Sylvan Grenier

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 240 lbs

Real Name: Sylvain Grenier

DOB: 3/26/1977

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec

Other Names: Sly (NCW), M.Canada, Sylvain Grenier(WWE), Sylvan(WWE)

Wrestler Since: 1998

Finishing Maneuver: 3 Seconds of Fame, Flapjack, Au Revoir

Previous PWI 500 Rankings: #414(2011), #267(2007), #312(2006), #94(2005), #60(2004), #118(2003)

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History: (Last Updated: 3/30/06)

The Beginning
WWE Raw: 2003 / 2004 / 2005
WWE Smackdown: 2005 / 2006

The Beginning

Sylvain Grenier began in the business of professional wrestling by training under two very strong icons. First, he spent some time in the Funkin' Conservatory under Dory Funk Jr, even winning the International Championship there. Sylvain then trained under the Rock's father, Rocky Johnson, in Florida, again becoming more skilled inside the squared circle. Grenier's training soon got him recognized by World Wrestling Entertainment, who signed Grenier to a developmental deal with Ohio Valley Wrestling. Grenier joined several other young talents, including Rene Dupree, in Bolin Services, the powerhouse group in OVW. Soon, Grenier & Dupree were working well together as a team, earning recognition as an up-and-coming duo.

WWE Raw: 2003

In February, at WWE's No Way Out '03, "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan faced off against the Rock in a rematch of their tremendous Wrestlemania match from the year before. The match was held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The referee was Sylvain Grenier. Near the end of the match, Hogan seemed to be on the verge of winning, as he set up his Leg Drop on the Rock. Suddenly, the lights in the arena went out, just before he could connect. When the lights returned, both the Rock and Grenier were laid out on the mat, not moving, while the Hulkster stood between them, absolutely confused. Vince McMahon then came out from the back, pointing at Hogan and gesturing about what happened. As Hogan turned his back to yell at McMahon, Grenier reached over to the outside, got a steel chair, and slid it to the Rock, who promptly nailed Hogan with it. After a Rock Bottom, the Rock made the pin, with Grenier alertly making the quick count to give the Rock the tainted win. This instantly made Grenier a heel, although it would take a few months for him to enter the ring as a wrestler.

On the first Raw of April '03, Grenier appeared alongside Rene Dupree in a vignette, with the two talking about how they would not be liked by the fans simply because they were French (using the current anti-French feeling due to the war in Iraq). For the next few weeks, Grenier & Dupree appeared together on promos, speaking about their position. La Resistance finally debuted in person at the April 28th Raw, when they interrupted a Scott Steiner post-match interview. They mentioned Steiner's 'debate' with Christopher Nowinski a few weeks before, where Steiner said that anyone who was against the war could go to hell or France. La Resistance then attacked Steiner, eventually taking control due to the numbers game and laying him out with a double spinebuster. La Resistance continued to feud with Steiner and his tag-team partner, Test, for the next few weeks, while also routinely bashing America for the hatred of the French.

At Judgment Day '03, La Resistance faced off against Steiner & Test in a tag-team match. Steiner & Test's massive advantage in experience and strength led them to control the majority of the match, while Grenier & Dupree used duplicity and double-teaming to stay involved. During the match, Test powerslammed Grenier, then made the pin. However, the referee was distracted by Test's manager, Stacy Keibler, keeping the count from going down. Test, annoyed, stood up towards Keibler, only to have Grenier dropkick him into his manager. Keibler fell off the ring apron, but was caught by Steiner, causing jealousy to again appear in Test (who had been having problems with Steiner). Later on, Test accidentally got the Big Boot on Steiner, knocking him down. Steiner was then caught with the Flapjack and pinned, getting La Resistance their first WWE pay-per-view victory.

After the victory, La Resistance began gaining momentum in the WWE Raw Tag-Team ranks, working their way towards a title shot against the champions, Rob Van Dam & Kane. On one Raw, La Resistance interrupted Lillian Garcia's singing of America the Beautiful, bashing the US and talking about how France was a peace-loving country. Co-General Manager "Stone Cold" Steve Austin then came out and attacked the two men, taking out both before singing a duet of America the Beautiful with Garcia. La Resistance complained later to the other co-GM, Eric Bischoff, who granted Grenier a "Flag" Match against Rob Van Dam, with a win getting the team a tag-team title shot. During the match, the referee was accidentally knocked down, even as RVD had control. He managed to get the American flag, but without the referee seeing it, the match continued. Dupree then became involved, taking out Van Dam, only to have Kane get involved as well. But Dupree managed to get the American flag put back up, even as Grenier got the French flag, just as the referee revived to give Grenier the win.

La Resistance got their Raw Tag-Team Title shot against Rob Van Dam & Kane at Bad Blood '03. Before the match, La Resistance insulted the Texas fans, while dedicating the match to the French President, Jacques Chirac. Van Dam had control over Dupree early in the match, but tricky tactics by Grenier allowed La Resistance to take the momentum, double-teaming Van Dam. RVD finally was able to make the tag to Kane, who destroyed the heels for a while, even fighting off double-team attempts. The three men fought to the outside, with Van Dam diving out of the ring towards them. Unfortunately for the champs, Van Dam nailed Kane with the dive, taking him out. La Resistance then beat down Van Dam, getting the Flapjack on him to win the WWE Raw World Tag-Team Titles, a major accomplishment for a team that had only been on Raw for less than two months.

La Resistance defended the titles only 24 hours later in a rematch against Rob Van Dam & Kane, with the former champions dominating for a good portion of the match. But miscues again sunk RVD & Kane, as Dupree was able to shove Van Dam off the top rope during an attempted Five-Star Frog Splash, making him hit Kane instead. Kane then went beserk, grabbing a steel chair and nailing both members of La Resistance, ending the match via disqualification. It was a painful victory, but La Resistance kept the tag-team titles. On the next Raw, La Resistance came out and renewed the heel tradition of singing their National Anthem to the boos of the crowd. The Hurricane interrupted them, angering La Resistance. They challenged the Hurricane to find an American partner and face them. The Hurricane brought out Sgt. Slaughter, a long-time patriot. Slaughter & the Hurricane nearly beat La Resistance with Slaughter's Cobra Clutch manuever on Grenier, but Dupree knocked out Slaughter with one of the titles, enabling Grenier to get the pin and get the cheap win.

La Resistance's singing later led to their next feud, as they were interrupted during the French National Anthem on a July '03 Raw by the Dudley Boyz, who beat down the tag-team champions. La Resistance and the Dudleys would feud for the next month, with the French team gaining much ire when Grenier broke a US flag over his knee. On an August Raw, La Resistance came out and bragged about what they had recently done to the Dudleys, then harrassed a uniformed serviceman at ringside. The Dudleyz came out to drive La Resistance away, then saluted the serviceman, only to have him attack both Dudleyz with the US flag he carried! La Resistance then came out and joined in the 3-on-2 assault, as Rob Conway officially joined their ranks.

At Summerslam '03, La Resistance and the Dudleyz fought it out for the tag-team titles. Just as it seemed that the Dudleyz had everything under control, having just hit the 3-D, a cameraman (Rob Conway again in disguise) entered the ring and knocked out D-Von Dudley with the heavy camera. This allowed La Resistance to come back and get the victory, retaining the titles. Conway announced on the next Raw that he had joined La Resistance due to the way the President of the US had forced America into a war, and that he thought the French way was the best. Later that night, in a six-man title match pitting La Resistance against the Dudleyz (and Spike Dudley), Conway got the victory for his team by knocking out Bubba Ray Dudley with one of the tag belts. La Resistance continued to feud with the three Dudleys, with Conway taking out Spike by powerbombing him through a table.

The titles were put on the line in a "Handicap Tables" Match between La Resistance & Conway and the Dudley Boyz (it became a handicap match since Spike couldn't compete) at Unforgiven '03. Early on, the three French representatives used the numbers to their advantages, with quick tags to control a Dudley. The Dudley Boyz came back, with Bubba Ray telling D-Von to "Get The Tables", but La Resistance got the first shot, tossing D-Von into a table set up on the turnbuckle to get the first elimination (although D-Von could still participate in the match). Bubba Ray Dudley fought back, taking out Grenier with a suplex through a table. D-Von then later saved Bubba Ray from a table back-body drop by moving the table out of the way, and the two Dudleys worked together to toss Conway over the ropes and out to another table, eliminating Conway. Dupree tried to survive, landing a nice double clothesline at one point, but the Dudleys reversed an Irish Whip into the 3-D through a table to win the match and the Tag-Team Titles.

Grenier felt a lot of pain after going through the table, and suffered for a few weeks with the injury, even as people told him "Take two Advil and you'll be fine". Soon enough, though, Grenier found out that he had a broken neck, and was quickly put on the shelf for many months, even as Conway joined Dupree as the new formation of La Resistance. For the rest of the year, Grenier worked on recuperating, in the hopes of rejoining his tag-team.

WWE Raw: 2004

In March '04, Grenier finally returned to Raw, rejoining Dupree & Conway, as well as bringing along another member for the group: Fifi, a French poodle. The group was quickly cited by "Sheriff" Steve Austin for not cleaning up after the dog. Dupree, angry over the treatment, later called out Austin, only to be beaten down for his troubles. The very next week, a Draft Lottery was held between Raw and Smackdown, with Dupree being selected to go to Smackdown, again breaking up the trio. Dupree took Fifi with him, while Grenier & Conway formed the third tag-team version of La Resistance on Raw.

Around this time, La Resistance began to be announced as being from Quebec, rather than from France. The new La Resistance got a match at Backlash '04, facing off against Rosey & the Hurricane. During the match, Eugene, who was a 'special' wrestler, came down to the ring and distracted La Resistance by playing with their flags, among other things. While William Regal came down to get Eugene away from ringside, the Hurricane got the pinfall, getting a big win over La Resistance. Conway would feud with Eugene over the next few weeks, with Grenier giving his support.

At the end of May '04, La Resistance was given a Raw Tag-Team Title shot against the champions, Chris Benoit & Edge. The show was held in Montreal, giving La Resistance almost a 'home-field advantage' from the fans. The odds seemed to be against La Resistance, as Benoit & Edge were both dominating wrestlers. At one point, Benoit got the Crippler Crossface on Conway, nearly winning the match before Grenier could make the save. In the end, though, La Resistance took advantage of some problems between the tag-team champs, especially after Edge accidentally Speared Benoit. This gave La Resistance the chance to double-team Edge, and they took him out with the Au Revoir, winning the match and getting the tag-team titles around their waist.

La Resistance and Benoit & Edge continued to have problems going into the summer of '04. On the Raw before the next pay-per-view, Benoit was placed by GM Eric Bischoff in a "Handicap" Match against La Resistance. As La Resistance was winning with a double-team assault, Edge came to the ring and attacked, ruining the "Handicap" Match. Bischoff, though, came out to the ring. He said that Edge & Benoit would get a tag-team title shot at La Resistance at the pay-per-view, as well as Benoit defending his Raw Heavyweight Title against Kane. Bischoff also said, though, that the Handicap Match would take place, with Kane joining La Resistance. Although Edge & Benoit fought hard, there was no stopping Kane, who chokeslammed Benoit for the victory.

At Bad Blood '04, the two tag-teams again squared off, with the Raw Tag-Team Championship on the line. Edge had the early advantage on Grenier, until Conway interfered, slamming Edge into the steel guardrail at ringside. The two French representatives double-teamed Edge for a while, until Edge finally made the hot tag to Benoit. In the end, Benoit and Edge avoided a near collision between the two, then took the fight to La Resistance. Benoit locked Grenier in the Crippler Crossface, while Edge dumped Conway out of the ring. The titles looked as good as gone, but at the last minute, Kane suddenly charged out to the ring and attacked Benoit, causing the disqualification loss, but also keeping the belts around the waist of La Resistance.

La Resistance stayed the tag-team champions going into July '04, where they fought a patriotic team in Sgt. Slaughter & Rhyno after insulting Independence Day. However, La Resistance got the last laugh, winning the match by beating Slaughter. At Vengeance '04, things again looked bad for La Resistance, as they were booked to defend their titles against Ric Flair & Eugene, who had begun hanging out with Evolution (Flair's stable). It was an interesting match, as Eugene acted just like Flair, doing his moves, causing Flair to come in and show how it's really done. Flair almost won the match with the Figure Four on Grenier, with Conway breaking up the submission hold. La Resistance then came back, getting in some good shots on Flair. When Flair was almost over to make the tag to Eugene, Conway broke it up by pulling Eugene off the apron. This caused Eugene to lose control, though, as he charged in and shoved the ref out of the way, then attacking both members of La Resistance. This caused the disqualification, getting La Resistance out of another match with the belts still around their waists.

Grenier & Conway next feuded with Rhyno and his new tag-team partner, Tajiri. The two former ECW wrestlers proved to be quite a handful for La Resistance over the next few weeks, as they had a series of both singles and tag matches. La Resistance even lost a non-title match to Rhyno & Tajiri, signaling bad times ahead. In the week before the August PPV, Summerslam, a match was set up pitting Rhyno & Tajiri against two unknown wrestlers. Rhyno & Tajiri had to win the match within 3 minutes to get a tag-team title shot. With little time left, Rhyno & Tajiri were in complete control. But La Resistance distracted the referee, keeping him away as the time ran out. The match went to a No-Contest, apparently keeping Rhyno & Tajiri from getting a shot. La Resistance then did not have to defend the belts at Summerslam '04, getting the night off.

On the Raw after the PPV, Grenier fought Rhyno in a singles match, with the stipulation that, if Rhyno won, his team would get a title shot, but if he lost, his team would never be granted a chance. Thanks in part to Tajiri's Green Mist, Rhyno won, forcing La Resistance to give them the #1 Contenders spot. A week later, La Resistance joined with Jonathan Coachman to attack Tajiri & the Rock (who had returned to talk to the Diva contestants). But when Rhyno made the save, La Resistance took off, leaving the Coach in the ring to feel the People's Elbow from the Rock. The trio got revenge the next week, though, as La Resistance & the Coach won a "Handicap" Match over Rhyno & Tajiri. The week before the PPV, La Resistance, Ric Flair, & Batista fought against Rhyno, Tajiri, Chris Benoit, & William Regal in an eight-man tag. After a wild match, Conway was made to submit to Benoit's Sharpshooter.

At Unforgiven '04, La Resistance finally had to give a Raw World Tag-Team Title shot to Rhyno & Tajiri. After Grenier tried to sing Oh, Canada (their normal beginning), the match began in earnest, with Tajiri taking control of Grenier. The faces dominated for a time, but when Rhyno missed a Gore on Conway and injured his shoulder, Conway was quick to capitalize, controlling the match until Rhyno managed to escape and make the tag to Tajiri, who immediately regained the momentum for his team with a series of kicks. Near the end of the match, after Grenier had been badly racked by the Canadian flag pole, Rhyno got the Gore and made the cover. But Conway, from the outside, put Grenier's foot on the ropes, keeping the match going. Conway then brawled with Tajiri on the outside, distracting the referee, while Grenier recovered enough to knock Rhyno out with the flag pole, getting the 3-count to retain the tag-team titles.

After the PPV, La Resistance had a brief feud with Rosey & the Hurricane, after the duo won a Contenders match. La Resistance defended the titles against them on Raw, easily getting the win with their Au Revoir finisher. Around the end of September, a new type of PPV was announced, where the fans would choose the competitors. It was called Taboo Tuesday. In the main event, 3 wrestlers were available to be voted on to face Triple H for the Raw World Title. Shawn Michaels earned the title shot, leaving Chris Benoit & Edge to compete in the secondary match: a World Tag-Team Title shot against La Resistance. Grenier & Conway complained bitterly about having to wrestle without any preparation for the wrestlers they would face, but still had to go through with it. Benoit & Edge had a lot of problems working as a team, as Edge was distracted and angry with the fans for not choosing him. In fact, Edge left the ring before the match was over, storming to the back and leaving the arena. Despite this, however, Benoit was able to come back, blocking the Au Revoir, knocking Grenier off the apron, then putting Conway in the Crippler Crossface. Conway had no choice but to tap, giving the Tag-Team Titles to Benoit and a very disgruntled Edge.

After taking a week off, La Resistance was granted their title rematch in the beginning of November '04. Once again, things were bad between Benoit & Edge, with Edge refusing to tag in. This gave La Resistance the advantage, and they worked not to waste it, double-teamming Benoit at every opportunity. In the end, just as it seemed Benoit was once again making a comeback, Edge distracted the referee, keeping Benoit from making the pin. La Resistance then recovered to take out Benoit and make the cover, once again gaining the Raw World Tag-Team Titles. After the match, Edge 'borrowed' one of the belts to clock Benoit in the head, then returned it to Grenier & Conway. Unfortunately, even as the champs, La Resistance didn't have much to do with one of the biggest PPVs of the year, the '04 Survivor Series. They wrestled on Sunday Night Heat, winning a Non-Title Match over Rosey & the Hurricane.

Due to stipulations regarding the Raw Elimination Match, the fan-favorites team got to take turns being the General Manager for a month. The first one up was Maven, who quickly arranged for La Resistance to defend the Raw Tag Titles in a "Triple Threat Elimination" Match against William Regal & Eugene and Rhyno & Tajiri. Conway & Grenier managed to work together to eliminate Rhyno & Tajiri first, mostly by Conway holding Rhyno's legs from outside the ring, while Grenier made the pin. But Regal & Eugene were too much for them, as Regal dodged a flag shot, causing Grenier to knock out Conway. Eugene was then tagged in and dropped the People's Elbow on Conway for the victory, stripping away the Raw Tag-Team Titles from La Resistance only a few weeks after they had regained them. It didn't get any better the next week, as La Resistance & Christian lost a six-man tag match to Regal, Eugene, & Shelton Benjamin.

On the next Raw, with Randy Orton as the GM, a 20-man #1 Contenders match was held, with the winner getting a shot at Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Grenier and Conway both participated in the match, with Grenier being eliminated by Maven, while Conway was thrown out by Gene Snitsky. Chris Benoit and Edge won the battle royal, as both were eliminated at the same time. Later that night, La Resistance was granted another shot at the Tag-Team Titles, taking on Regal & Eugene. La Resistance seemed to have it in hand near the end, as they set up Eugene for the Au Revoir. But Regal tripped them up from the outside, allowing Eugene to get a Stone Cold Stunner and win the match, keeping the belts away from La Resistance. The team then took some time off, disappearing from Raw for the last few weeks of '04.


On the first Raw of the year, Grenier was given a non-title match against the Intercontinental Champ, Shelton Benjamin, with Conway helping out. But Benjamin used miscues by both men against them in the match. At one point, while Conway was distracting Benjamin, Grenier got a dropkick in from behind. But this sent Benjamin into Conway, knocking him down. When Grenier tried to apologize, Benjamin came back and attacked, taking out Conway, then beating Grenier with the T-Bone Suplex for the victory. The next weekend, neither Grenier nor Conway made an impact on the New Years Revolution pay-per-view, losing a Sunday Night Heat match to Rosey & the Hurricane. But it was still an important night for the team, as, during the tag-team title defense, Eugene badly injured his knee, putting him on the shelf. It was later arranged at a Canadian WWE house show that William Regal, with Jonathan Coachman as his partner, would have to defend the tag-team titles against La Resistance. Coachman didn't help at all, leaving Regal in a double-team situation that he couldn't win. Thus, at a house show, Grenier & Conway gained the Raw Tag Titles for the third time, with Grenier starting his fourth reign with the belts.

The team celebrated on the next Raw, showing off their tag-team titles, and joined with Maven in a match against Shelton Benjamin, the Hurricane, & Rosey. While Benjamin was distracted by Maven and the Hurricane was down, La Resistance got in the double-team and amazingly got the Au Revoir finisher on the huge Rosey, winning the match. A week later, La Resistance went to Eric Bischoff to ask for both of them to be entered into the '05 Royal Rumble match. They were interrupted by Batista, who told Bischoff he accepted the offer of a qualifying match. La Resistance were quick to say that a Handicap Match between them and Batista should be arranged, with the winner getting into the Rumble. While Bischoff was skeptical, Batista was not, accepting the match. Conway then threatened to shove their flag down Batista's throat. Batista threatened to put it somewhere else. In the match, despite the double-team, La Resistance couldn't put Batista away. Eventually, Batista slammed one on top of the other, then made the cover, making it into the Rumble. Batista then fulfilled his promise, grabbing the flag and sticking it between Conway's legs.

Things got worse for La Resistance in the near future. Not only did they not appear at the Rumble, they were forced to defend their Tag Titles against William Regal & Tajiri in Tajiri's home country of Japan (the first ever Raw broadcast from there). The home turf advantage was too much for La Resistance, as Tajiri & Regal took away the belts. La Resistance quickly demanded their rematch, and got it on the next Raw. Once again, though, Tajiri & Regal proved to be the stronger team, keeping La Resistance from reclaiming the gold. La Resistance appeared again on Heat the next week, protesting to the Coach about their lost titles, and how they shouldn't have had to defend them in Japan. When Regal & Tajiri answered, a Six-Man Tag was set up, with La Resistance & the Coach losing to Regal, Tajiri, & Rhyno.

For the next few weeks, La Resistance kept appearing on Heat, fighting with either Regal & Tajiri or Rhyno. They finally made their return to Raw in the middle of March '05, but unfortunately for them, it was against the reformation of the Rockers (Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty), with Jannetty getting his Rocker Dropper for the victory. Conway fought Michaels in a singles match the next week, with Grenier in his corner, trying to help him out. But Michaels took out Conway with some Sweet Chin Music, sending La Resistance down to defeat yet again. Despite this, La Resistance got another crack at the Raw Tag Titles on the Raw before Wrestlemania, thanks to GM Eric Bischoff, who set up the match since the belts weren't being defended at the PPV. La Resistance took on the champs, Regal & Tajiri, and Simon Dean & Maven in a "Three-Way" Match. Once again, though, things didn't work out for Grenier & Conway, as Regal & Tajiri pulled out the win.

Going into April '05, La Resistance became more and more regulated to Heat, although they challenged Regal & Tajiri repeatedly for the belts. The duo returned to Raw near the end of the month, with Grenier taking on Chris Jericho, while Conway watched from the outside. Predictably, Grenier tapped out to the Walls of Jericho, but Conway helped Grenier after the match, attacking Jericho, with Shelton Benjamin coming down to make the save. At Backlash '05, La Resistance joined in the Tag-Team Turmoil Match, getting yet another shot at the Raw Tag Titles. The duo got a good draw in the match, coming in as the 4th team, and used this to take down the tired team of Regal & Tajiri, eliminating the champs! However, the final team, Rosey & the Hurricane (aka the Superheroes), proved to be too strong for La Resistance, with the Hurricane getting a splash off of Rosey's shoulders on Conway for the pin. Twenty-four hours later on Raw, La Resistance got a rematch against the Superheroes, with it ending much the same way for Conway & Grenier.

A week later on Raw, Grenier & Conway came into Bischoff's office to ask for another title shot. During the conversation, though, things got heated between the two teammates, with each basically blaming the other for their recent misfortunes. Bischoff quickly placed each man in a singles match that night, with them having the chance to prove who the better man was. It didn't work out for either man, though, as Grenier fell to the massive Viscera, while Conway was beaten by Shelton Benjamin's springboard bulldog. Grenier and Conway continued to go their separate ways after this match, with Grenier losing to Val Venis on Heat, then coming back to Raw to fall to Jericho. At the end of May '05, the animosity between the two former teammates came to a head during a "Three-Way" Match against the IC Champion, Benjamin. La Resistance couldn't work together, turning the bout into a true Triple Threat, enabling Benjamin to get the victory in the end to stay the champ.

The two former partners wrestled each other on Heat at the beginning of June '05, with Grenier losing to his long-time ally. Grenier next appeared with the Raw heels at ECW One Night Stand, even getting involved at the brawl near the end, when the Raw & Smackdown anti-ECW contingents were sent from the ring. Grenier then appeared on Raw the next night, only to be met by the returning Kane, who gave Grenier multiple Chokeslams, leaving him crushed in the ring. Grenier then disappeared for the next few weeks, as he was repackaged for a new run in WWE.

WWE Smackdown: 2005

At the end of June '05, Grenier was traded to Smackdown, along with William Regal, Steven Richards, Simon Dean, & Candice Michelle. They were traded for Rene Dupree, Mark Jindrak, Kenzo Suzuki, Chavo Guerrero, & Danny Basham. However, it would be several months before Grenier was seen on WWE television again, as he was held off tv.

In late August '05, Sylvan (dropping the "i") made his reappearance, showing himself to be a former model who believed that he was more attractive than anyone else. He proved it on the 1st September '05 Smackdown, when he interrupted a planned match between divas Christy Hemme and Stacy Keibler to run down both girls, saying that he was more attractive than either of him. Sylvan's return, though, was interrupted by Hardcore Holly, who wanted to see the two girls 'get it on' in the ring. He knocked Sylvan from the ring, before hugging both women. Sylvan defeated Matt Johnson on Velocity the next week, working his way back into the limelight, while also feuding with Holly. Sylvan later had a match with Holly, who had Hemme & Keibler to back him up. Sylvan got physical at first, trying to prove that he was the better man. But when Holly scored a direct hit with a punch to Sylvan's face, Sylvan bailed out, heading towards the back. He got himself counted out, rather than allow his "meal ticket" to be damaged.

At the beginning of October '05, Sylvan faced Hardcore Holly again, this time with Ken Kennedy sitting at ringside. When Holly lost his temper, shoving Kennedy, Kennedy responded by coming back and punching Holly, allowing Sylvan to get the surprise victory. A few weeks later, Steve Romero asked Sylvan about how he felt about Raw invading Smackdown (there was a rivalry going on between the brands at the time). Sylvan only cared about himself, which raised the ire of Hardcore Holly, who attacked Sylvan, starting out a hardcore brawl that went throughout the building, including fighting in an elevator from floor to floor. The fight eventually headed to ringside, where Holly, living up to his nickname, gave Sylvan an Alabama Slamma through a table to get the win, defeating the former model.

Sylvan then faded away for the next few weeks, mostly wrestling on Velocity tapings. He did appear in December '05 for Smackdown, but it was to get beaten down by newcomer Bobby Lashley. Sylvan also lost matches on Velocity to wrestlers like Matt Hardy, before returning on the last show of the year for another squash loss to Lashley. The year did not end well for the former multi-time WWE Tag Champ.

WWE Smackdown: 2006

Sylvan did manage to get a little momentum going into the new year, as he got a few wins on Velocity. He also competed in the 20-Man Battle Royal to decide the new World Champion (Batista had had to give up the belt). But Sylvan was tossed out, even as Raw transplant Kurt Angle went on to get the title. Sylvan continued on, though, earning a place in the '06 Royal Rumble. Sylvan entered at #10, not the best of numbers, but he was ready to style and profile. Unfortunately for Sylvan, he ran right into the tag-team of Kane & the Big Show, who quickly dominated the Smackdown wrestler, sending him out of the ring. Rey Mysterio went on to win the Rumble, earning the title shot at Wrestlemania, while Sylvan could only wonder about his misfortune.

After the loss at the Rumble, Sylvan dropped out of sight once again, only occassionally appearing for the Velocity tapings. His next big appearance was on a March '06 Smackdown, when he was part of the "Lumberjack" Match between Bobby Lashley and Finlay. Sylvan worked on the side of the heels, taking cheap shots whenever possible at Lashley. Sylvan took it a little farther then the rest, though, when he entered the ring with a steel chair. Lashley intercepted him with a Spear, but Sylvan's distraction helped Finlay knock out Lashley with his shillelagh, winning the spot in the "Money In The Bank" Match at Wrestlemania. Sylvan appeared a week later in the "Money In The Bank Last Chance Battle Royal" Match, where he tried to make an impressive showing. But Sylvan was double-teamed by Paul London & Bryan Kendrick, and a double Superkick sent Sylvan out of the ring, losing his chance to wrestle again at Wrestlemania. He did, however, appear in the dark match at Wrestlemania 22, but lost in the "Battle Royal" to Viscera.

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Pay-Per-View/Show Summary: (6 - 11)
- WWE Insurrextion '03 (June 7) = La Resistance (Grenier & Rene Dupree) fell to the WWE Raw Tag Champs, Rob Van Dam & Kane.
- WWE Bad Blood (June 15, '03) = La Resistance won the WWE Raw Tag Titles, beating Rob Van Dam & Kane.
- WWE Summerslam '03 = La Resistance stayed the WWE Raw Tag Champs, winning over the Dudley Boyz.
- WWE Unforgiven '03 (September 21) = La Resistance & Rob Conway lost a "Handicap Tables" Match to the Dudley Boyz, who won the Raw Tag-Team Titles.
- WWE Backlash '04 (April 18) = La Resistance (Grenier & Rob Conway) were beaten by Rosey & the Hurricane.
- WWE Bad Blood '04 (June 13) = La Resistance retained the WWE Raw Tag Titles, but lost, via DQ, to Chris Benoit & Edge.
- WWE Vengeance '04 (July 11) = La Resistance kept the WWE Raw Tag-Team Titles, winning, via DQ, over Ric Flair & Eugene.
- WWE Unforgiven '04 (September 12) = La Resistance stayed the WWE Raw Tag Champs, beating Tajiri & Rhyno.
- WWE Taboo Tuesday (October 19, '04) = La Resistance lost the WWE Raw Tag-Team Titles to Chris Benoit & Edge.
- WWE Survivor Series '04 (November 14, '04) = In a dark match, La Resistance won a "Non-Title" Match over Rosey & the Hurricane.
- WWE New Years Revolution (January 9, '05) = In a dark match, La Resistance were beaten by Rosey & the Hurricane.
- WWE Wrestlemania 21 (April 3, '05) = In a dark match, Grenier competed in a "Smackdown vs. Raw Battle Royal", which was won by Booker T.
- WWE Backlash '05 (May 1) = La Resistance competed in a "Tag-Team Turmoil Raw Tag-Team Title" Match, which was won by Rosey & the Hurricane. The other participants were William Regal & Tajiri, Simon Dean & Maven, and the Heart Throbs.
- WWE Royal Rumble '06 (January 29) = Sylvain competed in the Royal Rumble, which was won by Rey Mysterio.
- WWE Wrestlemania 22 (April 2, '06) = In a dark match, Grenier competed in a "Battle Royal", which was won by Viscera.
- OVW Summer Sizzler Series '07 (July 13) = Grenier defeated Mike Mondo.
- RoH The Hunt Begins (April 17, '09) = Grenier & the American Wolves fell to Bryan Danielson, Kevin Steen, & El Generico.

Title Summary:
- Funkin' Conservatory International Champion (??/??/??)
- WWE Raw World Tag-Team Champion w/ Rene Dupree (6/15/03 - 9/21/03)
- WWE Raw World Tag-Team Champion(2) w/ Rob Conway (5/31/04 - 10/19/04)
- WWE Raw World Tag-Team Champion(3) w/ Rob Conway (11/01/04 - 11/15/04)
- WWE Raw World Tag-Team Champion(4) w/ Rob Conway (1/16/05 - 2/04/05)

PWI Achievement Awards: (0 wins, 2 1st RUs, 0 2nd RUs, 0 3rd RUs)
- 2003 Rookie of the Year, 1st Runner-Up
- 2004 Tag-Team of the Year, 1st Runner-Up (La Resistance w/ Conway)