Gino Hernandez

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 248 lbs

Real Name: Charles Wolfe

DOB: 8/14/1957

DOD: 1/30/1986

Hometown: Highland Park, Texas

Other Names: "Handsome Half-Breed", "Gorgeous", Mr. X

Wrestler Since: 1975

Finishing Maneuver: Unknown

Memorial Website:

History: (Last Edited: 1/14/2006)

It's staggering to look at the numbers of Charles Wolfe's career. In only a decade in the sport, Wolfe held 29 titles. Sixteen of those were tag-team title reigns, with 8 different partners, showing that his strength was in the tag-team ranks. With Wolfe having passed away at 28, it's easy to think about the potential for greatness that was lost at such an early age.

Wolfe trained under Jose Lothario, changing his name to Gino Hernandez to capitalize on his Hispanic looks. Hernandez began wrestling in Southwest Championship Wrestling, teaming with his trainer and gaining a lot of success as his partner. Hernandez traveled the country as well, as was popular at the time, honing his skills in different markets. Hernandez first hit gold in Detroit, winning the NWA United States Heavyweight Title from Don Kent in January 1977. The reign would last for four months before Hernandez fell to the Sheik.

Hernandez soon became a staple in his home state of Texas, wrestling regularly there in both the SCW and in World Class Championship Wrestling in the late 1970's. In August 1977, Hernandez teamed with "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka to win the NWA Texas Tag-Team Titles, beating Bruiser Brody & Mike York. They held the belts for only a short time, though, before dropping the gold. It was around this time that Hernandez and Lothario were having issues, as Gino seemed to be using more and more cheating tactics, which were against Lothario's training. Hernandez eventually turned on his mentor, causing a massive feud over the next few years. In the meantime, Hernandez regained the NWA Texas Tag-Team Titles in August 1978, this time teaming with Bruiser Brody. It was another short reign, as the Von Erichs quickly reclaimed the belts.

But Hernandez used the momentum from the win over the Von Erichs to challenge the eldest son, David, defeating him in October 1978 to become the NWA Texas Heavyweight Champion. The two would trade the belts back and forth for the next few months, with von Erich eventually keeping the belt for a while after beating Hernandez in February 1979. Hernandez then concentrated on his feud with Lothario, teaming with El Gran Markus against Lothario & El Halcon. In July 1979, Hernandez & Markus beat Lothario & Halcon for the NWA American Tag-Team Titles. Lothario & Halcon won them back a few months later, but Hernandez & Markus persisted, regaining the titles in December 1979. This reign only lasted 2 weeks before Lothario & Halcon took the belts back.

Hernandez had 2 more short reigns as the NWA Texas Heavyweight Champion in 1980, defeating Mark Lewin at one point, then losing the belt back to him in May 1980, only to come back quickly and regain it. This was another short reign, as David von Erich beat Hernandez for the gold in June 1980, ending Hernandez's run with that gold. Hernandez still had another title, though, as he had defeated Kevin von Erich for the NWA American Heavyweight Title. He held that belt until August 1980, when he was beaten by his enemy's ally, El Halcon. Hernandez soon got revenge and regained the belt, running with it until December 1980, when the belt was held up after a match with Kevin von Erich. Gino lost the rematch with Kevin's substitute, Kerry von Erich, keeping the belt from him.

Meanwhile, Hernandez continued his massive feud with Lothario, going on 2 years. At one point, Hernandez and Lothario had a now-famous "Hair vs. Hair" Match. Despite his best (and dirtiest) efforts, Hernandez lost, which meant he had to have his head shaved bald. Due to his defeat, Hernandez returned as the masked Mr. X, again focusing on Lothario. The two finally decided to settle things in a "Steel Cage, Texas Death Retirement" Match, with Hernandez getting the win to finally send his mentor into retirement.

Hernandez had several other title reigns in 1980, including another reign with the NWA Texas Tag-Team Titles with Pak Song and another run as the NWA American Tag-Team Chamion with Gary Young, holding the belts until January 1981, when they lost to Bruiser Brody & Kerry von Erich. Only a month later, Hernandez earned a new belt, beating Chavo Guerrero Sr for the NWA International Junior Heavyweight Title in February 1981. Hernandez held the belt for much of the year, defending it with pride, before finally falling in a rematch with Guerrero in September. By now, Hernandez was wrestling regularly in SCW, forming a tag-team with another star, Tully Blanchard. The two formed a long-running tag-team called the Dynamic Duo. Over the next few years, the Duo won the SCW Southwest Tag-Team Titles five times, along with two reigns as the SCW World Tag-Team Champions.

In 1984, Hernandez returned to WCCW, taking up where he had left off (feuding with the von Erichs). Hernandez defeated Jimmy Garvin for the NWA American Heavyweight Title in May 1984, defending it over the next few months. Hernandez would also add the NWA Texas Heavyweight Title back around his waist, using a clever plan that got him the gold. In June 1984, there was a tournament underway for the vacated title, with Kerry von Erich set to face Ric Flair in the finals. Hernandez injured von Erich, then took his place, beating Flair to become the champion.

In August 1984, Hernandez' two-title reign was disrupted, when Mike von Erich took the NWA American Heavyweight Title from him. But Hernandez didn't give up so easily, regaining the gold a month later to 're-unify' his belts. Amazingly, Hernandez didn't stop there, as he won both the NWA Texas Brass Knuckles Championship and the NWA World 6-Man Tag-Team Titles (with Chris Adams & Jake Roberts) in October 1984. For a brief time, Hernandez held four belts. But before October ended, Hernandez again lost the American Heavyweight Title, this time to Kerry von Erich. This didn't stop Hernandez from carrying three belts for a while, forming a strong team with Adams. The team was dubbed, once again, the Dynamic Duo, with the name sticking with Hernandez.

At the end of 1984, the Dynamic Duo & Roberts lost the NWA World 6-Man Tag Titles to Kevin, Kerry, & Mike von Erich. Hernandez would also vacate the NWA Texas Brass Knuckles Title to concentrate on his reign as NWA Texas Heavyweight Champion. Hernandez wasn't through adding some gold, though, as he & Adams won the NWA American Tag-Team Titles in June 1985 by beating the Fantastics. Hernandez again held multiple gold, but this only lasted a month, as Hernandez dropped the NWA Texas Heavyweight Title to Brian Adias in July 1985. A few months later, in September 1985, Hernandez got his revenge, earning the NWA Texas Heavyweight strap for the 6th and final time.

It was during this time period that the Dynamic Duo began to be known for a unique strategy: clipping parts of their opponents' hair to keep as 'trophies'. They proudly showed them off, keeping them separate and sealed in Ziploc bags. However, September would turn into a very bad month for the Duo. In the middle of the month, the team fought to a Double Disqualification against Kevin & Kerry von Erich, leading to the NWA American Tag Titles being held up. The Dynamic Duo lost the rematch, losing the belts. Only a week later, Hernandez lost the NWA Texas Heavyweight Title back to Adias, leaving him titleless for the first time in quite a while.

The Dynamic Duo kept fighting against the von Erichs, with the NWA American Tag Titles again held up after another brawl in October 1985. The two teams met again in November 1985, with the Dynamic Duo winning out to get the belts back. The team started to show signs of problems, though, as Hernandez and Adams continued to have problems getting along. Hernandez finally turned on Adams, breaking up the team and causing the NWA American Tag-Team Titles to be vacated. It looked like Hernandez was on his way to another hot feud as the new year began. Sadly, this was not meant to be.

On January 30th, 1986, Charles Wolfe was found dead in his apartment, apparently from an overdose of cocaine. Rumors persisted that Wolfe, due to his drug & gambling addictions, among other concerns, owed money to the wrong people. Some individuals still claim that they believe that Wolfe was murdered because of these debts, rather than having it be a suicide. No matter what the truth is, it's certainly clear that Wolfe had the talent to be an even larger success in the world of professional wrestling. Who knows what could have happened, had Wolfe been able to control his addictions and been able to continue in the business? Wolfe was 28.

Pay-Per-View/Show Summary: (9 - 9)
- Mid-South Superdome Extravaganza (November 25, '82) = The Dynamic Duo (Hernandez & Tully Blanchard) were beaten by Mil Mascaras & Chavo Guerrero Sr.
- WCCW Independence Day Star Wars (July 4, '84) = Hernandez stayed the American Heavyweight Champ, taking down Jules Strongbow. Later on, Hernandez won a "Pole Battle Royal".
- WCCW Labor Day Star Wars (September 3, '84) = Hernandez won the American Title from Mike von Erich.
- WCCW 1st Annual Cotton Bowl Extravaganza (October 27, '84) = Hernandez & Nicola Roberts fell to Mike von Erich & Stella Mae French. Later on, the Dynamic Duo (Hernandez & Chris Adams) & Jake Roberts defeated Bobby Fulton, Kerry & Mike von Erich.
- WCCW Thanksgiving Star Wars (November 22, '84) = Hernandez kept the Texas Heavyweight Title, but lost, via DQ, to Mike von Erich.
- WCCW Christmas Star Wars (December 25, '84) = Hernandez & Jake Roberts were beaten by Mike von Erich & Billy Jack.
- WCCW January Star Wars (January 28, '85) = The Dynamic Duo & Jake Roberts defeated the Fabulous Freebirds. Later on, the Dynamic Duo & Roberts fell to Kevin, Kerry, & Mike von Erich.
- WCCW 2nd Annual Von Erich Memorial Parade of Champions (May 5, '85) = The Dynamic Duo beat Scott Casey & the Great Kabuki. Later on, the Dynamic Duo, Rip Oliver, Steve Williams, Kimala, & the One Man Gang lost a "2 Ring 5 Falls" Match to Kevin, Kerry, & Mike von Erich & the Freebirds.
- WCCW Independence Day Star Wars (July 4, '85) = The Dynamic Duo took down Kevin & Kerry von Erich.
- WCCW Labor Day Star Wars (September 2, '85) = Hernandez won the Texas Heavyweight Title from Brian Adias.
- WCCW 2nd Annual Cotton Bowl Extravaganza (October 6, '85) = The Dynamic Duo lost a "No Disqualification Hair vs. Hair" Match to Kevin & Kerry von Erich.
- WCCW Thanksgiving Star Wars (November 28, '85) = The Dynamic Duo won the vacated American Tag-Team Titles, winning a "Steel Cage" Match over Kevin & Kerry von Erich.
- WCCW Christmas Star Wars (December 25, '85) = The Dynamic Duo stayed the American Tag-Team Champs, but lost, via DQ, to Kevin & Kerry von Erich.
- WCCW January Star Wars (January 26, '86) = Hernandez lost, via DQ, to Chris Adams.

Title Summary:
- NWA (Detroit) United States Heavyweight Champion (1/08/77 - 4/02/77)
- NWA Texas Tag-Team Champion w/ Jimmy Snuka (8/77 - 77)
- NWA Texas Tag-Team Champion(2) w/ Bruiser Brody (8/78 - 9/04/78)
- NWA Texas Heavyweight Champion (10/78 - 78)
- NWA Texas Heavyweight Champion(2) (12/78 - 2/79)
- NWA American Tag-Team Champion w/ El Gran Markus (7/20/79 - 9/79)
- NWA American Tag-Team Champion(2) w/ El Gran Markus (12/14/79 - 12/28/79)
- NWA Texas Heavyweight Champion(3) (80 - 5/25/80)
- NWA American Heavyweight Champion (5/19/80 - 8/01/80)
- NWA Texas Tag-Team Champion(3) w/ Pak Song (80 - 8/01/80)
- NWA Texas Heavyweight Champion(4) (80 - 8/80)
- NWA American Heavyweight Champion(2) (80 - 12/20/80)
- NWA American Tag-Team Champion(3) w/ Gary Young (10/80 - 1/11/81)
- NWA International Junior Heavyweight Champion (2/27/81 - 9/81)
- SCW Southwest Tag-Team Champion w/ Tully Blanchard (81)
- SCW Southwest Tag-Team Champion(2) w/ Tully Blanchard (81)
- SCW World Tag-Team Champion w/ Tully Blanchard (8/81 - ??)
- SCW World Tag-Team Champion(2) w/ Tully Blanchard (?? - 82)
- SCW Southwest Tag-Team Champion(3) w/ Tully Blanchard (4/82 - 6/82)
- SCW Southwest Tag-Team Champion(4) w/ Tully Blanchard (82 - 10/82)
- SCW Southwest Tag-Team Champion(5) w/ Tully Blanchard (3/21/83)
- NWA American Heavyweight Champion(2) (5/18/84 - 8/04/84)
- NWA Texas Heavyweight Champion(5) (6/23/84 - 7/29/85)
- NWA American Heavyweight Champion(3) (9/03/84 - 10/29/84)
- NWA Texas Brass Knuckles Champion (10/84 - 85)
- NWA World 6-Man Tag-Team Champion w/ Chris Adams & Jake Roberts (10/27/84 - 12/31/84)
- NWA American Tag-Team Champion(4) w/ Chris Adams (6/24/85 - 9/13/85)
- NWA Texas Heavyweight Champion(6) (9/02/85 - 9/27/85)
- NWA American Tag-Team Champion(5) w/ Chris Adams (11/28/85 - 86)

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