Kenny Dykstra

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 250 lbs

Real Name: Ken Doane

DOB: 3/16/1986

Hometown: Worchester, Massachusetts

Other Names: Ken Doane(OVW), Kenny(WWE)

Wrestler Since: 2001

Finishing Maneuver: Doane-ation, RK-Doane(OVW)

PWI 500 2008 Ranking: #267

Previous PWI 500 Rankings: #123(2007), #126(2006), #307(2005)

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History: (Last Updated: 6/09/2006)

The Beginning
OVW: 2004 / 2005 / 2006
WWE Raw: 2006

The Beginning

Ken Doane is one of those wrestlers that made the trip to the 'major leagues' of professional wrestling look like a walk in the park. Doane began training at the age of 15 with legendary wrestler, Killer Kowalski. When Doane graduated from high school in Massachusetts in June '04, he immediately found himself signing a developmental deal with World Wrestling Entertainment. Obviously, WWE talent scouts knew a good thing when they saw it.

OVW: 2004

After a few months of training, Doane made his first appearance on the Ohio Valley Wrestling Television Tapings in August '04. Doane's first big match was against Johnny Nitro, who took the 18-year-old very lightly. It cost him, as Doane got a Flying Crossbody to get the upset pin, shocking Nitro & his manager, Melina. The next week, Doane faced Nitro's tag-team partner, Joey Matthews (later known in WWE as Joey Mercury). During the match, with Melina distracting the referee, Nitro tried to come in to take Doane out. But Nitro accidentally superkicked Matthews instead, then got rolled up, with the confused ref making the count so that Doane once again pinned Nitro! A furious Nitro confronted Doane the next week, demanding another match against him, with the winner getting a night alone with Melina! Doane agreed, then, after a brief fight, Doane again rolled up Nitro, with Jim Cornette making a count for another 'unofficial' pinfall on Nitro!

At Fall Brawl II, Doane and Nitro again went at it, with Nitro having Matthews & Melina at ringside to give him an edge. Matthews tried to cheat at one point, but the cheating backfired again, with Nitro taking a clothesline. Doane then sent Matthews out of the ring. However, Doane was then caught from behind by Nitro, who rolled Doane up and held the tights to get the 3 count, keeping Doane from spending 'quality time' with Melina. On the next OVW taping, Doane defeated Romeo Roselli with a reverse bulldog. Afterwards, M-N-M came out again, bragging about the win. Doane wanted a rematch, and even put his 1994 Z28 Camero up to get his shot the next week. He also got a bonus, as the referee opted to eject Matthews from the match before it even got started. But the referee allowed Melina to stay, and although Doane did get a spanking on her, she proved to be too much of a distraction, as the ref was busy with her while Nitro gave Doane a low blow and got the pin, costing Doane his Camero!

For the next few weeks, Doane had to watch as Nitro & Matthews abused the car, throwing fast food at it and driving it all over the place. Doane later got his own revenge, as, after winning another match with Roselli, Doane called out Nitro & Matthews to the ring. It seemed he was outnumbered, but Doane fought both men off, then delivered a heavy kiss to Melina before departing. An outraged Nitro put up both the Camero and a week with Melina against Doane's career, which Doane agreed to. But Nitro added another stipulation, putting Matthews as the special referee! Matthews, of course, did slow counts and was completely biased towards Nitro, making it seem like Doane's career in OVW was already over. However, Doane later took out Matthews 'accidentally' with a Crossbody when Nitro dodged him. When Doane then got the roll-up on Nitro, a second ref ran out and made an out-cold Matthews make the count, winning Doane both the car and Melina! Doane quickly left the ring, kissed Melina, put her over his shoulder, and walked out with his car keys, leaving Nitro & Matthews behind.

Doane used Melina as his servant for the next week, getting her to clean up his car (and his bathroom). He also carried her to the bedroom at one point, although Melina fought all the way. Back at the arena, Melina had to come out with Doane, who wrestled against Vik Delicious. During the match, though, Nitro & Matthews came out to break up the match, wanting Melina back (since her week was over). The two wrestlers, along with Delicious, triple-teamed Doane, whipping him with their belts, until Mac Johnson & Seth Skyfire made the save. Doane later challenged Matthews to a "Strap" Match at the next big show, which was granted by OVW officials. Going into November '04, after M-N-M had beaten Steve Lewington & Nick Nemeth, they opted to whip the two men with their belts, with Doane running in with his own strap to make the save.

At the Crusade Rumble, Doane went at it with Matthews in the "Leather Strap" Match. Meanwhile, both Nitro & Melina were unwillingly handcuffed to the post to keep them from interfering. It was a violent match between the two men, with lots of choking and low shots. In the end, Matthews carried Doane around the ring, as he touched each corner, with Doane touching them as well. Doane then flipped over Matthews at the last corner and got there first, winning the match! An irate Matthews knocked out the referee, got the keys, and freed Nitro & Melina, trying to attack Doane, but the young wrestler fought them off. He also got an added surprise, as Skyfire, Johnson, & the Thrillseekers came out and held Nitro, so that Doane could whip his adversary with the strap!

On the next OVW taping, Doane again took on Romeo Roselli. But this time, things were different, as Roselli had his partner, Antonio Thomas, at ringside, with Thomas helping Roselli hold down Doane for the pinfall. Near the end of the year, Doane faced another young wrestler in Deuce Shade. After a competitve match, Doane got the win with the Doane-nation. Even with the win, though, Doane didn't appear again in OVW for the rest of the year, partially because highlights from an earlier show were shown.

OVW: 2005

Doane wrestled on the first OVW taping of the year, taking on Aaron "The Idol" Stevens. It was a competitive match, but in the end, Doane missed the Doane-nation, allowing Stevens to get his finisher for the victory. A few weeks later, Doane teamed up with Steve Lewington against the Heartbreakers (Roselli & Thomas). Although Doane did pull out a great split-legged moonsault at one point, it all came down to Lewington accidentally distracting the referee, which allowed the Heartbreakers to hit the Erectile Dysfunction on Doane to take him out. Going into February '05, Doane's losing streak continued, as he was beaten by the OVW Television Champion, Brent Albright, who had to grab a handful of tights to get the pin. Doane finally changed things a few weeks later, when he teamed with Nick Nemeth & Seth Skyfire to get the 6-man victory over Robert Fury, Vik Delicious, & Da Beast. However, this was Doane's last TV match for a long while, as he did not appear throughout March or April '05.

Doane made his return during the OVW Television Title Tournament at the end of May '05. His first match was against Johnny Swinger, with Doane getting the clean pinfall on the former ECW wrestler. This put Doane into the semi-finals against Aaron "The Idol" Stevens. Before the match, Stevens, who had been injured by his former partner, Danny Inferno, tried to beg off the match, offering his assistant, Beth Phoenix, to Doane if he postponed the match. Doane declined, though, causing Stevens to have to come to the ring. Before the match commenced, though, Inferno appeared again, going after Stevens and eventually chasing him to the back! Doane got the win via countout, putting him in the finals. He celebrated by grabbing Phoenix and giving her a big kiss, with Infero then grabbing her for a spanking, only to have both men attacked and beaten down by Kenzo Suzuki & Gangrel!

Doane faced Suzuki at the Six Flags Summer Sizzler Show at the beginning of June '05, with Doane able to survive Suzuki's Carotid Clutch to come back for the win with a flying Crossbody, taking down the former Smackdown wrestler. On the next OVW TV Taping, Doane faced off against Deuce Shade in the finals of the TV Title Tournament. It was a very competitive match, with the fans seeming to be in the corner of Shade more than Doane. Doane didn't help his situation by trying to cheat during the match, putting his feet on the ropes during a pin only to get caught by the ref. In the end, that might have proved the difference, as Shade rolled up Doane for the victory, winning the TV Title. Doane, meanwhile, had a temper tantrum, having missed the opportunity to earn the $1,000 you get when you win the TV Championship.

Doane got a rematch against Shade at the Six Flags Summer Sizzler Show on June 17th. Once again, Doane was willing to use dirty tactics, while Shade kept him off-balance with his skills in the ring. In fact, Shade was in control of the match near the end, landing a Hip Toss from the top rope. But the bell then sounded, signaling that the 10-minutes alloted for the match were up. While Shade was willing to continue, Doane left the ring, willing to settle for a draw that night, to the displeasure of the fans. The turn was completed on the June 25th OVW TV Taping, as Doane surprisingly came out as the third member of Kenny Bolin's team, which would be going against Jim Cornette's Team OVW team at the next Six Flags event. Doane said that Cornette had held him back in OVW, since Doane was "better-looking than Randy Orton". Doane had joined Bolin Services, the biggest heel unit in the organization.

Later that night, Doane again took on Deuce Shade for the TV Title, this time with Bolin in his corner. Doane's new affiliation seemed to tip the scales in his favor, as, while Bolin distracted the referee, another Bolin Services ally, Mike Mondo, entered the ring and clocked Shade with a briefcase, allowing Doane to get the pin and steal away the Television Championship! Afterwards, Doane, Mondo, & Blaster Lashley beat down on Shade, with Elijah Burke & Brent Albright (2 of the members of Team OVW) trying to make the save, only to get blinded by a powder from Bolin. During the melee, Cornette entered the ring, but Doane shockingly punched him out! However, Team Bolin was then sent from the ring, as Eugene Dinsmore, the third member of Team OVW, ran in with a kendo stick to make the save. The two teams went at it at the next Six Flags Summer Sizzler Show in the beginning of July '05, with Doane's team sadly losing to Team OVW, causing Bolin to have to kiss Cornette's foot.

On the first TV Taping of July '05, Doane came out with Desiree on his arm, a 'side benefit' of joining Bolin Services. Kenny Bolin also announced that he had legally adopted Doane, a strange development to their relationship. When Doane got on the mic, he once again compared himself favorably to Randy Orton, causing Cornette to interrupt. Cornette read a letter from Orton, saying that he was coming to the next Six Flags show to confront Doane! An angry Doane still had an effect that night, interfering to help Lashley & Mondo win a tag-team match over Burke & Shade. The next week, Doane took on Burke in a singles match. During the bout, Doane seemed to be in trouble, causing Bolin to try to enter the ring, only to be stopped by Shade. During the commotion, Desiree tried to interfere as well, getting a low blow on Burke. But the ref turned at the right moment, saw it, and called for the DQ, costing Doane the match. Afterwards, Burke was thrown to the outside, as Shade was triple-teamed by Bolin Services until Burke could return with a kendo stick to stop the abuse.

At the Six Flags Summer Sizzler Show in the middle of July '05, Doane (w/Desiree) came out for his confrontation with Orton. But Doane was all smiles, as he announced that Orton wasn't going to be there. Orton declared himself the 'winner' of the confrontation, then started to leave, only to be stopped by "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair! Although Flair was no longer allies with Orton, he still placed Orton above Doane, saying that Doane needed to grow up. However, Doane had the last word, hitting his RK-Doane on Flair to lay him out! Doane then left the legend lying in the ring, having made his point. On the next OVW TV Taping, Orton appeared on the screen, announcing that he would definitely be at the next Six Flags show to take on Doane. An furious Doane couldn't wait for his match that night to get started, as he caught Nick Nemeth on the way into the ring and gave him the RK-Doane, knocking him out before the match could start! Doane then posed over the body, as Bolin Services looked on.

Doane and Orton met in the "RKO Challenge" at the next Six Flags Summer Sizzler Show at the end of July '05. Although Doane tried to focus on Orton's recovering shoulder injury, the WWE star started to dominate the young phenom, getting several shots on him. This caused Bolin and Desiree to get involved, with Doane using the briefcase to knock Orton senseless, causing the disqualification! Later on, at the end of the night, when Orton came out to help the faces clear the ring, Doane rushed out to get a piece of Orton again. However, Doane soon found himself in a 4-on-1 situation, facing Orton, Brent Albright, Nick Nemeth, & Johnny Jeter. Before Doane could escape, he was nailed by Orton's RKO, finally tasting the move that he'd been stealing in recent weeks.

Doane feuded with Nemeth for the next few weeks, leading to a Television Title match at the Six Flags Summer Sizzler Show in the middle of August '05. Doane made sure he had his usual help, with Bolin at ringside, along with new Bolin Services member Sozay. Once again, this proved to be the key factor, as, after Nemeth knocked Bolin (and his briefcase) off the apron, Doane got the RK-Doane for the victory, retaining the Television Title (although Sozay seemed to break the belt afterwards, causing some unhappiness from Doane). In the meantime, Doane and the rest of Bolin Services were having to start worrying about Lashley's attitude. At one point, Doane wanted Lashley to help him keep the TV Title by cheating. Lashley refused, but still inadvertantly helped Doane win over Nemeth, allowing Doane to retain the title.

The difficulties increased in September '05, as Lashley just didn't seem happy to be around Doane and another Bolin Services member, Dean Visk. During one match between Doane and Brent Albright for the TV Title, Visk grabbed Albright and demanded that Lashley hit him with a coffee pot. A reluctant Lashley took the shot, but hit Visk instead! Lashley, despite it being an accident, simply shrugged and left the ring, with Doane later still managing to get out with the TV Title around his waist. In the middle of September '05, the problems grew worse, as Lashley allowed Albright to enter the Bolin Services locker room to confront Doane. Albright wanted another TV Title shot, as well as for Doane to show his guts and not bring Bolin out to the ring with him. Surprisingly, Doane agreed, apparently wanting to earn some respect from Albright. The two had a furious match, with Albright getting 10 German Suplexes on Doane at the end. But when the ref made the count, both men's shoulders were down, causing the Draw. When Albright wanted to continue, while Doane walked away, Lashley commented in the back that Doane looked weak. Doane came right back, implying that since Lashley worked for him, he was weaker.

A week later, Doane, Lashley, & Dean Visk took on Elijah Burke, Seth Skyfire, & Chet the Jett. Lashley did most of the dirty work for Team Bolin, taking out all three men. But Visk then tagged himself in, wanting the pin. Lashley stood in his way, though, keeping Visk from getting the pin. A confused Visk tagged in Doane, who got past Lashley for a 2 count. Doane then argued with Lashley, with the two apparently not noticing Chet the Jett recovering. However, Lashley caught Chet on his way in and Powerslammed in, while Doane, as the legal man, made the cover, winning the match, much to the fury of Lashley. The rest of Bolin Services left the ring, leaving Lashley behind. The next week, Doane was given a bonus, as Sheik Daivari signed on as his new Director for International Publicity. Daivari also had an open contract for him to wrestle someone that week. Surprisingly, Lashley signed the contract, then destroyed Daivari, doing damage to his own stable. Doane certainly wasn't pleased by this development, although he also had to play peacemaker, holding back Dean Visk.

On the first TV Taping of October '05, Bolin Services celebrated Lashley's move to WWE Smackdown. But Doane also kept him under his reigns, telling Lashley to stay behind in the locker room while he defended the TV Title against Albright. It was a rought match for Doane, as he tapped out at one point to Albright's Crowbar submission hold. Fortunately for Doane, the time had already run out. However, a 5-minute extension was added, allowing Albright to continue to work on Doane's injured arm. Later on, Doane got the RK-Doane on Albright, but again, the time ran out before a pin could be completed. This led to one final period, but once again, no decision was reached. Afterwards, Albright wanted to go again, but Doane said he wouldn't face Albright. Lashley then came out and said it was either him or Albright! Bolin tried to forbid the match, but Lashley fired Bolin, quitting the group! However, Visk then nailed Lashley with the TV Championship Trophy, with Doane & Visk then beating down Lashley & Albright before celebrating in the ring with Bolin.

The next week, Doane and Albright went at it again for the TV Title, this time with a 60-minute time limit attached to try to decide a winner. It wasn't needed, though, as Doane had a trick up his sleeve, or rather, around his wrist. He nailed Albright with a stiff punch from a tight wrap around his fingers while the ref was distracted, then made the pin, quickly winning the bout and keeping the title. Later that night, Bolin Services gave a 'gift' to Lashley, in the form of the Boogeyman! The Boogeyman and Lashley fought it out in the ring, with Lashley getting the upper hand until Doane & Visk came down. However, Albright also returned, helping Lashley clear the ring of the heels. A week later, Doane & Visk fought in a "Texas Tornado" Match against Lashley & Albright. It wasn't quite a fair contest, as Doane also had Bolin & Sosay at his side to help interfere. While they didn't quite get the job done, Visk did, scoring a low blow on Lashley and rolling him up for the victory.

A week later, Lashley took on Visk in a singles match, with Doane providing support from ringside. It didn't help, as Lashley easily beat Visk. Doane, upset at the outcome, went after Lashley, only to get knocked out of the ring himself! At the beginning of November '05, Doane had to put up his precious Television Title against Lashley, with it looking like his reign was finally going to come to an end, especially when the referee sent the rest of Bolin Services to the back. However, Doane shocked the OVW audience late in the match, as he managed to reverse a move on Lashley and get the RK-Doane, winning the match and retaining the title without cheating!

On the next OVW TV Taping, Doane had to defend the belt again, this time against his long-time foe, Albright. Doane went to Albright's locker room before the match, to let Albright know that this was his last shot. Albright answered by putting Doane in the Crowbar, damaging his arm before the match! Later on, Doane came out to the ring and, despite the pain, bragged about his future, even telling the referee that all he did was say "Ring the bell, Dean". Doane then met Albright on the way out for their match, but Albright again locked on the Crowbar, holding Doane on a table with the painful maneuver. Doane was surprisingly saved, though, by another of Albright's enemies, CM Punk, who hit Albright with a chair! A grateful Doane promised Punk a favor in the future, but Punk immediately turned it around, demanding a TV Title shot against the hurting champ! The ref, still smarting from Doane's earlier comments, soon said "Ring the bell, Dean", starting the bout! While Doane got some sentimental revenge by getting the RK-Doane (accidentally) on the ref, this back-fired, as Albright, reentering the ring, missed a swing of a chair at Punk and hit Doane instead, knocking him out! Punk then got rid of Albright and covered Doane, even as the referee came to and made the count, finally taking away Doane's Television Championship!

Doane got some revenge the next week during the Punk/Albright TV Title match, as he hit Albright with a steel chair, costing him the match. As Punk, not knowing what had happened, celebrated, Doane hit him as well, leaving both men out in the ring. A Three-Way Dance was set up between the wrestlers at the first Taping in December '05, with the TV Title on the line. It didn't start well for Doane, as both Albright & Punk, remembering the chair shots, double-teamed him, eventually sending him from the ring before concentrating on each other. Doane eventually returned, getting in his own shots on his two foes. After a lot of action, though, Doane soon was double-teamed again, as he was placed into simultaneous submission holds! Doane had no choice but to tap out, getting eliminated from the bout. Doane tried for some revenge later by shoving both men to the outside, causing a countout. But head referee Robert Brisko, who had seen Doane's interference from the back, came out and restarted the match. Near the end, Doane reappeared again, trying to hit Albright with a chair while he had Punk in the Crowbar. Albright let go of the hold and dodged, then got Doane in a Sharpshooter. As Doane struggled and tapped in the hold, though, Punk got Albright in a submission hold as well, forcing Albright to tap and getting Punk the victory. The next week, with Albright & Punk (having already won matches) watching from ringside, Doane defeated Seth Skyfire with the RK-Doane, staying in contention as the year came to a close.

OVW: 2006

Doane began the year with another Three-Way Dance with Albright & Punk for the OVW Television Title. However, during the match, Doane was put out by Punk's Anaconda submission hold, then thrown from the ring by Albright, leading Doane to be carried out by Visk & Sosay. With Doane out of the match, Aaron "The Idol" Stevens took his place, and shockingly got the win, taking away the TV Title from Punk. The next show started quickly for Doane, as he was brawling with Albright in the backstage area! Numerous wrestlers separated the two, keeping them from injuring each other. That night, a tag-team match was set up between the two, with the winner getting a TV Title shot. Doane chose Paul Birchall as his partner, while Albright got CM Punk! It seemed like a golden opportunity for Doane, but it soon turned bad, as he was locked in the Crowbar by Albright! Birchall made the save, but a frustrated Doane then tagged Birchall in and left, leaving Birchall against two men! Birchall eventually tapped out to Punk, giving Albright the title shot.

Doane faced off against Birchall the next week in a singles match, with Doane getting some unexpected support from the new group, the Spirit Squad (at the time consisting of Nick Mitchell, Nick Nemeth, & Mike Mondo; Johnny Jeter would join later that night). The cheers didn't help Doane, as, despite the attempted aid from Bolin, Visk, & Sosay, he still got pinned by Birchall. Later that night, Visk was seen storming from the Bolin locker room, proclaiming that he hated Ken Doane! The reason for this was soon revealed, but it wasn't on OVW television. It went down on World Wrestling Entertainment's Monday Night Raw.

WWE Raw: 2006

On the January 23rd, '06 edition of Raw, Jonathan Coachman was scheduled to take on Jerry "The King" Lawler in a match to determine which man would earn a spot in the Royal Rumble match. During the bout, Lawler was dominating the Coach, when, surprisingly, the Spirit Squad made their first appearance, announcing themselves as Kenny, Johnny, Mikey, Nicky, & Mitch! They were able to distract Lawler long enough for the Coach to get the win, then did a cheer for the Coach afterwards. The Spirit Squad later appeared at the '06 Royal Rumble, doing a cheer before the Rumble match (which wasn't well-received by the fans). For the next few weeks, the Spirit Squad split its time between OVW and WWE, feuding with Albright & Punk on the one side while doing cheers on Raw.

In the middle of February '06, the Spirit Squad did a special cheer for Shawn Michaels, as he was being forced to retire by Vince McMahon. Michaels refused to quit, though, causing Mr. McMahon to personally guarantee Michaels would be put through hell! The next week, the Spirit Squad was given its first Raw match by Mr. McMahon, who made a 4-on-1 Handicap Match against Michaels (McMahon quickly stated that 5-on-1 would be 'overkill'). Kenny, Johnny, Nicky, & Mikey were the participants, with Mitch on the outside. The group soon showed their prowess with a trampoline, using it to his some devestating moves on Michaels. Near the end, though, Michaels landed some Sweet Chin Music on Mikey, then went for the pin. But Mitch quickly entered along with the rest of the Spirit Squad, causing the DQ as they beat down Michaels, with Michaels' old tag-team partner, Marty Jannetty, returning to make the save.

The Spirit Squad continued to be the supporters of Vince McMahon in his feud against Michaels over the next month, cheering him on to victory. They also continually appeared on OVW Television, still honing their craft as high-flying cheerleaders. In March '06, the Spirit Squad were put in a "Texas Tornado Steel Cage Handicap" Match against Michaels, due to Michaels having thrown urine on Vince & Shane McMahon. It was another 4-on-1 Match, with Mitch outside the ring. Michaels fought hard, nearly escaping the cage, but Mitch slammed the cage door on him, keeping him inside. Later on, Shane McMahon proved the biggest factor, entering the cage and attacking Michaels from behind, before getting the Squad to pin him for the victory. Afterwards, the Squad cheered on Shane as he gave Michaels a Van Terminator.

The Spirit Squad gave Shane a huge cheer on the next Raw for his 'victory' over Michaels at Saturday Night's Main Event #32, with a proud Vince promising victory over Michaels at Wrestlemania as well. The next week, the Spirit Squad had their first non-Michaels match, as Kenny, Johnny, & Mikey took on Val Venis, Eugene, & Viscera. The Squad used their dirty tactics to perfection in the match, with Nicky & Mitch helping out from the outside. In the end, the Squad got the victory, then added injury to insult when Kenny hit a Flying Legdrop on Venis' arm, putting the Big Valbowski on the shelf. It was a big win for the Squad, as they had put themselves on the mat and taken out a major contender in the tag-team ranks at the same time.

At Wrestlemania 22, the Squad ran out to help Vince in his "No Holds Barred" Match against Michaels. However, despite the overwhelming numbers, Michaels won out, destroying Vince and leaving him a bloody mess in the ring. A day later on Raw, the Spirit Squad was still given a reward from Mr. McMahon for trying to help, as Kenny & Mikey took on the Raw World Tag-Team Champs, Kane & the Big Show. Thanks to the rest of the Squad coming in and helping out on a huge Spirit Slam on the Big Show, Kenny & Mikey got the pin, upsetting their opponents and shockingly becoming Raw Tag-Team Champions! It was soon announced that the belts belonged to the entire Squad, which meant that any two of them could defend them at any time. A week later, Johnny & Nicky defended in the rematch against Kane & the Big Show. While the Squad kept the belts, it was a painful victory, as Kane lashed out with chair shots, causing the disqualification.

A week later, after Shelton Benjamin had lost a match against Charlie Haas (which put his IC Title on the line against Rob Van Dam at the next PPV), Benjamin begged to Mr. McMahon to do something about the problem. He appealed to McMahon's growing God complex, which led him to agree to the proposal, setting up a new match: Van Dam vs. the entire Spirit Squad! Although RVD fought hard against the numbers, it was just too much, as the Squad took down Van Dam and got the pinfall victory, which put RVD's Money In The Bank Contract up for grabs at the PPV as well (RVD later won the match at the IC Title). The Squad hit the big time the next week, as they got themselves put in a 5-on-3 Main Event Match against John Cena, Edge, & Triple H (all of whom were currently feuding over the WWE Title). It was a good contest for the Squad, but it ended badly, with Cena & Triple H both getting their finishers before ending the night brawling, with the match being thrown out.

At the PPV, Backlash '06, the Squad once again did not get a match, as they were saved for other matters. During the Michaels/"God" vs. Vince & Shane McMahon Match, the Squad ran down to interfere, only to get jumped on by Michaels, who was on top of a ladder. Still, the numbers were too much for Michaels, as the Squad got the upper hand, then delivered a huge shot to HBK, giving him the Spirit Slam through a table! Vince then got the pinfall victory for his team, with the Squad hoisting Vince & Shane on their shoulders afterwards. As a reward for their actions, Mr. McMahon gave the Spirit Squad control of Raw the next night. The Squad announced that, after a drawing between the group, Kenny had earned the right to face John Cena for the WWE Championship that night! During the night, the Squad helped lead to Joey Styles storming out of Raw, causing Jerry Lawler to have to call the last match by himself. Kenny, meanwhile, concentrated on Cena, with the 'edge' of having Triple H as the special referee. But while Triple H punched out Cena at one point, he was also very slow on counts, causing a frustrated Kenny to shove him. This was a mistake, as Triple H gave Kenny the Pedigree, then left the ring! The rest of the Squad tried to take advantage by attacking Cena, but the new ref, Shawn Michaels, came down and refused to count, joining Cena in fighting them off! While Michaels Superkicked Johnny, Cena got the FU on Kenny and pinned him, keeping Kenny from becoming the WWE Champion.

A week later, the Spirit Squad, looking for some revenge, took on Cena & Michaels in another "Handicap" Match. Kenny was mainly focused on taking out Michaels, who had embarrassed him. The match was a tough one for the Squad, as they were facing two strong athletes. But numbers won out in the end, as Kenny took Michaels out and got the pin for the victory! Afterwards, Kenny shockingly knocked out the referee, then grabbed the man's belt, using it to whip Michaels repeatedly! Triple H then came out, possibly to make the save, but Cena was already clearing the ring of the Spirit Squad, which allowed Triple H to get the Pedigree on the champion instead, giving the Squad something to savor.

On the next Raw, it was announced that Kenny would be facing Michaels in the main event, with the rest of the Squad banned from ringside. However, Kenny still had advantages, as he had Shane McMahon as the special guest referee, as well as Triple H at ringside as the 'enforcer'. Whenever Michaels got the upper hand, McMahon became involved, eventually attacking Michaels straight out after Kenny got caught with some Sweet Chin Music. McMahon then called Triple H in to nail Michaels with a sledgehammer, but Triple H accidentally hit McMahon instead! The next week, after Triple H apologized to Vince, another "Handicap" Match was set up, putting the Spirit Squad against Michaels. Mr. McMahon wanted so much bloodshed that he called off the referee, saying that there was no need. Once again, Michaels battled hard, and once again the Spirit Squad's numbers were too much, with Kenny focusing his attack on Michaels' leg, trying to break it by doing an elbow drop onto it with a chair! Triple H then came out, under Mr. McMahon's orders, but seemed reluctant to use the sledgehammer on HBK, causing Kenny to take the sledgehammer from him to do it himself! But when Kenny went to swing, Triple H got into his path. Kenny, not worrying about it, tried to swing at the Game, but Triple H took him down with a Spinebuster, then took out the rest of the Squad, saving Michaels and almost surely burning the bridge between himself and Mr. McMahon.

The next week, Mr. McMahon put Kenny against Triple H in the main event. McMahon also gave Kenny an advantage by arranging for the rest of the Spirit Squad to be at ringside as well, calling it a "Spirit Jack" Match. Not surprising, the rest of the Squad didn't go after Kenny when he was sent outside the ring, but tried to take out Triple H whenever possible. However, the Game somehow managed to fight off the crowd, catching Kenny with a Pedigree to get the pin. Afterwards, an upset Squad attacked Triple H, looking to take him out as they had Michaels (who was now out with a knee injury). Triple H begged off at first, but it was a stall, as he managed to pull out a sledgehammer from a hidden spot outside the ring and used it to take out the entire Squad! Mr. McMahon then appeared, announcing that Triple H would join the Kiss My Ass Club the next Raw.

Triple H and Mr. McMahon had it out on the next Raw, with Vince telling the Game that, if he could beat the Big Show in a surprise match, he would be free of the Kiss My Ass Club 'initiation'. However, this all turned out to be a set-up from the McMahon's, as, early in the match, when the Big Show was knocked to the outside, the Spirit Squad surprisingly ran out and attacked him, causing the DQ loss for Triple H! Afterwards, the Squad ran to the back, obviously only there to make sure that the Game didn't win. Unfortunately, the Spirit Squad wasn't on hand for the ceremony later in the night, as Triple H turned the tables on Shane and gave Vince a pantsless Pedigree.

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Pay-Per-View/Show Summary: (7 - 11, 1 Draw)
- OVW Fall Brawl '04 (September 4) = Doane was beaten by Johnny Nitro in a "Winner Gets Melina" Match.
- OVW Crusade Rumble (November 12, '04) = Doane won a "Leather Strap" Match over Joey Matthews.
- OVW Television Title Tournament (May/June '05) = Doane took down Johnny Swinger and Aaron Stevens before losing in the finals to Deuce Shade.
- OVW Six Flags Summer Sizzler Series '05 (June 3) = Doane defeated Kenzo Suzuki.
- OVW Six Flags Summer Sizzler Series '05 (June 17) = Doane fought to a Draw with the OVW Television Champ, Deuce Shade.
- OVW Six Flags Summer Sizzler Series '05 (July 1) = Team Bolin (Doane, Mike Mondo, & Blaster Lashley) were beaten by Team OVW (Nick Dinsmore, Brent Albright, & Elijah Burke).
- OVW Six Flags Summer Sizzler Series '05 (July 29) = Doane stayed the OVW TV Champ, but lost, via DQ, to Randy Orton.
- OVW Six Flags Summer Sizzler Series '05 (August 12) = Doane retained the TV Title, defeating Nick Nemeth.
- OVW Heavyweight Title Tournament (February/March '06) = Doane lost in the first round to CM Punk. Brent Albright won the tournament.
- WWE Vengeance '06 (June 25) = The Spirit Squad (Kenny, Johnny, Mikey, Mitch, & Nicky) lost a "Handicap" Match to D-Generation X.
- WWE Saturday Night's Main Event #33 (July 15, '06) = The Spirit Squad lost a "Handicap Elimination" Match to D-Generation X.
- WWE Unforgiven '06 (September 17) = The Spirit Squad (Kenny & Mikey) retained the WWE Raw Tag-Team Titles, beating the Highlanders.
- WWE Cyber Sunday '06 (November 5) = The Spirit Squad (Kenny & Mikey) lost the WWE Raw World Tag-Team Titles to Ric Flair & Roddy Piper.
- WWE Survivor Series '06 (November 26) = The Spirit Squad (Kenny, Johnny, Mikey, & Nicky) competed in an "Elimination" Match against Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Sgt. Slaughter, & Ron Simmons. Kenny was eliminated by Flair, who was the sole 'survivor'.
- WWE New Year's Revolution '07 (January 7) = Kenny Dykstra defeated Ric Flair.
- WWE Royal Rumble '07 (January 28) = Dykstra competed in the Royal Rumble Match, which was won by the Undertaker.
- WWE Unforgiven '07 (September 16) = In a dark match, Dykstra fell to Kane.

Title Summary:
- OVW Television Champion (6/25/05 - 11/09/05)
- WWE Raw World Tag-Team Champion w/ Johnny, Mikey, Nicky, & Mitch (4/03/06 - 11/05/06)

PWI Achievement Awards: (0 wins, 0 1st RUs, 0 2nd RUs, 1 3rd RU)
- 2005 Rookie of the Year, 3rd Runner-Up