Horace Hogan

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 240 lbs

Real Name: Michael Bollea

DOB: 10/21/1965

Hometown: Tampa, Florida

Other Names: Horace Boulder (FMW, WCW)

Wrestler Since: January 1990

Finishing Maneuvers: "Stop Sign", Full Nelson Slam

Previous PWI 500 Rankings: #261(2001), #256(2000), #270(1999), #276(1996), #333(1995), #319(1994), #338(1993), #257(1992), #474(1991)

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History: Terry Bolleas, the nephew of Hollywood Hulk Hogan, first gained prominence in the Marital-Arts Wrestling Circuit, where he and Sabu gained the Tag Team Titles. With the name of Horace Boulder (a slight tribute to Hogan, who went under the name Terry Boulder for a time), Bolleas learned his craft well. He won the FMW World Brass-Knuckles Tag Team titles with Hisakatsu Ooya, before coming to WCW.

His arrival in WCW was immediately 'impacting', as he nailed Diamond Dallas Page with a Stop sign at the '98 Spring Stampede, which helped Raven win the WCW US Title. His association with the Flock only lasted a short while, however, as he began fighting against Raven. He was freed from the Flock due to Saturn winning the "Control of the Flock" Match at Fall Brawl '98 over Raven. Soon after, however, Horace met with his uncle, Hollywood Hulk Hogan. Hogan talked of sacrifice for a few minutes, then violently attacked Horace, opening a cut on his head with a chair. The cut would need stitches.

Surprisingly, however, Horace showed up at Halloween Havoc '98 to help Hollywood defeat the Warrior. The next week, "Horace Hogan" joined the nWo Hollywood faction. Horace began wrestling with many nWo allies watching his back, as a member of the "B" Team of the nWo. After fighting with Vince and Stevie Ray, among others, Horace finally lost in the nWo Black 'n' White Battle Royale, which made Stevie Ray the leader of the "B" Team. Horace continued to wrestle under Stevie Ray with the "B" Team, but it seemed that none of the members were getting pushes. Horace wrestled some Hardcore matches, but never got a push in that division. He also joined Scott Norton and the rest of the "B" Team in fighting against Ernest "The Cat" Miller. Due to Norton being unable to wrestle at the Great American Bash (blood pressure problems), Horace wrestled Miller instead. He had the upper hand, until Sonny Onoo distracted the referee. Miller then put on a steel-toed shoe and kicked Hogan in the head, getting the victory.

Horace next appeared in the Hardcore Junkyard match at Bash at the Beach '99, a vicious battle that left many wrestlers on the shelf for a few months. Horace tried to get himself the Hardcore Trophy, but Dave "Fit" Finlay won the day, leaving Horace again without a major PPV victory. Hogan began fading out again, wrestling occassional Hardcore matches, as well as fights against his former teammates in the nWo "B" Team. Horace's presence finally disappeared from the main shows altogether, until well after the year 2000 began.

After Vince Russo & Eric Bischoff reappeared to retake WCW in April '00, they formed the New Blood, a squad of the younger wrestlers. Bischoff, along with Billy Kidman, immediately began a huge feud with Hulk Hogan, trying to take him out with the Hummer. The next week, Horace came out from the back, facing Kidman in a good match. Horace began siding with his blood relative against Kidman, Bischoff, and the rest of the New Blood. This put Horace back in the spotlight, giving him tv time to wrestle against various members of the New Blood. After the Hulkster defeated Kidman at Slamboree '00, thanks in part to Horace counting the three with Bischoff's unconscious hand, Bischoff propositioned Tori, Kidman's girlfriend, to Horace, in exchange for his help. Horace turned on his uncle during a brawl, taking the opportunity to go with Tori. This, of course, started a minor feud between Horace and Kidman, with the lady in the middle.

Horace also battled his uncle, fighting against the recently-returned "Hollywood" Hogan. Horace seemed to settle things between himself and Kidman before the Great American Bash, where he was the special referee in a rematch between Hollywood and Kidman. At the Bash, Horace called the match down the middle, returning to Hogan's side, and helping to get him the victory over Kidman. Horace had a brief feud with Kidman in the next month, but it did not go anywhere, as Horace dropped back out of the public eye. At Bash at the Beach, a shoot occured, where Hulk Hogan was given the free pin on Jeff Jarrett, then left WCW with the "old" World Title. Horace was rarely seen after that night.

Since then, Horace has wrestled in various independent leagues, and has been involved in WWC/IWA in Puerto Rico. In December 2000, Horace Hogan invaded NWA Florida, attacking NWA World Champion Sabu and "Colorado" Mike Rapada during a title match. Horace then challenged both men to a 3-Way Dance. This started a feud between the three men, although after Rapada won the title from Sabu, the two began teaming together against Horace. Horace then announced that he would be bringing a mystery partner to the arena for a tag match against the two. The mystery partner turned out to be Dan "The Beast" Severn. Horace & Severn managed to defeat Sabu & Rapada, due to Rapada injuring his knee and being open for Severn to get the pin. Horace & Severn, teaming together, then made a run at the NWA Florida Tag-Team Titles, held by B Brian Blair & the Indestructible Cyborg. Prior to the event, Horace & the Cyborg fought to a Double Disqualification. At "February Fury", Horace & Severn fought hard against Blair & the Cyborg. But the match didn't go as planned, as Horace accidentally hit Severn with a chair, leaving him wide open for the Cyborg to chokeslam him. This broke Horace & Severn up, causing them to feud for a time period.

Currently, Horace is still a part of NWA Florida, and has found a new partner in NWA Georgia Heavyweight Champion Stone Mountain. The two were scheduled to go for the NWA Florida Tag-Team Titles against B Brian Blair & the Cyborg. However, Stone Mountain couldn't make it, and Barry Horiwitz became his partner instead. Blair pinned Horowitz after a sunset flip, keeping the belts for his team. Horace continues to try to find his way into the gold in NWA Florida, and continues to work towards climbing to the big time once again.

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Pay-Per-View/Show Summary: (6 - 10, 1 DDQ)
- FMW/WWA In Los Angeles (May '92) = Boulder, Tim Patterson and Negro Casas lost to Tarzan Goto, Atsushi Onita and El Hijo del Santo in a "Best of 3 Falls" Match.
- FMW Fall Spectacular '92 = Boulder, Gladiator and Big Titan won a "Street Fight Stretcher" Match over Sambo Asaka, Ricky Fuji and the Great Punk.
- FMW 6th Anniversary Show (May '95) = Boulder and Gladiator were beaten by Masato Tanaka and Katsutoshi Niiyama.
- FMW 7th Anniversary Show (May '96) = Boulder, Gladiator and Hisakatsu Oya lost to Super Leather and the Headhunters, who became the 1st 6-Man Tag Street Fight Champs.
- FMW World Independent Title Tournament (August '96) = Boulder lost to Hisakatsu Oka. Wing Kanemura won the tournament.
- FMW 1st Japanese PPV (April '98) = Boulder and Super Leather defeated Gladiator and Tetsuhiro Kuroda.
- WCW World War III '98 = Horace Hogan competed in the "3 Ring Battle Royal", which was won by Kevin Nash.
- WCW Great American Bash '99 = Horace Hogan got knocked out by Ernest "The Cat" Miller's shoe, losing the match.
- WCW Bash at the Beach '99 = Horace competed in the Hardcore Junkyard Match, which was won by Fit Finlay.
- NWA Florida The Chamberlain Challege: "No Games, Just Wrestling" (January 23rd, '01) = Horace & Dan Severn defeated Mike Rapada & Sabu.
- NWA Florida Outrage at the Outpost II: "The Thriller At Gasparilla" (January 27th, '01) = Horace fought to a Double Disqualification with the Indestructible Cyborg.
- NWA Florida "February Fury" (February 20th, '01) = Horace & Dan Severn lost to the NWA Florida Tag-Team Champions B Brian Blair & the Indestructible Cyborg.
- MCW (Michigan) Muskegon Show (May 5, '02) = Hogan & Dan Severn were beaten by Reggie Brown & Vito.
- HWA Batavia Show (May 18, '02) = Hogan & Chet Jablonski beat Race Steele & Johnny the Bull.
- HWA Dayton Show (July 10, '02) = Hogan defeated Chris Kanyon.
- IPW St. Petersburg Show (August 17, '02) = Hogan & Mike Shane won over the Vandals.
- Jimmy Hart's All-Star Wrestling (February 10, '03) = Hogan fell to Buff Bagwell.

Title Summary:
- Frontier Martial Arts World Tag Team Champion w/ Sabu (5/7/92 - 5/24/92)
- Frontier Martial Arts World Brass Knuckles Tag-Team Champion(2) w/ Kisakatsu Ooya (12/21/95 - 1/5/96)
- PCW Florida Champion (??/??/??)