings: #234(2000), #188(1999), #352(1996)

Official Website: http://www.lennylane.com/

History: I know very little about Lenny Lane's past in wrestling, since the information on this wrestler is rather scarce. Lane was first brought into wrestling by an independent star, Mr. Dynamic, who got him in touch with a promoter, Ed Sharkey. In 1995, Lane began wrestling, working his way through the independent scene. At one point, he was part of Northern Premier Wrestling, where he was managed by "The Harvard Yuppie" Mortimer Plumtree in the Plumtree Enterprises stable. Lane then began his career in WCW as one of its jobbers, wrestling and losing to many of the top stars at various shows. He first gained some prominence as a Chris Jericho-lookalike, hanging with Jericho and being his supporter. Lane once wrestled Dean Malenko wearing a Juvi Guerrera match, appearing to be Jericho. Malenko defeated him, and thought he had won the Cruiserweight Title, but of course, he hadn't. Jericho later dumped Lane violently, when Lane complained about his 'push'. Lane then went back to being a jobber, mainly wrestling on Thunder and Saturday Night. He came out a few times showing off his "Ab Solution Plus", a liquid that was supposed to help your abs. It didn't help him get many victories.

In late June '99, Lenny Lane was shown talking a lot with Lodi, another long-term jobber. The two were made out to seem to have a "gay" angle, going as far as the two wearing pink and talking about each other in different ways. Lane went as far as tying his hair into pigtails and having a lollipop usually in his mouth. However, it was later shown that they were actually brothers (at least in their angle). The two then began both tagging together and wrestling in handicap matches as the West Hollywood Blondes. For a while, though, things seemed the same, as they rarely got a victory over their opponents.

On August 19th, 1999, Lane was given a shot against Rey Mysterio Jr for the Cruiserweight Title. It was an ok match, with Mysterio mainly staying in charge. However, due to interference from Lodi, Lenny actually managed to roll Mysterio up and get the pin, surprising everyone in becoming the cruiserweight champion! This boosted Lane's stock tremendously in the world of professional wrestling. Despite his reputation, with Lodi at his side, he retained the Cruiserweight belt against some tough competition, and defeated Kaz Hayashi at Fall Brawl '99 to get his first WCW PPV win. In October '99, though, Psicosis managed to pin him to take the title away, and Lenny and Lodi returned to obscurity again. There was said to be serious complaints from various organizations about the "gay" angle, including threats from GLAAD, which finally had WCW pull Lane & Lodi from television for a time.

Lane and Lodi would appear under various gimmicks in the next few months in WCW. For a while, they appeared in suits with Miss Hancock as Standards & Practices, usually studying the competition. They were also known as Lane and Rave for a brief period, teaming as XS. But neither man got much heat from the crowd, and thus, did not stay on the major TV shows. In August '00, with WCW working to find ways to save money, Lane & Lodi were released from the federation. Lane then wrestled for the rest of the year mainly on the independent scene, using his now-more-well-known name to gain prominence in various matches. He also appeared once more in WCW, sitting in the stands, holding up a sign that said "Use Me". He fought the Wall on one night and defeated him, costing the Wall his job while apparently regaining his. But the Wall reappeared with the Misfits In Action stable (as AWOL) while Lenny was once again dropped due to contract problems.

Lane appeared in a dark match in the WWF on December 28th, 2000, wrestling against Sho Funaki. Nothing came of it, however. In 2001, Lane has worked some in Steel Domain Wrestling, Beach Wrestling, the FLWA, Southwest Premier Wrestling, and many other independent federations. In April '01, Lane appeared in Texas Championship Wrestling, facing off against the tag champions there, the OverBoyz (Joey Corman & Samir). Surprisingly, Lane was joined by former WCW superstar "Sugar" Shane Helms, and the two teamed together to defeat the OverBoyz and become TCW Tag-Team Champions. The reign did not last long, as Helms would soon go to the WWF as "the Hurricane". Lane continued to wrestle in the independants, later following the travel of many former WCW superstars by entering the WWAS. In October '01, Lane and his former ally, Lodi, were placed into the WWAS Title Tournament when Juventud Guerrera was injured. They took on the Road Dogg Jesse James in a Triangle match. Unfortunately, the two men could not work together, which allowed James to get the win and move on.

Pay-Per-View Summary: (6 - 13)
- North Eastern Wrestling (Japan) 3rd Anniversary Show (October '96) = Lenny Lane lost to the PWA Champion Wellington Wilkins, Jr.
- WCW Slamboree '98 = Lenny Lane competed in a Cruiserweight Battle Royale, which was won by "Ciclope" (who was actually Dean Malenko).
- WCW World War III '98 = Lane competed in the World War III 60-man battle royal, which was won by Kevin Nash.
- WCW Fall Brawl '99 = Lane took out Kaz Hayashi to retain the Cruiserweight Title.
- WCW Uncensored '00 = Lane and Rave lost to Norman Smiley and the KISS Demon.
- WWAS Sydney Superdome (October 26, '01) = Lane lost a "Triangle" match to the Road Dogg in the WWAS Title Tournament. Lodi was the other participant.
- WWA "Revolution" (February 24, '02) = Lane & Lodi were beaten by Ernest Miller & Rick Steiner.
- NWA-TNA Huntsville PPV (Show #2, June 19, '02) = Lane & Bruce fell to Chris Harris & James Storm.
- NWA-TNA Nashville PPV (Show #3, July 3, '02) = Lane & Bruce won over Buff Bagwell & Apolo. Later that night, Lane & Bruce lost to AJ Styles & Jerry Lynn, who won the vacant NWA Tag-Team Titles.
- SDW Red Wing Show (September 22, '02) = Lane retained the SDW Title, beating Austin Aries.
- SDW Red Wing Show (October 6, '02) = Lane stayed the SDW Champion, winning over Daryk St. Holmes.
- SDW West St. Paul Show (October 26, '02) = Lane defeated Magnus Maximus.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #20, November 13, '02) = The Rainbow Express (Lane & Bruce) were beaten by the Spanish Announce Team.
- NWA-TNA PPV (Show #21, November 20, '02) = Lane was pinned by B.G. James.
- SDW West St. Paul Show (January 25, '03) = Lane lost to the Television Champion, Tracey Smothers.
- SDW West St. Paul Show (March 8, '03) = Lane, Magnus Maximus & Colt Cabana fell to Scotty Zappa, J.B. Trask & Daryck St. Holmes.
- SDW Lakeville Show (March 15, '03) = Lane defeated Daryck St. Holmes.
- SDW Fridley Show (May 2, '03) = Lane fell to Bobby Zappa.

Title Summary:
- FLWA Tag Team Champion w/?? (??/??/??)
- WCW World Cruiserweight Champion (8/19/99 - 10/02/99)
- TCW Texas Tag-Team Champion w/ Shane Helms (4/21/01 - 01)
- SDW World Heavyweight Champion (02)
- NAWA Heavyweight Champion (11/07/04 - Current)